Nowadays, efficient leadership is of great importance in the business environment. For that reason, productive leaders such as CEOs and managers are the object of unceasing hunt among the entrepreneurs. Fortunately, becoming a leader does not always require an inborn talent. Rather than that, managers of all levels are welcome to learn from the best leaders across the world. In the era of technological advancement, it is not a difficult task to find a leader who can become a role model for an interested individual. The person of my choice is Mark Zuckerberg as he proved to be a technology genius who has learned how to be a leader. His example inspires me and serves as the evidence that everyone can become a leader by learning from others.

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To start with, the author of the article has experience of being a leader herself. Having started as Managing Partner at RankLab, she currently is Director of Brand Development at American Addiction Centers. She found her inspiration in the leadership skills of Mark Zuckerberg and managed to employ them in her position. In any case, the author starts her article with the provision of the definition of the term “life skills.” She decides not to invent her personal definition, therefore using the one formulated by UNICEF. On her behalf, she specifies that life skills include cognitive skills, personal skills, and interpersonal skills.
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Then, the author states that she owes her life skills both to her parents and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. She prepares her readers to learn about seven life skills borrowed from Zuckerberg one can successfully apply to his or her career. These consist of equanimity, critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, assertiveness, mindfulness, and vision. By equanimity, the author means the ability to keep one’s temper regardless of circumstances. According to the author, Mark Zuckerberg never loses his temper, and that is a crucial element of his success. Furthermore, Cynthia Johnson tries to apply it to her career and concludes that it improves her relationship with employees and colleagues. Another life skill, crucial for business, is critical thinking. According to Zuckerberg’s approach, success is the result of taking time to think critically instead of accepting the first idea coming to his mind. Next, the author points at the importance of solving problems rather than wasting time on trivial things. According to the article, a good leader is also a good communicator. Such leader never misses the opportunity to talk with his employees so that they know that he or she is open to sharing ideas. Meanwhile, the exchange of ideas could be the first step to the essential changes an organization might need. According to the author, the next skill, assertiveness, is “this attitude that proves how a product, service, company and brand can make strides in completely changing an industry” (Johnson n.pag.). This attitude seems to be united with courage requiring readiness to take risks. Then, the author finds the skill of mindfulness helpful as it allows her to ignore the critics interfering with her business success. Thus, the ability to concentrate on the most important things and block the irrelevant ones is crucial. Finally, Cynthia Johnson proceeds to vision, which shows the global dimension of each business venture. It is not only important how one’s business operates individually, but one should also think how the business would perform placed in the global context. Zuckerberg’s example can teach entrepreneurs that they should consider how their business can contribute on the social context. The author concludes her article with encouragement to change in order to become successful.

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My impression is that Cynthia Johnson describes what is called leadership traits in common use. I found these seven traits to be of extreme importance for success in the modern business environment. At the same time, I would suggest that equanimity is the most important leadership trait among life skills. To illustrate this, I would like to share the story my father told me two years ago. His boss was a very passionate individual which was not a negative characteristic in his case. Nevertheless, his passion used to transform into aggression when controversial issues emerged. When he lost his temper, he was not typically able to find a solution. The employees had to wait for a day or two for an appropriate outcome. Finally, he was fired one day and replaced by another person. That individual proved to be phlegmatic, and it affected the organization’s performance immediately. The new boss could stay calm in any situation, and most of the problems were solved within one day. This man became a living legend afterward.

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To conclude, learning from great leaders is one of the best ways to develop one’s company. To me, this leader is Mark Zuckerberg and I am ready to learn from him. His leadership traits are described in the article by Cynthia Johnson. These include equanimity, critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, assertiveness, mindfulness, and vision. Possession of these skills is a sure predictor of business success. Nevertheless, even if one does not possess them, it is never too late to learn and try to develop them. I believe that I will develop these skills one day in my future, as well.

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