All prominent musicians bestow a mark in the hearts of their fans, some more than others. Michael Jackson was one of the most influential musicians of all times (Taraborrelli). Any music lover has an idea of who Michael Jackson was. His was a household name, both in the USA and across the world. His music was a favorite of fans in Americas, Asia, Africa, and beyond. He even came to be known as the king of pop (Campbell). All this was before his untimely death, following a publicized struggle with prescription drugs. This did not taint his musical image, as he remains just as popular and loved in death as he was in life. His was the style of music that moved across generations, race and creed.

Devotion to Music

In order to be successful in any undertaking in life, one has to show commitment to the task. Musicians have to be determined to make music. This is not a path that one can take jokingly and be successful. Michael showed devotion from a very early age. As luck would have had it, he was born into a music oriented family. His big brothers were into music, and had even formed a group called The Jackson 5. This gave Michael a solid platform into the music industry. He would practice songs with his brothers and even perform in clubs. The group went on tours in their Midwest region and other neighboring states. From these humble beginnings would come one of the greatest singers of all times.

This experience served as an introduction of the budding musician to the new world. Through this starting point, he was able to create a strong commitment to the career path that he was taking. Many musicians start their career at a later stage in life, and hence do not get a good introduction to the industry. Michael hence had a good chance since he started singing at a young age, and moreover, had a supportive social fabric to guide him.

Develop your Talent

A person may be born with a great talent, but if he or she does not put in a considerable effort to build oneself, this person will not amount to anything. Michael Jackson oozed with great musical talent and potential. This was evidenced from an early age when he helped his group of brothers win awards and sell many albums of their songs. He had a melodious voice that could attract any music listener. Even with this, the singer and songwriter had to take steps to improve his talents constantly.

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From his work with his brothers, one would see that Michael had a wide vocal range, and would put emotions in a song. In the 1970’s, Michael would spend many hours working on his vocals and writing songs, all geared towards making him a better musician. All through his career, Michael never stopped seeking to improve himself. After going solo, he started incorporating dance into his music (Michael Jackson). He would spend hours practicing dance routines, so as to deliver quality material to his fans.

A good musician knows that the most important component of the industry is his fan base. Hence, one cannot afford to get rusty. Anybody who has listened to Michael Jackson’s music can attest that in all the years that he sang, there was never a time he disappointed his listeners. This is a testimony of continued efforts to develop his talents so as to make himself better in the industry, especially for his fans. He engaged the services of trainers and vocalists, who helped him become better at what he did. He also drew inspiration from other artists, such as Diana Ross, who showed him the musical path and taught him some skills. It is imperative for a musician to humble himself, no matter how great he may be, and learn from those who came before him. One can never amass too much skill to prevent from learning something new along the way. Michael knew this, and he opened himself up to opportunities of learning.

Dedication to Craft

Dedication means giving themselves to a course that they have chosen in life. When people choose to enter the music industry, they have to be prepared to spend hours and a lot of energy on their work, so as to succeed. It is a tough industry that cannot tolerate laziness or complacency. Many musicians have had to leave the industry or become irrelevant because of the steep competition that is present in the industry. Dedication makes a musician strive to be better than the others, as a service to their fans. It also helps them strengthen their brand. As evidenced by his record breaking sale of music albums, Michael was a man who has given his whole life to making music.

It is his dedication that helped the musician to remain beloved in the music circles for more than 40 years, before his death in 2009. From the trend that his career had taken, it was clear that his star would have continued to shine, had he not died so prematurely. Although he juggled his career with other ventures, such as business, the bulk of his time was channeled into music. This was one of the attributes that influenced his success, and it should be emulated by anybody wishing to make a name for oneself in the music industry.


When a person is dedicated to his business, there is nothing that can stop him or her from achieving the set goals. One can describe Michael Jackson as a determined musician. There is no path in life that is easy. Everything one endeavors to do has its obstacles. What matters is the willingness to do anything in a person’s power to overcome hurdles. From the beginning, Michael had obstacles that threatened to sabotage his career. At home, he had an abusive father. This caused him both physical and psychological problems. He admitted to having a complicated relationship with the father, who was also the Jackson’s manager in the 1960’s (Jackson).

In the 1980’s Michael started changing his image, because he wanted to have a fair complexion. This was seen as a personality problem with his African American roots. In the 1990’s and 2000’s, he had numerous legal issues, which led to a slip in his popularity. All these obstacles could have deterred him from his chosen path. Being a public figure, such issues lead to bad press, which did affect his brand. However, Michael was able to recover from all the notions and maintain his reputation as the king of pop.

During his seemingly effortless dance routines, the singer suffered numerous accidents, some of which resulted in surgeries. For instance, he had to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure following a broken node that he suffered while rehearsing his dance moves. Some people might have given up their career after such occurrences. However, this was not the case for Michael. He took all these challenges and shoved them behind him. He went on making music and using his time to find ways, in which he could make more and more music.


Michael was a master of his own destiny. He took charge of his career when he went solo at a young age of 13 (About Michael Jackson). He modeled his career like no one else did. His style was unique. He combines pop and other genres to create his own refreshing music. Although born in the music family and gaining exposure to show business at an early age, Michael had to go his own way and follow his own path. That is why he was able to build a career, which proved more successful than his other siblings.

Destiny encompasses both preparation and opportunity. In this industry, not everybody who starts out makes it to the end. Some fail at the very beginning. It is clear that Michael had the opportunity of becoming a great musician. He also spent his years making himself better and better and hence, he enjoyed the good way in which his destiny shaped out successfully. His was not a lucky streak. It took years of hard work and building connections that would propel him to the top. He was hence destined to be a star, and worked tirelessly to make sure that he would not fail to achieve his potential.

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Even after his death, his music continues to entertain people all over the world. The unfortunate circumstances of his death did not stop his fans from buying his music religiously. He is also one of the richest dead musicians (Serjeant). In the course of his life, he fell into large debts, but his proceeds from music sale were able to keep him afloat. He partnered with many artists in his lifetime to make music, beyond other noble causes. His legacy will remain alive in the hearts of all those, who loved him, and those who will come to love him in the future. He was truly a great musician, and a legend in the industry.