If you are not sure how to write a cause and effect essay or you have never heard of such a type of writing, please calm down first. You should have a sound mind to do everything correctly and accordingly. In order to complete a cause and effect essay, you should take into account that you, as a writer, should examine or evaluate a certain event, problem or situation and prove its effectiveness and cause relationship. You should do your best to examine everything as closely as possible and provide pieces of evidence through decent research and smart considerations.

Our highly qualified and experienced writers have prepared a list of necessary tips that will help you write an exclusive cause and effect essay. We do hope that the below-given steps will completely answer your question concerning how to write a cause and effect essay.

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How to start cause and effect essay

You should start with writing down all the parameters of your assignment in detail. The more details you know, the better the result may be. Usually, before starting your assignment, you should examine a certain event, situation, dilemma, or other things. Be ready to be given a cause and effect essay on any possible topic.

You should clear out the following points as they will be of great help in writing your cause and effect essay outline and assignment:

  • Essay length. Consider that cause and effect essays could be either short or long. The length can depend on various factors, such as the problem under study, subject, pieces of evidence, demands of your teacher or professor, as well as your skills and ability to express your ideas or considerations in a written form.
  • The number of the sources that you are supposed to use or refer to. Ask your teacher or professor whether he/she has given you any necessary or additional readings. You should also find out how many sources you should cite in your cause-effect essay.

Decide whether you should write about the cause and the effect or vice versa. Very often, teachers like to give their students a set cause or effect and ask to find the correlations or determine the relationships between the effect and the cause. Sometimes, a set problem or situation is given for students to clear out both its causes and effects.
Reading and Researching
You are advised to read the book or some other sources presented by your teacher. You should do this as quickly as possible so that you could have some time to consider as many cause and effect essay ideas as possible. Conduct some research on the given problem or situation. The research will assist you in finding a thesis that could be argued in a persuasive way.
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Determine a cause or an effect

Decide what you are going to write about a cause or an effect. While conducting your research, do not forget to make your notes. Try to examine either the causes or effects that you would like to prove in your essay. Do your best to look for corroborative pieces of evidence to prove your point of view. Then you should start writing cause and effect thesis. It should clearly state the relationship or correlation you are going to prove in your essay.

Writing cause and effect essay outline

Your essay should consist of the following parts: an introduction, a clear explanation of the causes and effects, an explanation of the relationship or correlation, and, finally, a conclusion. Each part of your essay can be broken into several paragraphs. Do not forget to use data, statistics, quotes and other supportive materials that you have found while conducting research. Place all these pieces of evidence in accordance with whether they do support the cause, the effect, or the relationship.

Preparation of the draft

First, you should start with the introduction. While writing or cause and effect essay, try to determine its background. You should explain all the issues your essay will be devoted to. Do not forget to add a thesis at the end of the introduction. Start your paragraph about the cause. Try to focus on one of the points in each paragraph. Then you should explain the circumstances or conditions of the set situation or problem, as well as provide convincing evidence.

Devote the next paragraph to effects. It is advisable to start with a general explanation of the effect and become more and more concrete. Then you should take up the paragraph that examines the significance of the cause and effect relationships. The importance of your paper should be clearly stated in your essay. Finally, in the conclusion, you should sum up the pieces of evidence and explain the importance of the essay to the reader and the whole world.

Final draft

Read your effect essay, cause essay or cause and effect essay for content. You should consider the transition from one paragraph to another. And do not forget to check your essay for any mistakes. Do not meet any troubles with paragraphs and words ratio in your essay, since we have developed an amazing converter for you.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics: Make the Right Choice with Our Help

What do you need to write your best cause and effect essay? First, it is a good idea. It is not very difficult to choose one, but sometimes you may get stuck. We are eager to help you with some nice prompts; now, it is up to you what to write about using our suggestions about essay topics:

  1. What are the results of homeschooling?
  2. What makes a good parent?
  3. What makes a successful artist?
  4. Why are sports popular in the USA?
  5. What are the main causes of health problems?
  6. What is the background of World War II?
  7. How does professional sport affect young people?
  8. What is the relation between smoking and nervous system?
  9. Can online dating be successful?
  10. What is the effect of happy relationships on a boy or girl?
  11. How does Uber affect the work of taxi drivers?
  12. Does travelling affect the outlook of a personality?
  13. Effect of blast fishing on the ecosystems
  14. How does the problem of contamination of drinking water impact the health?
  15. Has the popularity of social networking impacted communication?
  16. State monitoring of the Internet: cause and effect

Note that it is crucial to choose a topic that is interesting and meaningful for you. This is the only way to make your essay successful. Do not just list vague ideas! Speak from your heart! You can impress your readers only if your writing is personalized.

An example of cause and effect essay about gambling

Gambling was approved first in Kansas City in the year 1989. This led to the opening of the Woodlands racetrack and Greyhound dog racing. As the woodlands race track became more popular, horse racing was also introduced in the city. These games attracted many people who flocked to Woodlands, making the city famous for the gaming industry.

Despite the popularity of the business, the owners engaged in fraudulent activities soon after the business started. Boushka engaged in unfair lending and borrowing of loans from the clients. He was able to steal about 19 million dollars from this fraudulent activity. This fraudulent activity is what brought down the horse racing business. Boushka abused steroids by using them on animals. These steroids were not tested to find out whether they had negative effects on the animals. The process of acquiring the steroids was also illegal. Many illegal practices were present in this industry.

When the business opened, many people used to attend woodland to watchdog and horse races. People used to attend these gambling every day of the week. They found it entertaining to watch these races in Kansas rather than travel to other areas in search for other sources of entertainment. When they bet their money, Woodland continued to make more profits because the greatest chances were that woodland won and the people lost. Afterward, people realized that the gambling in woodland made people lose through unfair methods. By the year 2000, the population of people attending the races had greatly reducing. The profits of woodland had diminished to an extent that it was declared bankrupt.

When casinos were opened in Kansas, gambling in woodlands reduced largely. Many games were available at the casinos. People had access to food and drinks such as beer. The many available casinos and betting businesses have been brought about by the high demand for leisure activities. People need to relax after their daily businesses. This saw why many businesses providing leisure have been started in Kansas.

The other reason why these services are availed in the region is that many people are free most of the time. They, therefore, need a place where they can go and do activities that can please them. This is what has caused the emergence of many casinos in the region.

The fact that most of the current businesses providing leisure services in Kansas are fraudulent has attracted other business investors. Investors have found that it is profitable to invest in the region. This is what has made them come up with different ideas of entertaining people in casinos. One of the major activities at the casinos is gambling.

Gambling places have many negative impacts on the lives of the residents. Drug abuse is likely to spread in the area largely. Children will end up consuming alcohol at very young ages. This is because these drugs are readily available in casinos.

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The other effect of the presence of gambling activities in Kansas is that many people end up wasting much of their time here. Many people spend a whole day gambling in the casinos. This has a negative impact to the economy since they do not contribute positively to economic development.

Many people have wasted their money in these gambling places. People bet their loans and end up not using the loans for purposes they intended. The effects are that their family members suffer due to lack of money after these gamblers have wasted all their money. Getting addicted to these casinos can be very dangerous to the financial stability of individuals.

Family conflicts arise due to gambling. When men waste all their time and money at gambling grounds, they meet their spouses angry and this causes quarrels that can even lead to fights. Most of the family conflicts in Kansas have been facilitated by gambling activities.

In conclusion, the high demand for leisure activities is what has caused an increase in the supply of gambling services. The presence of poor gambling grounds attracted new competitors in the market leading to financial difficulties of firms that existed before. The gambling activities have many negative impacts on the people in Kansas. Wastage of time and money are major negative effects. Immorality in these areas has been facilitated by these leisure activities. Therefore gambling has many negative effects to the economy.

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