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What is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay belongs to a type of academic writing that requires one to provide personal opinion on a specific subject matter. Normally, one needs to share opinion on a certain topic and also pinpoint whether he/ she agrees or disagrees with the topic. When writing an opinion essay, it is essential to express opinion as clearly and concisely as possible. Moreover, it is vital to provide examples and illustrations in order to make the paper seem more solid. When working on an opinion essay, you are also expected to provide the opposing opinion and then state why you consider your own opinion to be more plausible.

Opinion Essay Structure

When you are writing an opinion essay, you are normally required to adhere to a specific structure of five paragraphs. The first paragraph of the opinion essay is normally an introduction (as in the other essay types). In the introductory paragraph of the opinion essay, you need to provide background information on the topic and also pinpoint to its significance. Keep in mind that the introductory paragraph of the opinion essay should end with a strong and clear thesis statement, where you reflect on your own opinion. Further, you need to develop the main body of the opinion essay. Logically, these will be paragraphs two, three, and four. Each of the body paragraphs should be devoted to a separate idea or aspect that you are going to discuss in the opinion essay. Make sure to start each paragraph with a topic sentence. The last paragraph of the opinion essay (the fifth one) refer to the conclusion, where you summarize the findings and discussion and once again state your own opinion.

When you start your opinion essay, make sure you attract the readers’ attention from the very first paragraph. As such, you should start your essay with a hook to make your target audience continue reading. It is also recommendable to start discussing the ideas in a specific order, which is more logical and which prioritizes the discussion aspects. Whenever you present your own opinion, make sure to provide supporting evidence since it will make your piece of writing more credible and believable. Moreover, with sufficient examples, your essay will sound more convincing.

Remember to present a thesis statement in your opinion essay. In such a way, your reader will know from the very beginning what goal you intend to reach or what idea you intend to convey. Besides, a thesis statement will serve as a roadmap to your paper since it will be known from the beginning what ideas you will convey and what will be the center of discussion of your paper.
The body paragraphs of your opinion essay are the bulk of the paper. They should include discussion and analysis of all the topic aspects mentioned already in the paper. You should not merely state them briefly in your paper but also provide supporting evidence, examples, and illustrations to make your essay stronger.

When you have finally reached the stage of conclusion writing, make sure you follow specific rules. You should never provide any new ideas or messages in the conclusive paragraph. Still, you should definitely restate your opinion once again or reiterate the thesis statement. Further, you should provide your target audience with some food for thought, a call to action or some interesting fact.

Opinion Essay Writing Tips and Strategies

Just like any other type of essay, an opinion essay is composed of several parts, namely introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. The central aspect in the opinion essay is your personal opinion (as it can be inferred from the essay name). Your opinion is what really matters here, so make sure you make the subject insightful and appealing. To make sure your essay meets all the requirements, make sure you revise it before submitting. To provide a successful opinion essay, you should definitely go through such stages of writing as providing a draft, providing the actual paper, and proofreading the essay.

Things Be Done in an Opinion Essay:

  • the essay should be written in a formal academic style;
  • each paragraph of the essay should be devoted to a new point or aspect referring to your opinion;
  • your personal opinion should be stated clearly and succinctly.

Things to Avoid in an Opinion Essay:

  • do not state opinion that contains both pros and cons to a specific topic;
  • write each paragraph with a new viewpoint/ perspective on the topic;
  • avoid using informal language in your essay.

You should not provide dubious opinions. You should clearly state what you think concerning a specific issue. It is essential to write clearly and express either your agreement or disagreement on a specific case.

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