essay about south africa

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In recent years, more and more international firms and foreign investors become interested in establishing business relationships with labor market of South Africa. While such countries as India and the Philippines remain to be the world’s leaders for back-office services, South African call center industry sector confidently expands its potential, gradually building its own powerful competitive industry.

Why international companies choose South African call centers?

South Africa is considered to be a perfect location for large call center businesses and attracts multinationals for a number of reasons:

Government incentives

The financial incentives introduced by the South African government in 2007 led to great positive changes in the development of country’s economy as well as attracted a number of large direct offshore investments. Suggested grants for investment and training and tax breaks have already allured such online retailers as Amazon and Aegis, a British company called Coracall and many other both small and big enterprises.

Low-cost skilled agents

The national labor force of South Africa is another reason why international investors opt for establishing their call centers in that country. In comparison to Indian growing salary demands, South Africa’s large talent pool offers the lowest cost service for customer service sales. Moreover, the South African support workforce is preferred by offshore companies for the knowledge of more than one foreign language. Hence, apart from English, which is the main language of call center industry, support customers’ centers situated in South Africa provide their clients with service on German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French and many other languages.

Neutral accent

Another compelling advantage of the South African service in call center sector over other destinations like, for example, India and the Philippines, is the neutral accent. Phillip Lightfoot, the CEO at the UK Company Coracall, assumes that because South Africans have a neutral close to a British accent, the UK population is more receptive to speaking to an individual from South Africa rather than another country.

While, previously, South Africa was associated with high unemployment rates, nowadays, it has turned into a competitive state with high job opportunities and a well-elaborated strategy to build own domestic industry based on call center sector. Moreover, the country has a favorable location, conditions for foreign investments and such natural advantages as a neutral accent and skilled workforce. South Africa gradually bids to replace India and the Philippines and become new call center capital.