The new Athletic Director for UC, Davis, is obliged to define the perspective ways of developing the organizational activities and the sources of the financial support for Intercollegiate Athletics program. This person will also be responsible for the selection of the most attractive types of growth and motivational forces that have to support student activities and arrange their sport and recreational environment in the campus.

Vision Statement

The new “vision” for UCD Athletics includes both recreational and sport aspects. In this relation, students of the University of California should have opportunities to develop their communicational, cultural and physical skills by means of using campus environment. The preferable activities include restoring the coffee shop lounge environment, physical training facilities, sport clubs and community center creation, outdoor adventures, pool center, craft center, women’s center, information desk, touristic opportunities, etc. Of course, all these directions require fundraising or financial support from student fees, grants, ticket sales or independent contributions.
Furthermore, the “vision” for UCD Athletics also includes the possibility of the development of the Intercollegiate Athletics. This means that some sport clubs can be based on the intercollegiate level, when they are joined by other colleges or universities. As for the age groups, they can be formed based on the principle of gender and age equality. Thus, female and male sport clubs activities should not be separated for this can be of the serious disadvantage for students who go in for some specific sport activities that are not that popular within the University of California. That is why, the expected decision in favor of the joint intercollegiate sport activities can be of the most positive intention.
Moreover, this option can be of much use financially. This means that fundraising can be organized and student fees can be collected from more sources than when UC, Davis, functions on the independent basis.
Another advantage of the intercollegiate level in athletics is that the sport activities practiced in several universities will promote the creation of clubs of the rare kinds of sport and will prevent them from being forgotten in the nearest future. Hopefully, this “vision” will help to motivate students to proceed with training in sport clubs of the University of California not being afraid of their sports exclusion and programs being cancelled. This means that success in sport will be the most positive advantage due to the cooperation between a few educational establishments.

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Core Principles & S.W.O.T. Analysis

The expected initiatives that are a part of the new Intercollegiate Athletics program include activities and beliefs that should be implemented after the advantages and drawbacks assessment. The principles of the ICA may consist of the following ones:

  1. Encourage the formation of the student sport clubs based on the intercollegiate level, fostering the inter-institutional and intercultural communication between different educational establishments.
  2. Cut campus support fees expected to be paid by students. Moreover, this money can be raised in equal parts from learners from different universities.
  3. Stimulate and motivate the recreational activities for students since sport based activities cannot exist separately from the recreational ones.

The SWOT analysis for the ICA includes the following aspects:

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  1. Financial support from such sources as contributions, ticket sales, and student fees from representatives of different institutions.
  2. Motivating cross cultural, cross sectional, cross educational communication, when learners from various universities are involved into sport activities based on the intercollegiate level.
  3. Reduction of the number of cancelled sports programs because of the fact that the kind of sport is not popular within the University of California.


  1. The lack of the self-identification of a sports club based on the ICA initiative. Commonly, students are more inclined to associate their sport activities only with one educational establishment they fight for in search for the victory.
  2. The need for the specific budget control in order to prevent suspensions in money collection and budget allocations between different universities.
  3. The need to finance the special ICA program the separate organizational unity.


  1. The development of the efficient sports programs that will be of much use based on the cooperation between educational establishments.
  2. The creation of the wider range of the sports clubs that will include more initiatives concerning various kinds of sports.
  3. The organization of competitions between the united sport teams from many universities and colleges in California.
  4. The application of the principles of gender equality between sports teams from various universities and colleges both on the state and interstate levels.


  1. The rise of the competition based on the development of more perspective teams. In such cases, the mitigation strategies can be applied equally towards different age groups and gender categories of sportsmen and sportswomen.
  2. The critics of budget allocation by students who are involved in finance programs and assets distribution of the team.

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The current state of the program is still under the development of the new “vision”. One should carefully consider all the opportunities concerning planning and designing the cooperative strategy for the united sports club. The new scheme will be helpful only when it is implemented with the consent of students.

Budget & Sports

The basic budget for the ICA program in the University of California accounts for millions of dollars. In total, in the period from 2016 to 2018, the following expenditures on various kinds of sport will be considered in the budget: baseball – $17.4 million, powerlifting – $12 million, athletics – $12.2 million, cricket – $7.1 million, soccer – $23.9 million, golf – $19.7 million. These expenses can be justified in proposal for the implementation of the program.
Soccer and golf have been chosen as the most perspective types of sport activities as for the financial sponsorship. To start from, soccer is one of the most popular kinds of sport in Europe and South America so the soccer team might compete on the national and international levels. On the other hand, soccer requires serious physical training activities that include muscle trainings and running. Golf is calmer type of sport; however, contrary to soccer, it requires high mental concentration in order to reach success.
It is known that “75 percent of UC Davis’ Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) budget is funded through student fees, amounting to a student contribution of approximately $18 million annually” (Sadlowski). Therefore, the total budget for the ICA program should be increased in order to reach the success up to the total number of $92.3 million to develop the active sponsorship for baseball, power lifting, soccer, athletics, golf, and cricket. However, in the future, other kinds of sports will be supported. For instance, from 2018 to 2021, swimming will be projected as one of the most perspective relaxing types of sports. To reach this purpose, the swimming pool will be constructed before 2018.
One should state that the sources of funding should not be oriented only to students pay. Although “among the nine University of California undergraduate campuses, UC Davis charges the highest student fees” (Chang), the other sources of financing are on the way. These can be the following: ticket sales, individual contributions, grants, fundraising.

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Metrics for Success

The evaluation of success of each team can be conducted based on both results and training activities. Sportsmen and coaches should try hard to achieve victorious implementation of their activities aimed at winning within the competitive environment in the ICA program. The positive accomplishments of the program depend on the regular trainings.
The assessment of their success can be provided on the regular basis using the tests. Each quarter, special measures should be taken to evaluate the training activities. The competitive environment of the ICA program will be assessed considering the results of the winning strategy.
Based on all the mentioned information, the characteristics of the Athletic Director chosen to implement the new ICA program should be the following: decisiveness, responsibility, creativity, risk taking ability, the readiness for changes, and open-mindedness. These are the key features necessary reach success.
The new athletic program will be based on the intercollegiate level that will help to develop the dedication to the new types of sports among several colleges or universities. This will help to reduce students’ financial contributions to sports programs. The recreational activities of building the swimming pool and restoring the coffee house will be treated as priorities.

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