One of the most pressing issues that the 21st century faces is the growing population of the old people in the society. According to the demographic transition model, the increasing population of the old people can be attributed to some factors. The demographic transition theory identifies four main stages that are much dependent on how various nations try to attain the demographic transition stage. At the early transition stage, the nation is characterized by a high population growth and a high death rate. The increasing population rate is not significantly high since it is offset by the high death rates. During the transition stage, the birth rates are very high. On the other hand, the death rates tend to drop since at this age, the country is developed, and it can support the high population level. Since the birth rates are significantly higher than the death rates, the population starts to increase. The third stage is the late transition stage. At this stage, the birth rates start to take a downward trend. At this stage, the rate of population growth starts to decrease. The population starts to stagnate. The last phase is the post-transition stage. The societies have very low birth rates and decreased death rates. From the above information, it becomes clear that such nations as the United States are at the fourth stage of the demographic transition. These nations tend to experience a very low birth and death rates. Their population has already stabilized, and one of its most distinctive features is that it is dominated by a high population of the old people.

The Implication of the Issue for Availability and Funding of Social Security

The aging population has had serious implications for the social security. The rising population of aged people has led to a decrease in the working population. This means that there is a small population of the working class that supports a large population of the aged people (Kelly, n.d.). The trend poses a serious threat to social security since there is a fear that there will be no sustainability for the social security because a great number of workers will also become aged within a few years. The aging population has had many negative implications for the funding of the social security. The number of workers who fund the program with their taxes is decreasing. As a result, the rate of contribution to the social security is experiencing a downward trend. While a nation would like people to live more, the maintenance of the aging population presents a serious challenge to the nation (Kelly, n.d.).

The problem is that, the increasing population of the old people significantly raises demand for the social security funding. There are many people who are in need of this benefit (Goss, 2010). If the trend continues, there is a serious threat to the social funding. For the social security plan to run effectively, it demands a worker-to-beneficiary ration to be around 2.8. However, with the growing population of the old people, it is expected that this ratio will fall to about 2.1 (Goss, 2010). This also poses a significant threat to the future of the plan. It means that by the next two decades, the fund will be exhausted because there will be a great number of people who will be demanding funding; yet, only few will contribute to it. In other words, people are demanding more from the social security fund, while the number of tax payers is decreasing. The future feasibility of the social security fund is under significant threat with the increasing number of old people (Goss, 2010).

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The Effect of the Problem on the Funding and Availability of Adequate Health Care for Seniors

The aged people and their families are confronted with some serious issues that are associated with health. They experience rising debts, as well as a decrease in the income. The aging population is posing a key threat to the healthcare system. It demands more attention since at the old age, people appear to have numerous chronic diseases. Most of them are sick, and they are in need of constant medication. At the same time, these people tend to exhibit very unhealthy lifestyles. A significant population of the old people is inactive, and only few of them get a chance to exercise daily, which poses a health risk to the aging population (Ude, 2012). The main characteristic associated with the population is a high rate of chronic diseases, and this only puts more pressure on the healthcare facilities. The healthcare facilities, in their turn, are expected to cater for a large number of people with chronic diseases (Ude, 2012). This has not only affected the capacity of the hospitals, but it has also had a serious implication for the funding of the healthcare (Ude, 2012). Treatment of a big number of the old people is covered by the Medicare and the Medicaid. There are many funds that are being challenged to provide healthcare for the old people, which has had a negative implication for the government healthcare spending. The government is spending a considerable amount of money on maintaining the health of the aged population at the expense of the health of other people since the old people account for about a third of the whole healthcare budget in the US.

It appears that it costs almost three times more to treat an aged person of above 65 years than it would cost to treat a 40-year-old person (Ude, 2012). The rate of hospital admissions among the old people is also significantly higher when compared to the rate of admissions for the young people. The doctors are also overwhelmed by a large number of the old people seeking medical attention. The access to healthcare facilities has become a challenge since hospitals are overcrowded by a high number of people seeking healthcare. Furthermore, meeting the health needs of the old people has also created many problems. A significant number of them have more than one chronic disease, and the access to quality healthcare for people in any conditions has been a challenge. The doctors assume that the old age is a disease, and since there is no cure for it, most of the old people do not get the right medication (Kelly, n.d.).

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According to the experts, the problem of aging population does not seem to become less acute in the nearest future for the US. The US is facing numerous challenges due to the aging baby boomers. These challenges are not going to ease any soon since it is expected that by the next decade, the number of the old people will have risen significantly. The aging population is straining the healthcare system. The government health expenditure is rising with a significant proportion of the health budget being set aside for provision of the healthcare for the old people. The health demands of the old people are competing with the health needs of the young generation (Kelly, n.d.). The health of the young people has been put at risk due to the high number of old people in the health facilities. Additionally, such healthcare plans as Medicare may encounter serious problems because of possible exhaustion.

The Key Recommendations of the experts Regarding the Issue of the Growing Aged Population

People should place emphasis on providing home-based care. Due to the constrained capacities of the hospitals, the experts advocate for the training of the home based care providers so that they can serve the aged population better. The healthcare facilities cannot provide all the required care for the old people. Therefore, since this population is increasing and their mobility is limited, providing home-based care remains to be one of the most viable solutions (Goss, 2010). On the other hand, the experts urge individuals to take into account that they are going to retire soon, and thus they need a good financial plan so that they can have a decent life even after they retire. Individuals can start buying long-term care insurance plans that will assure them of a good life even after retirement. They can also open their individual accounts so that by the time they retire they will have saved enough. The former is the best strategy that can protect the old people from running into poverty when they are in old age.

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Another solution that the experts offer is that the old people should be actively engaged in exercises and other activities. They prompt the government to create social facilities that will ensure that the old people are actively engaged in some activities. This will also aid in the prevention of chronic diseases and their better management (“Addressing the Challenges”, 2016).

In my opinion, the solutions provided by the experts are methodologically sound. These are strategies that are feasible, and they can also be put in place with ease. It is practical for an individual to adopt a savings plan or even to acquire a good insurance cover. As for the training of the home based care providers, it may also become a viable solution to the problems of healthcare in the hospitals.

How the Aging Population Will Affect the Youth Politically

The aging population will have a profound effect on the young people in terms of politics. One of the ways in which the young people will be affected is that they will be making the largest population, but they will not have decision-making power. From the past, it has remained notable that an old person has a higher chance of being selected for a political seat than a young person. Thus, it has been learned from the 2008 voting that an older person has a double chance of being elected than the youths who are aged between 24-35 years (Bartlett, 2010). The trend poses a problem for the political future of the young people. What is more, the aged population has also affected the needs of socials security for the young people (Bartlett, 2010).

Strategies Adopted to Address the Issue

One of the key strategies that have been put in place is the training of the caregivers, which is vital since these people will provide care for the old population. It is notable that the number of caregivers is set to rise with the increasing number of the aged people, and thus the government needs to help them acquire the right skills. These people will help in easing the problems of the old people (“Addressing the Challenges”, 2016).

Other strategy that has been applied is the establishment of a benefit retirement plan. The strategy has been applied in Canada, and it has proved to be very effective. Canada also provides old age security, which is a type of benefits that is accorded to all old people who have met the qualifications. A great number of people have benefits voted for the plan (“Addressing the Challenges”, 2016).

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These strategies have been of great help to the old people. A great number of them have been getting quality care at home, and this improves their life. The retirement benefit plans that have been introduced in Canada have been of great significance to the old people since many of them have been receiving benefits.

I support the retirement benefit plans because the major issue that affects the old people is poverty. When these people lack a source of income, they become stressed, and they leave a very poor life (“Addressing the Challenges”, 2016). The social security has been in the US for a long time, and it is a sustainable approach, especially when the government diversifies the source of income for the funds. Encouraging people to save for their retirement is the best option that people can adopt.


The aging population poses serious challenges to the US. The high demand for quality healthcare, as well as increasing demand for social security, is one of the key issues that is affecting the economical situation of the country. The old generation has also affected the young people in political terms since the representation of the later on the political arena has been minimal. There are a few measures that have been set in place to address the issue. Some of these measures include developing retirement plans and training of the caregivers. I strongly support development of both of these strategies since they are of great help to the old people.

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