Preservation of culture remains deeply embedded in many developing nations. A significant number of states are hesitant to give up their indigenous culture and unique ways of artistic expression, in spite of the considerable coercion to abandon them. External forces such as globalization have a significant influence on small-scale societies, which are becoming vulnerable to inter-culturalism. The UAE is one country that has manifested its relentless efforts to secure the rich cultural heritage of its populace despite the considerable influence of globalization and modernization on the state. UAE is popularly acknowledged as the hub of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. It maintains a rich cultural heritage dictated by Arabic and Islamic traditions. The state’s religion, Islam, has consistently harmonized the country by enabling the UAE to uphold ultra-conservatism even in the face of vast modernization. Globalization has had a significant influence on the progress of the developing countries’ economic growth despite the fact that the majority of the populace worldwide view it as a negative influence.

The United Arabs Emirates (UAE) is a highly developed country the strong market economy of which is characterized by high human development index and quality standards of living of its populace. The state is a member of the OPEC and World Trade Organization. UAE is an Islam-dominated state located in the Middle East. The country, despite its ultra-conservatism, is recognized as being the most liberal of all states of the Persian Gulf towards expatriate cultures and beliefs. A significant number of populations in UAE constitutes of expatriates. The country has a subtropical climate, and its economy is the most diversified in the Middle East. The economy is heavily reliant on the country’s enormous oil reserves. UAE, a state that highly values its religion, maintains a moderately traditional approach to globalization. The country, which has gradually embraced modernization, enforces stringent policies that have enabled it to safeguard its indigenous culture and traditions despite its strong market economy, industrialization, and progressive flair (Monshipouri, 2011). UAE is a country that values traditional activities such as boating, fishing, and trading. The country’s strict regulations emphasize popular compliance to the UAE’s socially accepted behaviors such as modest dressing, a high degree of morality, and respect towards Islamic traditions. For example, all states of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East highly value the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The strongly embedded traditional Arabian culture of the UAE in the recent past has experienced significant economic growth although its conservative cultural customs and political constitutions are unshakable and unsusceptible to radical changes. UAE preserves its traditions because they are essential to the wellness of the country’s society. Artistic expressions bring emotional gratification to individuals and are a unifying force of the society. Furthermore, they symbolize the society’s esteemed status and empowerment, particularly in dynamic cultures. Folk medicine, a traditionally accepted knowledge that caters to the basic needs of the populace during the period of traditional economies is among the indigenous customs and beliefs of the UAE traditional society (Hurreiz, 2013). Apart from this knowledge of manufacturing food, traditional technologies facilitated the making of domestic goods and other tools. The role of a midwife was highly recognized in the traditional UAE society, because she helped with the nursing of expectant mothers and safe delivery of babies. She also approved the chastity of newlywed brides for their husbands, which was a highly regarded practice. The vast internationality in the UAE has prompted the state’s government to design stringent policies for accentuating the preservation of the rich cultural heritage, which is a significant source of tourism (Exell & Rico, 2014). For example, the UAE remarkable indigenous sports include falconry and camel racing and attract a significant number of tourists from all corners of the world. The UNESCO recognizes the emirate of Sharjah, because incorporating the traditional Arabian culture into their celebrations demonstrates the extent to which they value their rich cultural heritage (Schwaighofer & Lehner, 2013).

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The attitude towards potential neo-colonialism dominance in the less developed countries in the future has evoked the spirit of ultra-conservatism among many developing states in spite of the technological advancements, such as vast social media networks that enhance faster circulation of artistic expression across various cultures (Guaaybess, 2013). Most developing countries still feel the significant impacts of colonialism of the 1960s evident in their stagnant economic, political, and social developments. The Third World countries are staunchly preserving their indigenous cultures despite the fact that they have limited power to oppose imperialism. This offers them a sense of belonging and control over their national policies. The emergence of globalization has a significant influence on indigenous cultures of the developing world. Globalization has promoted the economic growth in the third world despite its considerable opposition by the less developed states. The efforts of the most powerful countries in the world, such as the United States, to influence the developing countries has encountered significant confrontations due to defense of their traditions (Pollack, 2011). However, globalization has an enormous potential to control the traditional values, beliefs, and customs of small-scale societies. Globalization has promoted inter-culturalism in countries such as UAE, because of the evolution of the Internet, mass media, and tourism, which has facilitated diversified interactions in the UAE (Ferraro, & Andreatta, 2011). The technological trend has had significant social, cultural, and economic influences on the UAE. The global integration has accelerated the economic growth of the UAE, because it has provided the country with considerable opportunities and the creation of employment. The development of many industries and markets has offered job opportunities to the people of the UAE.
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The establishment of an open economy has enabled UAE to access new markets for its substantial variety of cultural products and services (IBP, 2016). International trade has generated huge amounts of revenue for UAE, which has facilitated many developments in the country and raised the standards of living for its citizens. The state government’s investment in schools, hospitals, and better roads has facilitated quality health, education, and improved transportation. The multinationality has transformed UAE into a state of cultural diversity, which has promoted intermarriages and linguistic variety. The social cohesion has encouraged dynamic learning of different languages, religious beliefs, and cultures, which enables the people to understand and appreciate each other without prejudice. The diverse interactions facilitate a deeper appreciation for one another and promote harmony among diverse communities who live together.

Globalization has promoted UAE industrialization because the country has had easy access to raw materials for its industries. The UAE ability to trade internationally has facilitated the accessibility of diverse commodities on the market, which provides its people with different choices. The economic growth has created job opportunities for many UAE citizens and job security for employees, which motivates them to work diligently towards an increased profitability of businesses. The approach gives the UAE corporations an edge in the international market because of the good reputation enhanced by satisfied workers. Cultural diversity facilitates solidarity among people from diverse backgrounds because they present language expertise, talents, and creative resolutions to complex challenges. For example, the adoption of cultural diversity in the UAE workplaces promotes teamwork, which contributes to the significant success of companies as people with diverse experiences, skills, and talents work together for the success of the businesses. Furthermore, the UAE has declared gender equality in all government sectors, because women need an opportunity to participate in national developments and serving the society. The UAE women currently have equal opportunities because they have legal rights to own property, operate businesses, and work for remuneration. The UAE government has significantly promoted civil liberties and political rights where all public sectors are entitled to social justice, including the less fortunate in the society. Globalization has significantly promoted harmony among nations worldwide because international trade enhances foreign relationships among nations. For example, foreign relations between the United States and the Middle East states promote international unity because the countries support each other in fighting global crises and conflicts. The allied states also provide financial assistance to each other in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes and global health pandemics.

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In conclusion, despite its significant impact on the economic expansion of the small-scale societies, globalization has negative influences, which include environmental degradation, labor exploitation, culture erosion, and economic disparities. UAE has a responsibility to formulate sustainability strategies to manage the negative impacts associated with globalization. The approaches will minimize global environmental crisis while sustaining a corporate social and environmental responsibility. The UAE has significantly benefited from globalization through the integration of cultural diversity into the country’s political, social, and economic development. The approach has enhanced a social and political empowerment of cultural communities. The advancement of the Internet and Information Technology has facilitated a participatory culture and awareness concerning the preservation of cultures, which will further enhance the upholding of their diversity. Globalization has brought a very crucial aspect of reconsidering collective identity which, when incorporated with universal aspirations, will bring forth empowerment among diverse cultures.

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