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  • Event: Drake vs Lil Wayne (Performers)
  • Venue: Sleep Train Amphitheatre – Chula Vista
  • Seating Capacity: 19,442
  • Location: 2050 Entertainment Circle, Chula Vista, CA 91911
  • Area: San Diego
  • Date: Sat, Sep 20th, 2014
  • Time: 7:00 PM

Everything has started with the following songs:

  • Blunt Blowin – Lil Wayne
  • Steady Mobbin?- Lil Wayne
  • Mr. Carter – Lil Wayne

The first one is Lil Wayne’s intro song. It was turned into a bright start of the concert and it fully reflected the explosive energy of the rapper. Lil stated that his life was like a movie which was watched by him many times. Blunt Blowin is a promotional track of his own authorship. It debuted as 33rd in the US Top 100. The ninth album the Carter IV was released with this song.

After this particular song, he made a run around the stage and the audience has simply outburst when he was doing that. Several of his fans had an attempt to achieve the rapper’s attention. They were doing it by pushing flowers and some other things. Certain fans eventually were trying to get at the stage. That wonderful evening has started effectively.

These last two songs in the list were accompanied by the show of the bursting fire from behind. This part of performance took the crowd’s breath away. It seemed the viewers were shocked by these lights. They turned orange and red. They symbolized energy which was everywhere during the performance. The rapper tried to give audience understanding that even blind eyes can see the truth.

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  • We Made It?- Drake
  • The Language – Drake
  • I’m Goin’ In – Drake

We Made It was the intro track of Drake. It depicted his life and the way he experienced his hurdles and difficult times. However, the event audience did not stop shouting his name. They were singing this song with him and added more energy and emotions into the atmosphere. Drake’s energy and that of his adherents were mixed. It is a wide known fact that Drake had a difficult childhood. Thus, they showed feelings of respect which were expressed by the crowd.

  • I’m On One – Drake
  • The Sky Is The Limit – Drake
  • Leather So Soft – Drake

The topic of romance and love were expressed with these songs. It is common for such concerts to pause the madness with some romantics stuff. Drake was singing some of them one after another. The audience had experienced new emotions with these songs. Consequently, that big screen was turning into red and blue colors. It symbolized the energies of women and men. Those songs were dedicated to Drake’s x-girlfriend.

  • Go DJ – Lil Wayne
  • Drop The World?- Lil Wayne
  • Got Money – Lil Wayne
  • Lollipop – Lil Wayne
  • 6 Foot 7 Foot – Lil Wayne
  • A Milli – Lil Wayne

These 6 songs are considered to be the classic of Lil Wayne. They have simply stolen the show. They represented the past of the rapper which represented the way he changed with the time and the way his personality was growing. The crowd was very excited to listen to these songs because his early career was started with them. Audience had just remembered the joy jumping to these songs certain time ago. Eventually, the whole event’s atmosphere was integrated with pride and respect for their beloved rapper. His achievements are huge and his life steps are worth of esteem and consideration.

  • Versace – Drake
  • No Lie – Drake
  • Trophies – Drake

The list of these three songs was a start with a laser beam show. They went up from the stage and gone up to the sky. People just took every word that was sung by the rapper. While this was happening, the stage had been rising. Drake was singing and the audience just went crazy to this performance.

  • Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake
  • No New Friends – Drake
  • Marvin’s Room – Drake

Drake started these songs floating over the audience on a steel plate while being held by strings. Concert-goers were shocked and crazy about his entrance. These were Drake’s special solos that got first place in the Billboard and stayed there for a long time. Those who knew him and his character were not surprised by his behavior.

  • Find Your Love – Lil Wayne
  • How To Love – Lil Wayne

Then, Lil Wayne came to the stage. Drake was about to finish his guitar part on a stool. These two songs made a lot to retell what he felt and what it feels like to miss your family. Performer ponders that a presence of family is one of the most relevant things in life. Additionally, it helps any man in this harsh world. Everybody needs somebody to rely on. These songs are rather romantic and people were holding each other by the hands. Some were singing these songs, some of them were clapping, and some were just singing the song to the beat.

  • Loyal – Lil Wayne
  • No Worries – Lil Wayne

Then, the event was specified on these two songs. They were a specific story about the rapper’s love, his x-girlfriends, and the past he outlived. In every of these two songs, there was a special question which was sent to the crowd. It asked about what every of us understands under the term of love. The rapper has shown his fresh feelings and thoughts regarding this term. After that, the audience was caught by smoke and confetti which were pushed from the stage. The whole crowd was inflated.

  • All Me – Drake
  • Worst Behavior – Drake
  • Started From The Bottom – Drake

The song Worst Behavior is from Drake’s third studio album named “Nothing Was the Same”. The track was produced and written by Anthony Palman and Drake.

These songs were prominent because of some other artists were singing. However, these songs are contribution into the period of Drake’s life when he was not famous. Jumping, singing, and dancing were not stopped. More energy was brought by the crowd. The concert had already lasted for several hours.

  • The Motto – Lil Wayne and Drake
  • Believe Me?- Lil Wayne and Drake
  • Pop That?0 to 100 – Lil Wayne and Drake

The performers started singing the songs that featured one another. Aftermath, they both won this little battle. The crowd went wild when this all had happened because two outstanding rappers were acting together. Pop is the song of French Montana. It was the first single from his debut studio album. Its backing track was created by Lee on the Beats. He helped write this song together with those three rappers. The Motto performed by Lil Wayne and Drake was recorded and written by Drake. This song is a bonus iTunes track from the studio album named Take Care”. This track achieved the top of the rap/hip-hop charts. Believe Me is a track of Lil Wayne, which was released as the leading song of his eleventh studio album. The song was brought to urban radio stations on May 2014.

Drake and Lil Wayne have brought their Street Fighter headlining tour in California. They began their fight in San Diego at Sleep Train Amphitheatre, Chula Vista. The music performed was all from the current century and our modern era. Despite the fact that this concert was billed as a battle, they added life to a rap/hip-hop industry. All songs were originals; however, some additional featured artists were singing too. Variety was everywhere on this show. Various songs, effects, sounds, different emotions were in the air. Some of the songs were very emotional, some of them were romantic, some dramatic. Particularly due to Drake’s unhidden feelings, the others were excited because of his fresh emotional push to the audience.

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The performers were active and they seduced people to be that active and involved in the performance. As a viewer, I can confirm that all this show gave me a lot of new emotions and a portion of joy that I got saturated with every new song. The whole atmosphere was wonderful. People never stopped moving and dancing. The performers were very active, and their music explained a lot about their past and experiences. Lil Wayne and Drake never stopped to move around. That has proved which reflected that emotions of the audience were true. As a viewer, I could not stay silent and I was also singing with that entire crazy crowd. I was trying to attract their attention. The songs were not performed in chronologically. Thus, it is true that rap/hip-hop songs can be not clear. Nevertheless, these rappers gave us a true realizing of every new emotion which is more important because music is created to give us new inspiration and feeling. No program notes were present at the concert and it was a positive fact about it. With any additional opportunity to attend this show again, I will do it without doubts. I would like to see these performers, happy faces, and outstanding show.

One more positive aspect should be remembered. No bad incidents happened during the concert and no drunk crowd who could have disturbed the atmosphere. Police was absolutely unnecessary at this show because everybody enjoyed the moment.