Writing a paper on alternative medicine is much like writing other papers that involve an element of investigative and research work. It means writing in a well-organized and clear style, finding and using reliable source material, and developing a solid argument for any opinions and/or conclusions you put forward. At times, the points you choose for discussion will actually be based on data you gathered to address your paper’s research problem or question(s). Writing your paper will be easier if you understand how to properly cite, format, and style it.

Guide to Researching an Alternative Medicine Paper

  1. Choose a suitable topic. It is possible you will have a rough idea about what you will cover in your paper. By reading about this topic and establishing the current position with regards to research, you will be able to narrow your idea down to a more specific entity. Look for background or historical information regarding your chosen topic and try to find sources you can potentially use. Your tutor or professor should be able to provide suggestions and feedback if you ask them.
    • To make your project enjoyable, choose a topic you are really interested in.
    • Select a particular topic where there are questions yet to be answered.
  1. Decide what type of paper you will write (alternative medicine essay, coursework, dissertation or theses etc.). Your paper’s type will determine the format and research style you will need to use.
    • A quantitative-type study is comprised of original or new research. The sections in a paper of this type include one on the central research question (or hypothesis), previous results or findings, methodology, discussion, limitations, and topic application.
    • A synthesis-type paper reviews and analyzes any research that has already been published. The writer looks for strengths and weaknesses in existing research material, applies it to their particular situation, and recommends the direction for any further work that needs to be done.
  1. The topic will need to be thoroughly researched. This can mean interviewing people with expertise and/or experience of the topic or question. You will need to identify credible sources to substantiate and support every point and/or idea. Good sources of topic information include academic books, databases, and journals.
    • You will need to organize and track all source materials. Make a note of any information you will need to cite about publications e.g. author’s name, article, book or journal title, publisher’s name, volume and/or edition number, date of publication, page number(s), and any other information about a source that may be important. Endnote is a good program for keeping track of sources.
    • Make comprehensive notes when you are reading. It is appropriate to paraphrase source information or, if you quote directly from a source, use quotation marks as a way of avoiding plagiarism.
    • Keep notes about each source together.
    • You should also find that professors and librarians are likely to point you to valid and reliable sources.
  1. Your notes will need to be organized. If you sort notes according to the topic you should find it easier to locate information when you need it i.e. when you are writing your paper. The use of an electronic note-taking system will enable you to search easily and quickly for particular information and these systems are a great way of reorganizing reference data quickly.
    • Keep notes in a manual folder or use a computer-based system.
    • From your notes, begin developing a rough outline for your paper.

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Writing a Paper on Alternative Medicine – The Process

  1. Create your paper’s outline. Your outline should be organized in an easy-to-follow and sensible manner. Decide which pieces of information are the best fit for each section or heading. Integrate sources into your outline as you proceed. An outline is additionally a good way of getting started on a writing project.
  2. Understand the format required for your paper. Check the assignment guidelines you were given and understand what type of formatting is required before beginning. Most colleges, journals, and/or grant-awarding institutions have different requirements with regards to style and length. It is likely your paper’s length will have been decided beforehand, but you should aim to write between 10 and 20 pages if you have not been instructed otherwise.
  3. The results section of your research will need to be compiled. It is a good idea – even essential – to divide a paper of this type into logical parts. If your study is a quantitative one, it will need to have the sections that were mentioned above. In the event, the study is a qualitative-style one, your assignment on alternative medicine should be organized into sensible key points that follow one another in a natural manner.
  4.  Your paper will need to have a discussion and conclusion sections. Explain to readers what it is you have discovered, why your findings are relevant, and what studies should or could be undertaken in the future to advance the topic or problem you are addressing. Do not repeat information from other parts of your research paper.
  5. You will need to write an introduction. It is advisable to leave the introductory section of your paper until all or most of the other writing is done. By this time, you will have a clearer picture of what readers need to know to properly understand and follow your work. Usually, it is appropriate to provide relevant background information in an introduction, to state your reasons for writing the paper, and to say what readers should expect to learn from it.
  6. Create your paper abstract. In most cases, abstracts are used to summarize a written piece. These chapters set out the key points so that readers know what a work contains. Leave the writing of your abstract until the end i.e. until you have completed your paper and are in a good position to accurately sum-up what you have covered.
  7. Cite sources as you go along. It is absolutely essential to cite all sources in order to give credit to other people for their work and ideas and to prevent plagiarism. It is much easier to cite sources as you go along than having to sift through a lot of material later to find where you borrowed information and ideas from.
  8. Your paper will need to be edited. It is important to ensure your words and ideas flow smoothly and that everything is organized in a logical manner. Also, it is vital to make sure the final paper you submit does not contain any spelling, punctuation, grammar, and/or other errors.

24 Really Interesting Topics for the Alternative Medicine Paper

We have gathered lots of interesting medicine writing prompts for you. Note, that you can click on the link and find some examples of already written papers on these topics.

  1. Explain what alternative, integrative, and complementary medicines are.
  2. Can the vitamin D help us to prevent cancer?
  3. What is the current state of play with CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) research?
  4. Which type of medicine is the most cost-effective – the conventional or the alternative variety?
  5. A comparison of alternative, complementary, and traditional medicines with a particular focus on research efforts into the traditional medicines used in the Tibet region of China.
  6. How has the field of alternative medicine evolved?
  7. Should medical marijuana be legal?
  8. Is the present system of health care capable of accommodating both conventional and alternative treatments?
  9. A congruence-style study of behavioral medicines: a review and outline of alternative research methodologies.
  10. Could garlic be considered a type of alternative medicine?
  11. How alternative medicine could be integrated into clinical practice – what research is being done?
  12. The methods used for researching alternative and complementary medicine.
  13. How traditional medicines have been developed and alternative medicines researched at an international level. What lessons are there for Europe?
  14. How do treatments based on alternative techniques compare to treatments based on conventional techniques? Are these equally effective or is one more effective than the other?
  15. Prove why the music therapy is one of the effective alternative medicine methods.
  16. The effectiveness and reliability of herbal medicines.
  17. Alternative medicine and ethnicity: Discuss the alternative treatments and therapies used by various ethnic groups.
  18. Are medical schools providing their students with adequate training on alternative treatments?
  19. How prolifically are alternative treatments now being used?
  20. How would the USA’s healthcare system be economically impacted if alternative medicine was to be more widely relied upon?
  21. Describe the current state of research in Australia with regards to managing pain by means of alternative and complementary medicine.
  22. From what you have discovered through research on alternative medicine, what are your thoughts on the subject?
  23. Carry out an extensive research of the possible use of using alternative and complementary medicine for the treatment of an illness such as lupus or systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).
  24. Has any scientific research been undertaken on the effectiveness and safety aspects of using complementary and alternative treatments?

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