Capstone Project

In order to receive a graduate school diploma, students in master’s programs usually have to accomplish a final assignment. In most cases, it is either a thesis or a capstone project. Capstone projects may vary from one university to another. These projects are usually an experimental task to check what an average student has learned during the course. Students need to apply new information to examine a specific field. Below is an overview of a capstone project. You will also find information on its various types.

Which programs require capstone projects?

Usually, the capstone project is a typical assignment for master’s programs in public administration, liberal arts or social services. They are most likely to ask their graduates to complete one. These programs are aimed at bringing up future professionals. A capstone project is the first step to real life knowledge application. Students will have to apply all ideas and theories learned in class to a real-world case. It is a real test for a professional to be.
Project’s Prerequisites?
What should you start with when preparing a capstone project? Where should one look for capstone project ideas? At first, you need to take some undergraduate courses. They will provide you with theoretical knowledge that you will apply in your project. Usually, there is a list of classes one should take a capstone course before. They may include ethics, leadership theory, research statistics etc. Do not forget that some programs have a GPA requirement. You will not be able to complete a capstone project if the GPA is too low.

Capstone Proposals

Even if you know what is a capstone project and are well aware of a capstone project definition, you will need to learn how to prepare a project proposal. Only after the professor reviews it, a student will be able to implement their actual project.  The proposal includes an introduction, hypotheses, theories, literature review, proposal alternatives and other project related issues. A student should constantly consult his advisor, as each project is completely unique. It is important to check if the proposal meets all set requirements.

Capstone Project Types

There are various types of capstone projects.  They may include surveys, focus groups, case studies, evaluations, etc. There is a specific set of capstone projects per each master’s program. Students may pick one from the list. However, case studies are some of the most common forms of capstone projects while others are used more scarcely.

How long it takes to prepare a capstone project?

It has to do with the rules and regulations at a peculiar school.  An average capstone project may last from a ten week quarter to two semesters. Everything depends on how rigorous the requirements are. However, a number of graduate programs will require their students to prepare a project in only one semester. Of course, this is not related to a senior capstone project, which is a serious and time-consuming assignment. If you are a student in a graduate program, start thinking about your capstone project right now. Think of some ideas that you would like to investigate. Do not postpone everything until the last minute. It is not a mere essay or term paper which you can write in a day. A capstone project demands a thorough research of a particular problem in relation to your master’s program. You need to have sufficient time to carry out a research and to prepare a capstone project proposal.

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