Comparative Essay

Before you start writing your comparative essay, you should carefully think about the two (or even more) books or texts that your teacher or professor has asked you to write about.
If you do not have the slightest idea how to write a compare and contrast essay, we will try to do our best to explain you all the steps of the writing process. It is evident that it is impossible to write a decent essay without first reading texts or books that you are supposed or expected to read. Moreover, in order to complete a nice essay, you should read them very carefully and accordingly. While reading, it is advisable to make some notes for you not to forget or omit some things or details that you consider significant. Such pre-reading may give you a good start.

Start you comparative essay with preparing the list of the key differences or similarities in your books or texts

After you have read everything, complete the lists of either different or similar features or characteristics. It can help you a lot while writing your essay. If you are not sure of the structure of such an essay or what you should start with, you can easily find a free compare and contrast essay example on the internet or our site.

Determine the most significant points and turn them into the key argument in your compare contrast essay

Once you are completely satisfied with all your lists, you may choose only those that are very essential and that will help you write an excellent paper. You should try to do all possible to astound your teacher or professor. Take into consideration the key themes, the leading characters or the messages of the books or texts. This will definitely provide a good basis for your essay. It should be noted that sometimes, your teacher or professor can offer you to choose one of the compare and contrast essay topics, but very often, they prefer to give the already settled one. In both cases, you should not panic. If you do everything step by step, as advised, you will write an outstanding essay.

The success of your essay depends on pieces of evidence from the texts or books you have read. This helps you convince your teacher or professor, or readers to accept your considerations and arguments.

Prepare an outline of your comparative essay

Your outline should note only the key points that you would like to cover in your paper. For comparative essays or compare and contrast essays, a preferable form should consist of six or seven paragraphs. The first part of your paper should the introduction that represents the general idea, which is the key argument. You can start with: ‘I consider that the way these two books/texts contrast and compare the following elements is of great significance because…” Then you should start writing the body of your essay. It can comprise four or five paragraphs.

  • It is up to you to decide how you will split your paragraphs. For instance, one paragraph can be used for contrast, whereas the other one can be used for comparing. Finally, you should sum up your argument in the conclusion paragraph. You should restate why you consider that what you have dwelt on is essential both to your books or texts and to the audience.
  • Use textual details while writing a comparative essay.

Comparative paper editing process

When you consider that your essay has been finished, you should check it for both form (grammatical, spelling or stylistic mistakes, etc) and content (misleading, unreliable or faulty pieces of evidence or arguments). When your teacher grades your work, he or she will pay attention to all the above-mentioned points. It could help you a lot when you ask your relatives or close friends to have a look at your essay.
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