When applying for a job, university or scholarship, you are required to provide a resume or CV and an application essay (letter). While the application paper should contain your desire and motivation to get the position, the resume or cover letter are supposed to highlight your qualification, skills and knoweledge of the field. You are also supposed to give answers to questions that an employer will be interested in. You can state your most important accomplishments, show how you have positively affected the development of the previous company. If you have any gaps in your work history, take time to explain it in the cover letter, so that the employer will not have to ask it personally.

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Application essay writing useful hints

Before sending all application documents, make sure that you address specific qualifications in your application letter. Place your address at the top of the heading. It should be located in the top right corner. The outline is similar to that of a formal letter. Skip two lines and type the date of the application. The date should be left aligned. You have to skip four more lines and write the official name of the company you are sending the application essay to.

You need to provide a convincing statement about why you are the best candidate for the position. The company may have several vacant positions, therefore, do not forget to state the title of the position you are applying for. You may use this sample for your application essay. “I have learned about a vacant position for human resources manager. I had 10 years of experience in the same position at my previous job. My vast experience in recruiting personnel and strong communication skills make me a perfect candidate for your position.”
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You need to include previous positions and experience. Also, include information regarding your education. Highlight personal skills that will benefit the company. Do not write about every job in your life. Introduce only those that show your compatibility to the job opening. Mention some of the responsibilities you had to undertake at previous jobs. If you participated in any additional professional courses or workshops, state it in your application paper. You will get some extra credit if you have any rewards in the field. If you lack job experience, then mention your college and internship experience. Do not write any false information. Employers value honesty.

A typical conclusion of application essays includes a summary paragraph with a summary of applicant’s strengths. The whole paper should include fresh information. You need to sound confident. Skip four lines after the closing sentence and type your full name. After you print it up, sign the paper. The signature goes between the closing and your name.

Perfect Common Application Essay Length

In the current year, th application paper length has a limit of 650 words. It is known that the requirements for application essay change from year to year, however, this word limit has not been changed for four years already. In 2011-2012, the length of an application essay was limited to 500 words, but many educational institutions considered it too short. Previously, in 2011, the length of an application essay was set by an applicant’s judgment (and there were applicants who provided about 1,300-word essays which were not good enough).

There are also institutions which do not require a Common Application, but they have also certain limits. For instance, the University of California has a limit of 350 words for every applicant’s response to four personal questions with the total limit of 1400 words.

Is It Possible to Exceed the Application Essay Length Limit?

Many students question whether they can exceed the limit. What if someone needs more than 650 words to convey his or her thoughts? What if they need just a couple of words more for their essay?

Well, sure, 650 words is not much space to present someone’s personality, interests, and writing skills to the admissions committee. Besides, colleges really would like to get to know the person behind every test score and grade, and a Common Application is the best option to showcase who you are.

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Notwithstanding, students should not exceed the Application Essay Length limit. Furthermore, the new Common Application will not let you. Earlier, applicants had an option to attach their essays to the application, even if they exceeded the word limit. With the Common Application that is currently used, applicants should enter their essays in a text box which counts every word which makes it impossible to enter anything over 650 words. Besides, there is a minimum Application Essay Length of 250 words. It is important to remember that the word limit includes the title and explanatory notes, as well.

Why It Is a Bad Idea to Go over the Limit

Even if you have such an opportunity, you still should not exceed the limit. Here are some reasons why:

  • Every good student understands how to follow directions. If a professor tells to write a 3-page paper, he does not want a 7-page paper. If you have 30 minutes to take an examination, you cannot have an hour. If you are required to use blue ink, you should not use the red one. Think well about the message you are sending a college when you do not follow the requirements to Common Application. Do you think a college wants to admit an applicant who considers directions optional?
  • Every good writer has editing skills. If you ask any professor, he/she will definitely tell you that almost every six-page paper could be cut to a five-page one and eventually become even stronger. There are always words, phrases, and entire paragraphs which are not actually too meaningful to the paper. While revising your paper, do not stop asking yourself which ideas are really essential.

Application essays commonly are asked to be brief as college admissions cannot waste time reading long and bad-quality edited papers. But not every college, however, is a fan of short essays. There are also institutions which like longer essays so that they have an opportunity to see whether applicants can keep focused on the long piece of writing. It is essential to follow the requirements for any paper you write. If the admissions committee wants a long application essay, the applicants are asked for it.

Is It Better to Keep Your Application Essay Short?

As it was said before, the minimum length of an application essay is 250 words. Some counselors advise applicants to keep essays short as admissions officers lack time for reading long papers.

Sure, such advice may work for certain colleges, but not for all of them. If a college asks for an application essay, there is a reason for it – admissions officers want to get to know every applicant better. Usually, an essay is the most suitable tool an applicant has for conveying who he/she is and what he/she cares about. So if a student has chosen a proper focus for an essay, he or she will definitely need more than 250 words to write an effective paper.

The admissions officers might be glad to quickly read a short essay, but a perfectly crafted 600-word essay will definitely make a more powerful and lasting impression than an outstanding 300-word one. The word limit on the application essay increased from 500 to 650 words for one important reason: colleges provided students with more space to describe themselves.

To make a conclusion, if you have a limit of 300 words for your application essay, do not try to pad it out to 500 words using empty words. Instead, do your best to make a great impression on admissions officers with a 300-word essay. Make sure the paper is focused and you dig into the topic deeply enough. Also, keep in mind that the length of the paper is not as important as its content. To write an outstanding application essay, you have to prepare well, use certain writing tips, and make every effort to succeed.

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