Apple is an international company which is recognised in many countries due to its innovative products and unique approach. The company is extremely profitable and successful thanks to many products it has created which include Apple computers, tablets, iPhones, and iPads. These products stand out due to their unique brand image which emphasises the quality and creativity of having them.

Firstly, Apple is creative as it has put the product and its positioning as the main priority; it also follows the principles of its “innovation master”, Jonathan Ive, when it comes to product creation and promotion (Webb 2012). The company is eager respond to modern challenges as well as constantly expand its perspectives as determined by Ive (Webb 2012). Therefore, the company is able to remain creative and dominate the IT market thanks to its focus on the main ideas it has had from the start. Ive emphasised the fact that it was essential to be better than different from the others; thus, he encouraged using more expensive materials and so on while other companies were trying to reduce costs and so on. Spending money and emphasising the quality and capacities of the products instead of trying to win by low prices. It was an extremely creative and innovative step which enabled Apple to differ from its competitors in a positive way. This proves the creativeness of the company.

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Apple is also very creative when it comes to advertising as it is willing to spend more money on longer ads as well as focus on the features which interest the audience (Segall 2013). Also, whenever the company makes mistakes or falls behind its competitors when it comes to marketing, it is able to recognise its mistakes and think of alternative solutions. The company is willing to rethink its marketing strategies and advertising approaches as long as it sees that those approaches will bring it the desired results (Diaz & Morrison 2014). This shows the creativity of the company in a way that the organisation is able to adapt quickly and adjust to the changes, and instead of following the old practices, it takes risks and is not afraid to face challenges. Unlike other companies which cut the ads and make them as short as possible to save money, Apple is willing to spend more to show off its products and succeed in it. Its logo has been described as extremely creative because it provokes thought and makes people think about its meaning (How the Apple logo stimulates creative thought 2008). The researchers found that the company’s logo led to more ideas when people were looking to it in comparison to its biggest competitor (How the Apple logo stimulates creative thought 2008).
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The other example showing the company’s creativity is its people-oriented approach as it focuses on the people’s needs and appeals to the individuals of the creative sector (Joseph 2015). According to the journalist of Time magazine Tim Bajarin (2012), the company leads ahead its competitors and beats them by producing new products two years before competitors think of it. Moreover, when Apple creates its products, it makes sure that these products are better than the alternatives from the other companies. The company begins to work on new products before its competitors even think about producing them which strengthens the creative approach of the company. The creativity of Apple in this case does not only bring more clients but enables the company to remain the leader of the industry.

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Besides, the company is creative thanks to the fact that it recognises the necessity to be creative and innovative in the industry. It has conducted researches for its own purposes about creativity in order to understand the things it needs to improve (Schmincke & Miller 2014). The company understands the necessity to use creativity as a business tool, and that is the reason it is able to exercise the creativity for its financial purposes and efficient marketing. The overall success of the organisation is the result of its creativity since it was the first company that shifted the focus when developing new technologies. Instead of creating functional yet soulless computers, Apple under the guidance of Steve Jobs decided to emphasise the great things it was doing. It was not scared by the higher prices because it was doing something that separated the company from the rest and also presented it as a creator of quality things which were better than the competitors’ alternatives.

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Therefore, the given analysis shows the strategy of Apple when dealing with its competitors, presenting the new products and remaining the leader in the industry. Unlike its rivals, it is not afraid to be different and does everything to remain the leader and construct a more positive image. Apple is not afraid to test and try new things just as it was the pioneer when introducing touch screen phones and Macs. It follows the creative rules of its managers, and thanks to it as well as devotion to its original goals, the company is able to turn its huge creativity into success.

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