The educating sector of this country reflects numerous matters that require thorough consideration so as to create proper, equitable, and efficient educational system. Such scenario is caused by the country’s wide territory and variety, and should be addressed through the provision of active structures of education thus offering the efficient education to all deserving citizens. The above mentioned arrangements are necessary for the purpose of practical development encouraged by the requisite development factors that are in place. As a result, there is a high possibility to obtain significant benefits from efficient structures. However, the issue concerning those who are not able to access education due to the disparities in the education sector remains urgent.

In the United States, the education system reflects the differences caused by the fact that some areas of the country are more educationally advantaged. Those children in rural areas do not have access to quality resources and such disparities account for the poor performance in schools. Among the significant factors that led to such situation is racism as it caused some people to be considered unworthy to receive the quality education that is of the same standard as others. Hence, there has been disparity based on the location, the people living there, and the influence of race which has nevertheless reduced.

The article on the benefits of education attempts to elaborate the number of advantages one receives by undertaking a college education in comparison to those who have not. It can be considered credible as it outlines the real benefits at hand gained through higher education including wealth, job opportunities as well as creativity and innovation that may help to initiate a business. The authors highlight particular aspects that are observable in the society such as good lifestyles and quick decision making among the educated people. Therefore, the information therein can be trusted. Since the authors indicate the elements that economists, the general public, as well as education stakeholders can identify with, higher education appears to be rather viable option to choose (Baum et al, 2010). Furthermore, the authors write for a substantial body which contributes to the article’s reliability.

Contrariwise, the second article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of not gaining college degree, thus outlining why it may be unnecessary to go to college after all. It provides valid reasons basing on the fact that one can learn through work experience and the kind of knowledge gained in such a way is more beneficial that theoretical knowledge (Hout, 2012). However, the author gives reasonable arguments that outweigh the positive aspects of not obtaining a college degree (Hout, 2012). Due to the above mentioned, the credibility of the article may appear debatable, but since the author is personnel in the job market, it is possible to perceive the article as a source of reliable insights.

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The correlation between the discussed articles and the opinion on the educational disparities provide the ground for examination of the areas that are affected by the variations. There is a necessity to address several matters regarding whether the areas that are considered to be in a good academic position are enjoying the benefits of higher education as indicated in the first article. Apart from that, it is essential to verify if the underprivileged areas experience the advantages of not having a college degree. A thorough examination of the above mentioned demonstrates that the urban areas enjoy the benefits of higher education, whereas in the areas where attaining college degree is hard, the advantages of the absence of degree are not observed (Baum et al, 2010). Hence, the first article appears more persuasive.
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After reading the articles, the opinion I share regarding the disparities in the education system in the country remained unchanged. However, the fact that there is more development and enlightenment in the urbanized areas and those that were not segregated against reinforced my position. The article indicates what development results the provision of academic chances can bring. Socially, the children and individuals who came from the advantaged areas receive more access to educational programs. Such children also demonstrate higher cognitive and intellectual levels. What is more, they are able to reach more structures that are in support of their academic systems. Hence, the uneducated are not as developed and are frequently deprived of the opportunities their graduate counterparts have (Baum et al, 2010). The change in this opinion can only be generated, if the academic systems that are available in the underprivileged areas provide optimum and equal economic, social, and educational performance in these fields.

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In conclusion, the disparity levels in the country are frequently based on how urban a place is. The higher this level is, the more academic and educational resources requisite for the academic performance and economic improvement are available. The above mentioned can be inferred from the information given by the articles. Furthermore, the application of experience so as to improve performance and lifestyle is much easier when education is placed in the central core area of focus in development. Since the education level allows the smooth experience to develop in the workplace, the absence of college degree may not be considered quite beneficial. Even though this does not necessarily imply that there are no chances of success, equitable education should be a priority due to its capability to encourage development.

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