China has experienced rapid growth of its economy during the past two decades. With this growing economy, the country has opened up to international trade and marketing. As a result, finances play a major role in the activities that the country participates in in the international market. Growing up in the countryside of China, I have always been attracted by the outside world. I wondered how people could move from their native country to a new one and do business from there while the currencies of the two countries are different. However, I knew that international trade was one of the oldest human activities. The secret lied in the financial principles that allowed people to trade even using different currencies.

As the world has become globalized through trade, the need for competent people who can facilitate financial transactions has become urgent. I have always wanted to be part of the international group of financial professionals making impacts on the world’s financial systems. The way businesses and financial institutions undertake their deals are an indication that the role of financial experts is becoming increasingly essential. Recently, we experienced the global financial crisis that almost brought the world economy to collapse. The problem lied in dysfunctional financial systems that were to be adjusted before the problem was solved. These, among others, are the issues that I have sought to address in my career as a financial expert with the aim to contribute to a productive environment where companies and organizations can undertake their operations without the fear of losing their money.

As a student of finance, I have had an opportunity to work in finance departments of some Chinese companies. The experiences that I have had show that finance is actually the engine that not only drives the big and growing economies like that of China but also facilitates international trade and interactions. In a global world, where financial systems are intertwined, the use of a particular currency in one country cannot limit the ability of their citizens to move around and do business in other countries. Working in two Chinese companies gave me an insight into the world of business, which is driven by global financial systems. I believe that learning financial principles in a foreign country will give me the exposure that I need to contribute to the growing and complicated economy of China. I intend to gain the skills that will empower me to participate in the formulation of the financial policies that govern the interaction of Chinese traders and the outside world.

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I am confident that I am well prepared to be a graduate student. Owing to my experience in the undergraduate study, I got the prerequisites and skills by engaging in advanced financial courses. It even enabled me to practice financial work in major Chinese companies in the past. It has placed me in a better position to undertake the graduate work. During this time, I performed financial duties encompassing research and analysis of precious metals industry performance. I also worked in a team the task of which was to make proposals for issuance of financial support to private investors. Along with these experiences in workplace, I had studied business administration with a major in financial studies. I am also proficient in preparation of financial presentation material as well as customer relations.

Throughout my studies, I have acquired a number of essential skills. Students of finance are required to have strong learning ability to understand different financial concepts as well as be receptive to new techniques. These are the competencies that I have cultivated with zeal and commitment in my studies. I am an excellent team player; I have participated in many teams where we were required to produce results for the company. I have proficiency in using Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. I also have experience in accounting software tools including Sage Peachtree Pro among many others. In addition, I am proficient in verbal and written communication in both English and Mandarin. These skills enable me to work in a multi-diversified environment interacting with people from different cultural and social backgrounds.

Working as a bank assistant intern put me in direct contact with the financial systems in China. At China Merchants Bank Company, I worked in the personal loan department preparing promissory notes, signing agreement forms, and any other necessary documents for the purposes of providing financial services to the clients. I came into contact with foreign customers, which gave me the exposure to the outside world and an impetus to study abroad for my graduate degree. Besides, I dealt with loaning and investment work that involved huge financial implications to the bank. I appeared a good communicator and a financial advisor to clients with credit and debit card issues.

My expectation is that the graduate study at Fordham Business School will offer me an opportunity to study in a challenging and demanding environment that can improve my financial capabilities. I expect that the experiences I have as an undergraduate at Seattle University as well as from industrial work puts me in a position to approach my graduate work with an intellectual mind considering how my skills and knowledge can be applied at home. I hope that I will be accepted into the Fordham Business School to realize my dream of becoming a professional financial advisor to companies in China. The graduate degree program will empower me with skills to contribute to the discussion about better financial systems. The program will also allow me to be positioned well as a financial advisor to many Chinese companies that wish to venture into international markets.

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