Google Company is a multinational company that provides internet services and products in the internet space. The company earns more of its revenue from the advertisements that the business makes itself. Google was formed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two PhD students who were studying at the University of Stanford. The services offered by Google Company include cloud computing, web searches, software, and advertising using online platforms. Google was incorporated as a privately owned company in 1998, while a public trading IPO was rolled out in 2004 when the company moved to California (Google, 2016). The rapid growth in technologies has triggered an active movement of the company towards diverse industries, acquisitions, and partnerships.

Google provides mail services for both work and personal use while providing at the same time cloud storage services such as Google Drive and social media services such as Google Plus. The company has also dived into messaging with the release of respective software, mapping, photo editors, and web browsers (Google, 2016). Google Company remains enthusiastic in the emergent technologies such as machine learning technologies and neural networks.

In the recent past, Google has focused on communication hardware devices such as mobile phones. The company which forms the heart of the Android devices has partnered with phone manufacturers in a bid to produce high-quality products using the lowest costs possible. Google Company is estimated to be in possession of more than a million data centers and centers all over the world as per the statistics carried out in 2007 (Levy, 2011).

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Google was started as a page rank research project by Larry and Sergey who were pursuing PhDs as they theorized that web searches would be optimized if a relationship between web pages would be established. The hypothesized concept came later to life when the company hosted its first domain on the Stanford University website just before registering its domain and becoming an independent company (Google, 2016).

External Environment and Current Strategies/Objectives

PEST analysis is a tool used to identify the political, economic, social, and technological factors that make up the external environment of the Google Company. Stability of the governments is a positive factor that has led to the success of Google as a company. It has also succeeded as a result of the unrestricted access to web surfing and searches; this has led to the exploitation of the opportunity by Google leading to more market penetration (Levy, 2011). However, such countries as China have opposed the unrestricted access to Google by limiting the usage of the search engine. This does not, however, affect the general performance of the company as a whole.

Economic factors have also significantly led to the growth of Google as a company. Such countries as South Africa, India, and the United Kingdom have raised their gross domestic product and, therefore, boosted both the internal and external investments made by Google as a company (Google, 2016).

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Technology is the backbone of the success story of Google Inc. Through continuous innovations, the company has managed to stay afloat while always promoting its innovative concepts. The tools that Google offers as free services are aimed at making life easier for the users of the products provided by the company. Some of such free services include Gmail, Spreadsheets, Maps, Docs, Hangouts, Picasa, and Google Groups among others (Burns & Sauers, 2014).

Google has not been limited to a particular geographical location. The spread of the company has enabled it to learn the cultural values and systems in various demographic populations and, therefore, easing the process of global reach. Different demographics exposure has given the company an upper hand in the competitive environment (Google, 2016).

Strategic Positioning of the Google Company

Google has maintained an upward trend in the technology enthusiasm. The company believes that leadership in innovation is a secret key in the emerging technologies. Google focuses more on their customers than their products. Therefore, this leads to better products suited for their end users (Forbes, 2011). Consequently, the company ensures that its processes of innovation begin and end with the customers’ satisfaction and acceptability of a product. If Google continues with the user-centeredness perspective, the company is likely to become the most successful company.  The company’s future success assured as it inclines itself to the belief that anything can be an innovation.

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The Google Company has a conviction that innovations can be made using both bottom-up and top-down approach. This is the reason why the company has more than 3,000 patents currently. Google’s strategic positioning ensures that the firm is always in the limelight and does not lose focus on the technological pressures exerted by the rapidly growing environment (Leong, 2013). With its ongoing trends, Google Company will be the dominant company in almost all areas of both software and hardware in information technology field. The company’s usage of freemium products for its customers, hence promoting their user base must be also taken into consideration.

Strategies I Would Use If I Were the CEO of Google

Being the CEO of a company like Google, I would ensure that I incline myself to the upcoming technology that will change the future. I would suggest advancement of Google technologies to reach the deepest parts of the world that do not have access to the internet. This would be possible by the use of Google search engine both in the USSD and SMS platforms to increase the user base. The use of both USSD and SMS would ensure that not only people who are connected to the internet can access Google services but also those residing in places where internet is not accessible. I would also focus more on creating better experience through virtual world for every Google user by ensuring that the searches are customized based on the user’s search habits, locality, and needs. Finally, by the use of the current technologies, I would suggest an expansion of the company’s user base by trying to reach out to the untapped technologies that lie in totally unexploited areas. This method would ensure that Google expands its user base and also increase the number of its users.

Competitive Strategies Used by Google Competitors

Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are some of the major competitors that Google has. Amazon uses its SEO (search engine optimization) skills to improve the user searches for products in their online stores. This is a threat as Google also offers the same services to its web search customers. Facebook provides advertisements and traffic generation from companies and individuals (Arthur, 2014). The company is a threat to Google as the latter’s primary income is ads which Facebook offers as well.

Apple is a manufacturer of smartphones which comes with their operating system IOS, while Google is at the heart of Android smartphones which contains the Android OS. These two companies have remained rivals; and when Google aims at making quality for the cheapest costs; Apple Company targets at social elite strata while charging exorbitant prices for their products at the same time. Facebook’s advertisement strategy is the most efficient strategy as itsusers unknowingly receive ads as they browse through the content in social media. This ensures that knowingly or not, but different companies get advertised with or without the knowledge of the end-users (Arthur, 2014). The Apple’s operating system is also a competitive strategy for its line of products.

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As a company, Google has the capability to combat the strategies used both by Apple and Facebook. The latter’s advertisement method is not presentable as clean ads that are present on the Google website. Moreover, Google provides the customers with options of either viewing the ads or not, hence enabling its customers to be the key decision makers. The competitive strategy for using Apple products can be combated by Google’s move to make Android operating system open-source and offer most products as free services, while the Apple platforms charges for the products (Arthur, 2014). This freemium strategy leads to a larger Android’s customer base than on Apple platform’s one.


Google Company is the ultimate company of the future, its enthusiasm in the matters of innovation and creation are the main reasons behind its high-end walls of success. Despite the threats posed by the competitors, the company promises to stare unshaken in the current technological era and unmoved by new firms emerging. Google have remained strong as compared to its rivals due to its affordable services as well as its products. The company has high chance of expansion as many areas still remain unutilized.

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