Every job or occupation has specifications or requirements to be fulfilled by the employees or job seekers. Employers are targeted at potential employees who are fully qualified in a specific job by outlining certain demands and qualifications. These job specifications are stated as job description which comprises of sections ranging from education requirement, skills and experience to duties and responsibilities. It is a clear outline that helps job seekers to match their capabilities with the potential employer’s requirements to perform their duties and responsibilities as required. It also helps learners to focus on developing such demands to fit in a desired job. Currently, I am working as an Aviation Rescue Swimmer, a position commonly referred to AIRR.

Job Description Areas

Tasks comprise of duties and responsibilities to be performed by a specific job position. The job requires offering rescue and recovery services and any other humanitarian assistance. The job obligated doing various actions in a mission to save life. An AIRR performs the following duties: saving pilots when there is an emergency and the aircraft has drowned, saving passengers when water vessels have capsized, rescuing people when natural disasters like tsunami, floods and Hurricane strike. Delivering supplies and other aids to particular places, transporting troops and their cargo, especially by ships, providing support to Naval Special Warfare Operations and conducting surveillance to ensure anti-submarine warfare on drugs and terrorism are among other duties (Aviation Rescue Swimmer, n.d.).

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Some of the tools used in this job include fins, boots, diving drysuits, flotation suits, surface drysuits, wetsuits, Rope throw bags, Ropes, Rescue boards, rescue tools, rapid diver, masks, gloves, helmets, first aid and emergency tools, harnesses, and body recovery system (Public Safety Diving and Water Rescue Equipment, n.d.). Most of these tools and equipment are carried constantly so that they can be used in diving into waters to rescue people. They protect and help carry the victim safely to dry land and conduct first aid before taking him/her to hospital. Swimming and diving techniques are essential for this kind of job. The technology of detangling the services from parachutes and backpacks, technique of carrying and releasing a survivor, ways of releasing equipment for Navy flyers are among other means to dive and rescue people (Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Training, n.d.).

The Rescue swimmer must have the ability to provide basic life support before reaching the hospital. Skills of diving into different water depths and offering rescue service are vital as well. The ability to hold breath for long, getting tossed around, and the capability to think and perform very challenged tasks while submerged in water prove to be helpful. All these skills may be acquired through training and practice.

The rescue swimmer must have acquired adequate knowledge to assist during emergency. This knowledge is offered in the Emergency Medical Training (EMT) course. This provides both physical and mental possibilities that will help in saving personal life and that of the victim (Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Training, n.d.).

Under educational requirements for Navy AIRR job, college degree is not necessary but an applicant or any interested person may be required to have high degree achievement in the training offered. Satisfactory completion of the training and meeting the minimum score in the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) are obligatory. This helps to assess skills and individual interests in the job specified. ASVAB is calculated as follows (Aviation Rescue Swimmer, n.d.):

VE+AR+MK+MC=210 or VE+AR+MK+AS=210

Ways of Recruitment

People form the part of organizational resources that are very important in effective delivery of goods or services thus enabling the company to compete with its rivals. Choosing the right people for specific tasks is very crucial. This requires selecting an appropriate recruitment method to help attracting a right person who possesses the desired qualities including talent and passion to the position. Therefore, specific ways need to be identified so as to reach at the right person qualified for the task.

There are many ways that can be used for advertising and recruiting employees. Organization may seek desired talent by involving internal or external ways like using recruitment centers. For the position of AIRR, organization can use media sources to advertise and attract talented individuals for recruitment. TVs, radios, newspapers, and magazines can help in reaching many people who are interested in becoming AIRR. With media, the target audience, which is nationwide, is reached hence attracting right talents. Continuous advertising of the same position at different times and through various media enables the organization to appeal to even those people who are in jobs but are curious about that particular position. Another method of advertising and enlistment include web recruitment through employer websites. Those interested will visit the websites, download the forms or apply online. This is the common way of recruitment that is employed by many organizations. It provides a job seeker with the information about the organization and the job description for a specific position. The link for application may also be given on the site. Finally, the organization can use college recruitment when they visit relevant colleges and encourage those interested in the position to apply (Youssef, 2015). For example, they may visit a military college to seek those concerned of AIRR position. All these ways can help in attracting talented and interested people for the job.

Methods of Assessment

Organizations receive many applications for the job advertised, especially when it is done through media. This calls for relevant assessment method to recruit appropriate candidate for the position. Initial screening for reference checks may help to reduce the number to a proper size for further assessments. Moreover, for AIRR, Navy Physical Screening Test (PST) is used as an assessment means of selecting right candidates for the job. Another assessment method can be KSA assessment whereby applicants are analyzed depending on the knowledge, skills and abilities. KSA assessment may involve a physical test. This is appropriate for this job position of AIRR because it requires more physical knowledge, skills and abilities than other occupations. Finally, task-based assessment may be used to select the right candidates. This also may involve a physical ability test, situation judgment tests and assessment centers for testing. This is also appropriate to this job position because it focuses more on physical ability and knowledge (Pulakos, 2005). Therefore, for AIRR position the kind of assessment required is more aimed at physical screening and tests.

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Having a desirable job in mind motivates a person to seek for a job description. Such job information provides a perfect explanation where a job seeker will counter the check whether he/she possesses the requirements and qualifications. Jobs are demanding; in terms of physical conditioning, intellect and emotional state, any job requires more than just educational and professional qualification and experience. Therefore, the components of job descriptions that include tasks, duties, responsibilities, tools, technology, knowledge, skills, abilities, and educational qualification are important in guiding potential employees to what the potential employers seek in a particular position.

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