The recent years characterized by globalization and information technology eras have brought about significant developments mainly in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. The industry continues to record an ever-increasing number of innovations in the scope of the Internet-based technologies and globally networked economies. These underlie major transformations in the economic, social, political, and technological landscapes. Such agencies as public sector organizations have realized the need for adopting e-technologies in the provision of services to the public.

Case Study Analysis

In light of the case study in question, the organizational management decided that efficient use of ICT resources is necessary if public-sector agencies, in this context the government, is to benefit from the great promises of e-service delivery. Establishment of an ICT platform is crucial whereas the implementation of e-service delivery would become a challenge. Moreover, although provision of more e-services may seem too promising, a solution is not yet reached. Simultaneously, understanding the constituents of a suitable e-service platform is another important issue. Undoubtedly, public services reach beyond the market domain, and therefore, the complexities of public value must be dealt with when the services are appraised. Furthermore, because of the heterogeneous nature of the services the government offers, analyzing all options in-depth might be impossible; thus a clear need for early stage appraisal is evident. The ESD scheme is feasible in addressing these intricacies. The model was developed through a participatory design process involving ESD Services Limited and the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The framework implements state of the art into the workspace context while taking measures to reduce intricacy. Therefore, improved understanding of e-service delivery has the potential to offer the opportunities for new ways of business development and private-public partnership.

The model for provides a one-stop-shop portal for internet users to access both private and public services. Using a single portal for this purpose is an ideal channel to present certain advantages for the company and the state in general. For former, the ESD scheme is mostly driven by technology, which is an innovation for the organization. In the case study, Hong Kong is ideally one of the most technologically advanced nations with computer-literate residents. This circumstance means that the Internet culture is slowly penetrating into the social consciousness of the residents of Hong Kong. With this issue, the government is also likely to benefit from facilitated interactions with its customers, who include the citizens and businesses. Apart from that, an increase in customer service particularly is likely to occur through the convenience provided for by the service to the public. The government can benefit with regard to issuance of reservations, registration of persons, and booking of national exams among others. Because of these conveniences, the public may react positively to the actions imposed by the ESD.

Important Issues that Emerge on How to Start e-Government Services Successfully

Upon an analysis of the case, Hong Kong SAR’s ESD scheme had a successful start and implementation, and this issue can be attributed to a number of success factors. Firstly, the developer, ESD Services Limited, had a vision of customers rather than government agencies. Customer-focus is a core strategy for the success of e-government services. Traditionally, many regimes operated as branches and levels organized around agencies and bureaucracies operating in hierarchies. Opposing itself to this trend, the ESD Services Limited set up the scheme based on the needs of the citizens motivated by a customer-focused vision (Farhoomand, 2002).

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Secondly, the ESD project took an approach of re-inventing the government rather than automating it. Often, many governments and public sector agencies are tempted to automate their processes, which can result in overwhelming future problems. ESD Services Limited opposed itself to automating the government processes but instead chose to reinvent them. With a one-stop web portal, various departments would share and communicate information, thus helping in achieving the expected results fast.

Thirdly, there is a need to focus on digital transactions between citizens and the government. The ESD scheme allows a digital exchange of data, information, and digital resources between the government and customers, namely, citizens and businesses (Farhoomand, 2002). Through the portal, customers can securely exchange personal and financial information, as well as download and upload legal documents.


The analysis of the case brings about important recommendations that can be sought by various public sector organizations seeking to implement an e-services strategy successfully. Firstly, there is a need to create a win-win scenario so that all the parties in the project benefit equally. The case provides an essential idea of how this can be achieved. In the case, the Hong Kong Special Administration Region Government engages ESD Services Limited in developing the scheme. The company bears all the costs development, advertising, and maintenance of the ESDlife portal. When the project is completed, the operator is allowed to make use of the ESD portal in offering private-sector e-commerce services and advertisements as a way of generating income. ESD Service Limited also benefits from transaction fees from the government once a pre-determined volume of dealings is reached. In the end, both parties benefit.

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The second important recommendation is having a customer-focused vision. In the case, customer focus had emerged an important contributor to the success of the ESD scheme. Having a focus on customer needs can have significant impacts on the planning, sourcing, and operation of e-government activities. Thirdly, there is a need for the public sector to involve the private sector. Public-private sector partnerships would smoothen the provision of value-added e-commerce services together with e-government services in a single portal.

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The paper analyzed the case entitled “Electronic Service Delivery Implementation and Acceptance Strategy” with a focus on how the Hong Kong Special Administration Region Government. The latter established an ESD scheme that was aimed at better providing seamless government services to citizens and businesses. The ESD e-government system became a one-stop portal that offers integrated public and commercial services in a customer-oriented manner. The case study highlighted a public-private sector partnership model where the government partnered with the ESD Services Limited. The analysis showed the need for customer-focused vision, the involvement of the private sector, and the need for developing the win-win scenarios.