50 The Best 500-Word Essay Topics

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50 excellent 500-word essay topics

  1. Love and passion: what is the difference?
  2. Could the relationships of Romeo and Juliet be considered true love?
  3. Why is it often believed that marriage destroys love?
  4. A religious aspect of love.
  5. What is real love: a strong feeling or interaction of specific hormones?
  6. Is it possible to make a person truly love somebody?
  7. The influence of love on people’s actions.
  8. Why is real love often depicted in fairy tales?
  9. Why is love blind?
  10. How do literary works influence our perception of love?
  11. Can animals have a deep feeling of true love for their partners?
  12. The impact of pollution on the inhabitants of oceans.
  1. Describe a memorable journey.
  2. Provide useful tips on how to get ready for an exam.
  3. How do you imagine a spacecraft?
  4. Is it possible to earn good profits by using the Internet?
  5. Money and its effect on people: present your viewpoint.
  6. Living with disabilities: how to face the challenge?
  7. Carrying guns by the people under age: important points to consider.
  8. Telling lie is sometimes useful. Persuade readers of this statement by giving strong arguments.
  9. Why is smoking considered a communication tool?
  10. A growing dependence of people on modern technologies.
  11. Describe your experience of being far from home for the first time.
  12. Is it necessary to pass a test assessing students’ basic skills to graduate from school?
  13. What is an effective method of preparing professional sportsmen for retirement?
  14. How to avoid problems with roommates at college?

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  1. A lot of people are mad about music. Create a paper to convince readers that the music your generation is listening to is worth being considered beautiful.
  2. What measures should be taken to help small businesses overcome economic difficulties?
  3. What is the key objective of your life?
  4. Prove the statement: one’s actions reveal one’s character.
  5. How to help students find out more about rape? What techniques should be used to explain such a complicated issue?
  6. Explain the term “beauty.”
  7. What is loyalty?
  8. What is honesty?
  9. Identify the term “affection.”
  10. How to define “all-round education”?
  11. The impact of abstract art on people.
  12. Homeschooling: the pros and cons.
  13. Why are specific resources called non-renewable?
  14. What problems do homeless people face?
  15. Share your opinion about adoption.
  16. Interpret the notion “slave labor.”
  17. What is cyberspace?
  18. What causes racism?
  19. What is the best age to start dating
  20. How drugs affect nervous system
  21. Is tolerance necessary at the workplace?
  22. What motivates you in everyday life?
  23. What rights should be given to migrants?
  24. The best day of your life

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