Value Chain Analysis

The value-chain analysis is a systematic framework that is used in the identification of business activities that are capable of creating value and competitive advantage ... Read More

PepsiCo Case Study

  1. How does PepsiCo balance those stakeholders such as consumers and shareholders that are interested in good tasting products and financial performance with spe... Read More

Global Payment Company

Global Payment Inc. is a worldwide leading company in providing payment technology services, which provides innovative and creative solutions motivated by the high demand... Read More

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies of Starbucks

In terms of the contemporary business development, it is impossible to find a company, which does not pay attention to its business-level and corporate-level strategies. ... Read More

Comparing Two Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs and Carlos Slim

As it is known, entrepreneurship is a driving force that assists in developing markets and creating market segments. In addition, entrepreneurs contribute to economic gro... Read More

NIKE’s Foreign Investments

Almost 85 percent of NIKE Inc's total revenues is attributed to the NIKE Brand, which is considered its most powerful asset. To license foreign investment NIKE Inc. had b... Read More

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