How to Write Classification Essay?

Classification essay writing tips are necessary for students who do not know how to write such kind of papers correctly. First of all, it is necessary to outline the definition of the term. Classification papers are written to divide different items into specific classes. In this kind of essay, the topic sentence gives the notion of various classes and the information in the main body explains them and gives examples.

How to start classification essays writing?

To start the writing process, it is recommended to make an outline. It will contain the main idea of the paper and serve as a basic element of your future work. In the outline of classification essay, it is advised to think of the overall topic of the paper, the subtopics (three or more) and their definition, as well as examples of them. Many students ask themselves: “What is a classification essay?” To answer their question and to write the high-quality paper, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Choose the topic of your future paper;
  • Provide different and similar issues regarding the two categories;
  • Describe the similar facts about each category;
  • Arrange the information in an appropriate manner to classify the two categories;
  • Draw a conclusion.

In order to choose an appropriate topic for your essay, it is necessary to think of things you can contrast and compare. There is a great variety of topics you can choose for your paper. For example:

  • Classify similarities and differences of the major world religions;
  • Provide similarities and differences of the political regimes of a certain period;
  • Describe differences and similarities between different countries in regard to their economic activities, etc.

Regardless of the paper topic, its format always remains the same. It should reveal different aspects of the topic under consideration and lead to different comparisons that may be interesting for a reader. Use your imagination to choose a catching topic that will be informative and exciting.

Classification essay format

If you do not know how to write a classification essay, it is important to study the information regarding its format. There are several issues that are necessary for the format of a division and classification essay. They are as follows:

  • The first part of the paper is an introduction. It provides the main theme of the essay and tells the readers what the paper is going to be about;
  • The main part is a body of the paper. In this section, the data about each category is represented. The categories should be discussed from the least to the most important ones;
  • The final part of the paper is a conclusion. It sums up the main points of the paper. Moreover, it requires a conclusive statement to support the topic of your paper.

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