In the life of every person, there are times when one needs to take serious decisions, which may change the whole way of his or her life. For example, a child may need to choose whether it is better to attend the nearby school, together with friends, or the demanding one, which ensures the higher level of knowledge. After school, the teenagers have to decide between working and going to college. After the graduation, there are even more options regarding the place of work, creation of a family, etc. Naturally, each of the presented paths is feasible in one way or another, but there is always the one that is easier and, thus, more appealing. However, as in the ancient legends, including the one about Heracles (Toyama 209), it is the difficult road that ultimately provides the best results.

The one’s hard road in life is related to becoming the medium between the powerful and charitable organizations to ensure the sufficient funding of the latter and, therefore, provide another chance to the people who have lost everything. Given the fact that such second birth is often accompanied by a radical change in the person’s outlook, nurturing positive traits, such as compassion, mindfulness, and understanding, one may assume that it may be one of the driving forces of the contemporary society transformation. Without doubt, one may note that the help provided at the wrong time and to the wrong person harms both the helper and the one that accepts it. Therefore, charity ultimately leads to the spiritual development of the one that receives it, as well as the one that provides it.

Naturally, such road will not be an easy one, primarily due to the fact that it is different from those selected by the technocratic society, which requires almost no effort on the part of its members (Toyama 210). First of all, at its initial stage, there will always be the fear of the wrong choice. Naturally, there will be doubts regarding the feasibility of such path as it is quite possible to lose many years of life in the pursuit of the false targets. Moreover, one may be afraid of living his/her life it in vain. Moreover, there will always be the so-called curse of the social comparison, which is often associated with the ambitions. For example, a social worker may be compared to the other people of his/her age that have managed to build a career or simply became rich. Moreover, it is possible to compare oneself with the others, questioning the feasibility of choosing the hard road and trying to change the society. However, in this case, one’s life will become filled with the false targets and benchmarks. Nowadays, many people spend much of their energy and time to prove that they are not worse than others, which is a feature of consumerism. As a result, they forget about what they really want.

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To deal with the described issues and remain true to oneself, while nurturing one’s mind, heart, and will, it is necessary to follow several moral principles. First of all, it is important to remember that no man should be discouraged from following his past. It does not matter what has occurred in the past (problems, issues, etc.), every new day can be considered as a new beginning and another step forward on the selected path. Such way of thinking makes overcoming failures easier, thus, developing one’s determination. In turn, it increases one’s chances to succeed, providing for the spiritual development of the giver and recipient that was described before. As a result, both the person and the society as a whole are much likely to improve a little with each passing day. Consequently, it will ensure the nurturing of the individual and collective mind, heart, and will.

At the same time, it is important to focus the attention on something that is already in the one’s possession rather than trying to reach for something unattainable. Therefore, it is necessary to find at least one positive thought that will inspire and help one to move forward. It should be stated that social work presents many challenges, and in some cases, one may think there is nothing to hope for in the technocratic society. However, the human mind is capable of many great things, including the excitement. In terms of helping the poor, any means can be useful regardless of the fact how small or insignificant it is. Moreover, a positive outlook, as well as the ability to be content with little, allows encouraging everyone around, namely the people he/she works with. Such encouragement is something that everyone needs to continue walking the path they have chosen with dignity. This statement applies both to the one providing help and those receiving it, also contributing to the development of the individual and collective mind, heart, and will.

Finally, it is necessary to understand that each person can make mistakes. The sooner a person understands and accepts this fact, the faster one will become better and, therefore, make fewer mistakes. Without doubt, nobody is capable of becoming infallible, i.e. one may still choose the wrong time or person to help or be unable to establish a contact between the charity organization and its potential sponsor. Nevertheless, without any actions on one’s part, nothing can be achieved. It is known that it is better to do something (e.g. try to help the poor) and turn out to be wrong rather than do nothing at all. In the end, one will either learn a life lesson or succeed, ensuring his/her personal development. Despite being hard, it is the only way to change the society and, therefore, contribute to the nurturing of the collective mind, heart, and will.

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In conclusion, it is possible to say that choosing one’s road in life is one of the most important choices that a person has to make. This path is not always straightforward and understandable to the others, and it is not always acceptable in the society as in the case of social work, which is often perceived as an ungrateful one. However, the ability to overcome the challenges presented by the hard road definitely gives a feeling of satisfaction, with the most pleasant moment being the sensation of control over the one’s life and the possibility to determine whether the choice was correct. The choice between the hard and easy road is not always obvious, but if it is right, one’s life becomes more enjoyable and interesting. In fact, fate always offers the people the ability to choose from several options. The entire life is a choice between the two competing pathways, namely the reason and the heart. By hearing the voice of the heart and doing the opposite only because it is easier, one loses the ability to changes the society in any way. Without doubt, in the world dominated by technocracy and consumerism, following one’s heart may prove to be extremely difficult, but in the end, it is the only way to remain true to oneself and, therefore, develop as a person, also affecting the other people.

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