Education is one of the most effective ways of self-development. It is the best method of social and moral improvement. Only education helps people bring all their hopes and dreams to life. Even in the ancient times people paid much attention to qualitative studying. It was too expensive and not all the ancient citizens could afford perfect education. At present the necessity of studying is obvious for the society. Besides, schooling is almost compulsory and easily accessible for everyone, but the society does not understand the real value of such a perfect opportunity. I realize that the school, college or university is my symbolic ticket to a successful life. That is why I spend all my personal and school time trying to study or use some elements of self-education.

As part of this assignment, it is necessary to share some personal experience in the school about progress and failures. Actually, my education started much earlier than that of other children, because I was born in the family of teachers. Even my great-grandfather was a teacher and later the school principal. Thus, it was almost a family tradition to start learning early. However, I cannot admit that this experience was quite pleasurable, because I did not want to read or count when my friends enjoyed their freedom and untroubled childhood. That stage of my life was complicated. Nevertheless, it was useful and the positive results were really worth the trouble. My father spent much time consulting me and teaching me mathematics. He was strict, but I appreciated his efforts. Moreover, I understand now that it was an important time in my development. My mother paid much attention to the progress in the spheres of literature and natural sciences. Maybe at that moment it was hard for me, but in the school I understood that I became one of the brightest students, and schoolwork seemed easy for me.

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Later, high school became a new step in my education and a new way of my personal development. I can ideas appreciate my high school education only now, because the comprehension of studying at that time was quite different. However, I liked my school very much, and at that point I already had some favorite subjects. Sometime later, my comprehension of education and the attitude towards some classes changed. Most of all I liked literature, especially world literature, English, history and foreign languages. It is hard to explain why I have I chosen those subjects among others. This decision was connected with some inner feelings and intentions. My education prior to high school also had a quite strong influence on that choice. However, world literature produced some exceptional impression on me, as it helped me to feel the atmosphere of different countries and cultures. Nevertheless, strong inclinations towards that subject later transformed into a strong desire to study it further. It is necessary to admit that high school was one of the most critical periods in my life. I was extremely concerned about the process of organization of my studies. I could not organize my personal time well yet and I did not know how to work with the homework in order to finish everything on time. I can assume that I found the right decision and a perfect way out. That year my progress improved. Thus, that change was extremely important for my development. When I was a student I liked to work alone and to resort to self-education. Of course, I had some successes and failures, and felt proud or disappointment about them. My progress was especially noticeable in some situations when I knew something exceptional that other children did not know. For example, I learned a lot at home, and that is why I respected the process of the formal schooling. I developed my personal study mechanisms. However, I could sometimes get depressed if I could not cope with the teachers’ assignments. I worked very hard to get good grades, but the meaning of them was not so important for me. The successful future, a well-paid job and a decent carrier were my motivations. I had many friends with the same intentions, and we created our own little social group in the sphere of education. I took the classes seriously, because schooling had a powerful impact on me and I was afraid to disappoint my parents.

During my whole time at school I had some role models who were helping me to concentrate. My parents had most influence on me, as well as my close friends who achieved better results in the school from time to time. Mostly, I tried to follow my mother’s mode of self-organization, and mimic her strong love towards school, as the establishment for the children’s education and development. Some students were exceptional model for me, because I considered their performance to be quite successful, and I liked that they had some personal systems. It gave me a strong desire to create my own approach to studying. I followed their ideas in the school and I overviewed the results of such activities at home. I was not afraid to ask or consult them. As a result, I learned a lot by following examples at school. I learned to organize my time. It turned out to be a helpful skill, because I had enough time to play with the friends, read interesting books, and perform almost perfectly at school. Some of my role models knew about their effect, when others could not even guess about it. My mother was proud that I had progressed and enjoyed studying. She was happy to know that she was my role model. In addition, I was always willing to invest time and effort into my education.

I have always been working hard on my self-development both at school and at home. The first attempt to improve my time management and education was the development of a plan. It was a list of personal ideas regarding the system of schooling. Every minute of my studying had to be useful. Of course, I could not always follow this plan precisely. My demands for my education were quite strict, and maybe even too stringent. Thus, their implementation required a lot of effort. I realized that it was hard to achieve good grades in every subject, and only a small fraction of children had an inborn talent for studying. Some people could read the text and remember it easily, while I had to learn some details by heart in order to be ready for classes next day. In general, my education was difficult. I always tried to comprehend every single word of the professor and I was afraid to omit something. I used to write down a lot of ideas during classes. It was a tradition for me to repeat everything during breaks at school. This method appeared to be quite useful and helped me many times during the lessons. All in all, my efforts transformed into a certain learning style.

This style of education was a result of the habits and constant assignments, which I liked above all. I preferred the works which demanded some creativity. I liked creative writing or homework with additional creative assignments, because they gave me some space for the development my ideas. I could use any learning style, but I like visual approach most of all. The memory of the visual elements is much stronger than any other type of learning. In general, the contemporary system of schooling accommodated my learning style. However, I would still sometimes get frustrated. The reason was always my personal mistakes, even though I sincerely tried to study hard. Usually, I had problems during tests, if I had missed some classes before them. Thus, I made a commitment not to miss a day at school. Nevertheless, sometimes I learned some things on my own. It is necessary to admit that the individual process was harder than the education with the help of a teacher. Firstly, the student must create a plan and consult the books, extracting only the essential information, writing things out, explaining them aloud and drawing diagrams. I liked to do that. Moreover, the development of graphics and pictures was the most interesting part of my own work. I did not jump from one point to another, because it made me confused and mixed the understanding of a certain topic. The best time to work in such a way was an early morning or a late evening, because nobody troubled me. Nevertheless, I did not like to take risks, and it was always better for me to do everything according to the instructions.

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I did not consider myself a leader. Mostly, I tried to follow the already established systems of education. They never let me down. In my school, the academic success of a student had a direct connection with the ability to follow all the rules. It was some kind of game and I had to play it even if it was complicated and unpleasant e. For example, I had strong and negative feelings about the system of testing in my school. However, it never changed, and with time it became easy for me to forecast what was necessary in order to pass the test well. I did not like when some teachers considered their subject to be the most important one at school. However, it was always interesting to speak with the professor, because it was fascinating to communicate with educated and intelligent people.

The best and the worst teachers in the school are the general notions of the educational system for students. Every school in my city had them. The majority of students felt the same way about them. The children did not like when the professor tried to deprive them from their ideas and considered only personal thoughts. I was embarrassing to listen to such professors. I hated when the lecturer was strict and students were afraid of communicating with him/her. Nevertheless, I had to study well and forget all of my personal feelings concerning the professor. However, there were also many positive personalities, and I liked to listen to them during the lessons. All their stories and explanations were extremely interesting and exciting. My peers respected such professors immensely. I appreciated the advice and recommendations of my best teachers. I still remember their ideas as they have had a considerable impact on my life. It is impossible to forget the words of my favorite teacher. According to him, schooling was the most important part of life, because it determined the future.

All things considered, education had an immense influence on my personal development. It did not concern only knowledge, but it included emotional and intellectual development as well. School can help a person become clever and determine the direction of his/her future path. This assignment was important for me, because it allowed me to reflect on my high school education – the most important and exiting period of my childhood. The life in the educational establishment is a different world with its own system and rules.