The geographic limitations of conducting business across the world have been overcome by the globalization effect. Therefore, different businessmen are offering many products and services at local and international levels without the fear of distance. Conducting business has been facilitated by the trade agreements between countries and international trade bodies’ policies and procedures. However, the influence of the cultural diversity on the nations is highly considered when conducting business in a different region. It is important to understand the culture and living styles of people that one is about to work with to achieve maximum productivity.

The Italian and American culture can be distinguished by the practices and beliefs of the people in the regions. Therefore, it is important to compare and contrast the human personalities of the population in the areas to understand their culture. The traditional background mostly influences an individual’s personality. Therefore, the cultural practices of the people in America and Italy can vary depending on their lifestyles. However, according to the recent studies on human personality, more than one background factor influences an individual attitude across the world (Boer & Fisher, 2013). The personal values of people are created by the ecological, economic, and political factors that surround them. Therefore, the difference in the economic and political stability of America and Italy may cause people to behave differently. Therefore, it is important for the company staff to research exclusively on the factors and understand how the population in the region reacts to their changes. With that information, it will be easy to handle the people appropriately and understand their expectations on the businesses issues that will be undertaken.

On the other hand, the attitudes to gender equality in the two countries are similar. Therefore, policies on conducting business with the Italian company should consider that both women and men are given equal opportunities to benefit from the contract. However, the number of women with low education in Italy is high compared to America due to the unavailability of proper education facilities. Notably, due to the difference in the education levels, some Italian people still embrace the traditional gender stereotypes in their modern practices (Solera & Bettio, 2013). As a result, some people like Americans fully support gender equality while others do not. Therefore, considering the diversity of education levels among the employed people will ensure that fairness is achieved in the population. Moreover, the company will quickly receive support from the communities due to their practice of justice in the society.

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On the other hand, the company should consider abandoning their American culture and experience on how they handle people. Therefore, the people should be ready to adapt to the new communities and diversity within different regions they work in. The population in America may be different in the way they perceive, value, or conduct some social and cultural roles. Therefore, intercultural acceptance will help in eliminating any biased opinions and stereotypes in the Italian social setting. The difference in the cultural diversity is an opportunity for companies to understand how to relate to different people across the world and enrich their social skills (Crisp &Turner, 2011).

Many studies prove that cultural practices have been linked to religion. Several studies such as “Religion and Spirituality Diversity and Influence in the American Nation” by Rowatt et. al (2009) have stipulated that it guides the attitude and opinion of its followers. Religion plays a big part in defining the morality of the people. Therefore, how people view some practices in their lifestyle may be influenced by the religious beliefs. However, the religious doctrines across the world are similar. Therefore, the majority of the spiritual practices may not have an effect on the operation of the American company in Italy. Different persons in the world have diverse associations for their religious aspects. However, the definition of the morals and ethics of the association is all the same. Therefore, most of their beliefs are alike while socializing with other communities. As a result, the population in Italy may barely differ in religious beliefs (Rowatt, 2009). Therefore, the management and the other company workers will readily associate with the people in the country without religious hindrances. Other factors such as people’s attitude towards their economic and political conditions do not necessarily influence the personal values of the people in the world (Rowatt, 2009).

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Therefore, the cultural factors that should be highly assessed by the company members to enhance the suitability of their candidacy to the contract include a comparison of the American and Italian cultural religion, education levels, gender, personal values, and social attitudes. The company should ensure that the differences in the communities are adequately addressed to embrace the diversity of the cultures. Moreover, the similarities should be well incorporated to strengthen the personnel’s social skills within the Italian community. The people working for the company should be relieved by keeping an open mind and being flexible enough to learn and practice changes that will contribute to their productivity. Therefore, they should use the knowledge of the differences of the people in the two countries to create a firm proposal on the way they will undertake their duties in Italy. The knowledge of the Italian culture will be a competitive advantage to our company against our competitors for the same contract. However, the assessment of the culture difference should include the definition of the issues that is likely to cause greater challenges before and after signing the contract. Further, possible solutions to the identified challenges should be found to ensure that the productivity of the company’s performance is highly enhanced if the contract is offered.

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According to the assessment of the cultural and social practices of the American and Italian community, personal values and social attitudes is the primary challenge. This problem is likely to cause grief before and after transaction because it is hard to determine the position of individuals unless you are engaged with them. Therefore, the report and the data on the effect of the people can be based only on the theoretical assumptions of the population. However, human beings are rational in behavior and differ in such aspects. Therefore, incorporating different people’s possible attitudes and social practices may not be easy. In a community, people may react to a certain condition in a different way depending on their opinions and expectations (Rowatt et. al, 2009).

For example, government’s actions not always please all the population. In a region where contracts are open to international interests, it may be advantageous to outsource more expertise that will satisfy the community. However, the local contractors may feel threatened and may not appreciate the foreign entrepreneurs’ invasion into their market. Therefore, the people in the community will have different attitude depending on how they are affected by the action taken. It is impossible to understand everyone’s opinion unless one is directly involved with them. As a result, this factor of personal and social difference as well as opinions may be an expense to the company if negative people are involved in their practices (Boer & Fisher, 2013). However, possible solutions to the challenge must be suggested and defined to help the company conduct its business smoothly.

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In order to find appropriate solutions to the challenges that are likely to face the company, a good business strategy should be established. The company’s business strategy should have the policies, procedures, and rules that have to be observed in the operations of the enterprise. The company’s doctrine should be well defined and written to ensure that the needs for reference are catered for, and is clarified without ambiguity. The company’s strategy should focus on enhancing maximum quality of the operations of the firm in Italy. Moreover, the Italian law and policies should be considered to keep the enterprise services relevant to the state and its population (Aydogan-Duda, 2009). Therefore, the policies should be an advantage for both the industry and the foreign government of Italy.

The procedures should include such an open and efficient communication system with their clients to ensure that their actions reflect the customer needs. The open communication systems guarantee that the clients express their concerns and the firm works towards achieving high customer satisfaction. Moreover, the communication bridges the gap between the company and the clients’ cultural differences because open communication gives a chance to interrelate and understand each other. As a result, cost ineffectiveness is accrued due to the misconception of the requirements stipulated by the clients. Additionally, a policy on the acquisition of a diversified team or group of workers should be adopted. The team that is acquired to work for the company should involve foreign and local participants to enhance performance (Aydogan-Duda, 2009). As stated earlier, creating a diverse team enriches the personnel with better experience and boosts the appreciation of their activities in the locality. As a result, the firm’s operations receive excellent support from the community. Besides, the company contributes to the welfare of the area.

On the other hand, the company should ensure that different talents are available in the regions. Therefore, policies on gender, race, region and cultural acceptance for future employees should be established. As a result, there is a minimal limitation on the people employed by the company. Therefore, talent shortage is unlikely to be faced. Moreover, the personal attribute differences are likely to be handled since people will be from different backgrounds. They will not be influenced by the same changes and react in an identical way that can be either harmful or advantageous to the firm (Aydogan-Duda, 2009). The personnel group will have diverse experiences and opinions creating a conducive environment to grow and interact socially.

Moreover, a policy concerning the application of strategic changes should be defined. It should cover the terms of employment, deployment, and other personnel issues about the Italian constitutional laws. Therefore, the provision should help the human resource team to effectively manage the people in the firm. Moreover, the policy will provide a background on the organizational ethics and behavior. Therefore, the cooperation of the individuals working in the company will be highly enhanced. Additionally, the people that are were hired but found inappropriate to the company can quickly be deployed accordingly. Therefore, the company will not have to suffer from handling unproductive or unsupportive team members regarding their performance. Besides, incorporating the constitutional laws of the country to the operation will boost effectiveness of employees’ performance. These policies should all be well established to ensure that they are clear, easy to understand, and acceptable to the business terms (Aydogan-Duda, 2009). As a result, the company will be more convincing to the panel on the transaction and will stand a better chance to win the contract. Besides, due to the readiness of the management to effectively perform their duties, the company is likely to achieve a smooth running of its processes and maximum success of the project.

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In conclusion, with the globalization of the world, the business community has become united. Therefore, embracing cultural diversity is a major concern for the business people and the communities encouraging international trade relations. Most of the cultural diversities are based on the cultural practices, religion, personal values, abilities, and morality. A company that is interested in conducting a business in a foreign country like Italy should carefully research these attributes to enhance their understanding of the people they will work with. An open approach to learning about the people in Italy or any other community helps understand them better. Additionally, comparing the culture of the interacting countries increases the firms’ productivity. Moreover, the understanding of the similarities and differences of the people involved in the inter-cultural business helps in establishing appropriate business policies and procedures that create a proper business environment. Therefore, the research on the cultural and social attitudes of Americans and Italians will help the company win the contract and successfully conduct the project assigned.