The problems such as air and water pollution, destruction of the ozone layer, and several natural calamities like flood or cyclone often hamper the existence of the mankind. Nurses are to play a key role to make people understand how the environment is important for the existence of human beings. In this regard, the videos of Dr. Vanadana helped a lot to complete this assignment. The main objective of this paper is to raise awareness of the common people about the environment and its effect on the human health. The role of nurses has been highlighted since they are to perform a great deal of work in this concern.

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Connection Between Environmental Health Human Health

The environmental change in everyday life has become a chief concern to the environmentalists and environment specialists. The environmental alteration is continuously damaging our biodiversity and environment with a pace that was not anticipated earlier. The changes that take place in everyday life are major basis of environmental contamination and menace to the human health including several other risks. Almost every day, we get the news about environmental disasters. Most people are not concerned with the issue of environmental calamities. They do not pay heed to whether it is a natural disaster or caused by irresponsible deeds of people. The intrinsic quality of the human race is one of the chief challenges in eradicating environmental problems. Ecosystems and Human Health Program (n.d.), “The world faces environmental challenges from climate change, expanding agriculture, and increased industrialization, the health of a growing number of people living in poverty in developing countries is at even greater risk”. However, presently, most people are becoming conscious about the nature and its effect on the human health. People are much aware of the environmental issues now. Nevertheless, since environmental disasters and their consequences seem to be very problematic, a lot of work is to be done in this regard. Whenever any disastrous event happens, it makes us concern a lot about the environment; however, with time, the concern becomes weaker. The attitude of most people proves that they are destitute of feeling to the natural occurrences and cannot solve the problem by any means.

The main themes and subject matters of numerous articles and videos prove that there is still a lot of work to be done to solve the current environmental problems. The videos of Dr. Vanadana prove that the food products including genetically engineered seeds are patented; now, these seeds are rare worldwide. Indeed, it is the corporate world that makes all the decisions regarding seeds and agriculture. Presently, the main duty of genetic engineers is making the people familiar with genetic foods. They argue that the increasing population needs such type of food; otherwise, the world has to face the scarcity of food. Perhaps they want to change our food habits suggesting people how to eat and what to eat. Dr. Vanadana mentions how the natural resources can be saved and used. In fact, the actions of people can make this world healthier or destroy it. No matter how the present generation treats the nature, the future generation, whether it is good or bad, will have to face the outcomes. Noticeably, in the last few years, the greening movement has achieved its peak point in the U.S. The impact of the environment on health, families, and communities has become a new concern for the people. Unquestionably, the difficulty of the environmental problem should be on the top of the problem list of the world.

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The environment has a great effect on the human health. There are hundreds of evidence regarding the issue. There are both positive and negative impacts upon the health of the environment. In fact, environmental factors are responsible for maintaining and promoting sound health. Such factors like nutrition, which depend upon the excellence of soil, availability of water, biodiversity, GM (genetically modified) organisms, hunting, fishing, etc., have a severe impact upon ecological balance. Conversely, there are other factors that have a noteworthy function to keep our environment fresh. The ozone layer protects the environment from ultraviolet rays that come from the Sun. Dr. Khan and Ghouri (2011) say that “Ozone in the lower atmosphere may damage lung tissues of animals and can prevent plant respiration by blocking stomata (openings in leaves)”. (p.5)

Other factors like room for exercise and amusement, sanitation, waste recycling, and dumping are to be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, harmful environmental influences do not allow keeping a perfect physical condition. Most of these factors play a role of a vector to break out many infectious diseases. Then, again, some environmental calamities like floods, droughts, storms, fires, earthquakes, and volcanoes hamper normal activities of human beings. Polluted air is one of the main causes of respiratory diseases. Moreover, cigarette smoking significantly contributes to polluting air. The world dangerous diseases are spread out through the contaminated water. According to the World Health Organization, “Diarrheal diseases remain a leading cause of illness and death in the developing world” (p. 2). The child death rate in the developing countries is 90% due to the disease.

Hence, the authorities should consider the importance of water supply and treatment infrastructure. Furthermore, a proper monitoring and supervision of managing the public, rural, industrial, and agricultural wastages in the environment is necessary. The changes caused in nature by the deeds of some irresponsive people are among the reasons of spreading out of numerous diseases. According to McMichael et al. (2003), “These global changes have heightened awareness that the long-term good health of populations depends on the continued stability of biosphere’s ecological, physical and socioeconomic systems.”

Nurses are the protectors of their patients and communities. They have a significant responsibility in their professional life. Nurses have a powerful influence whenever they are to perform their duties in the respective working groups or in collaboration and coalition with their colleagues and other professionals. Nurses are concerned about the ecological risks. Since these risk factors are affecting individual health, nurses are to be concerned about that. Most of the time, they become annoying due to the lack of attention paid to the environmental issues that all people are to face. To change the environmental health, nurses including responsible people have to be conscious of the threats. In the healthcare division, they are leading personnel as professionals. Therefore, they can play a very important role in addressing ecological troubles and health issues. Unquestionably, they have the aptitude to influence their society in this concern. They can make a change working in several places like schools, clinics, homes, and hospitals.

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There are many active nurses who are involved in strategy and encouragement work on a government level. It is a matter of hope that nurses, as well as the ordinary people all over the world, are becoming conscious about ecological health factors. Nurses are developing their role in this sector. Hundreds of nurses are involved in special organizations and communities concerning ecological issues. A nurse should be careful about what they can do personally and within their hospitals to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases. In addition, a nurse should be aware of food security conditions, shortage of drinking water, etc. to improve the environment and keep a sound health. Recently, news has been published about some products that are posing health risks as well. In this list, there are products such as flame retardants, pesticides, cosmetics, and even some toys that can be harmful for health. Consequently, to reduce environmental pollution, special policies concerning products and chemicals must be adopted. According to Walker (2010), “Nurses have joined several of the active state campaigns to address chemicals policy reform”.


The environment has a considerable impact on the human health indeed. In this regard, nurses have a significant role to play in this field. They have an inherent desire to work for the prevention of the diseases. For this reason, they want to work more without tolerating the existing conditions. If the nurses are equipped with a proper knowledge and skills, they can become the asset for the health sector. Currently, their deeds are also praiseworthy, but the changes and growing needs ask for more efficient and skilled nurses to cope with the future challenges. Nurses can influence their communities and government since they are the most trusted source of health information. They can influence policy making and the decisions related to health and the environment. Indeed, their activity and opinion is much more necessary in this regard.

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