Recently, it is hard to imagine modern life without computer technologies. Due to the rapid development of IT technologies around the world, online shopping has become extremely popular. The Internet has become an integral part of modern life. Analysts suggest that in the near future, people will entirely convert to online shopping, and there will be rare regular stores existing. Online shopping is the purchase, for which people do not need to leave walls of the office or apartment. Shopping on the Internet is perhaps one of the most exciting and enjoyable activities. “Shopping online is seen as a desirable activity, especially for women” (Ferreday 159). Pleasure from a bargain and useful purchase is a very special feeling. It is a pity that not all manufacturers and sellers of goods and services use online stores. Sometimes, a person has to buy on the Internet counterparts of their competitors. However, this does not limit the purchase through the Internet, as there are obvious advantages of this kind of shopping.

There are many advantages of shopping in online stores. Shopping online is more convenient than in usual shops. It saves people’s time and in some cases is cheaper than in regular stores. Buyers also do not have to stand in traffic or ride in a stuffy bus on the way to the mall. Therefore, online shopping is very popular nowadays. Julian Markham affirms that a great number of buyers regard general shopping as a chore (Ferreday 159).

To date, it is possible to make a purchase in almost every country while sitting at home. World-famous brands and companies do not keep out of this popular trend. To buy online is as easily and safely as in a real store. However, buyers should know how to use the services of an online store and process an online order. There are a great number of benefits of this kind of shopping. Nowadays, more and more people prefer it.

For many people, online shopping has become one of the main ways of shopping. On websites of online stores, there are a wide number of products and services to fit every taste. It is hard to imagine that a few decades ago no one could conceive that while sitting at home in front of the monitor, people would easily visit the shops of London, New York, Paris, or Rome. Nowadays, it is a great benefit to do shopping from the comfort of the house. It is very convenient and saves a lot of time. Saving time is the main advantage of online shopping. Internet shopping is uniquely faster than shopping trips. The road to the shopping center and back can take more than one hour. Shopping on the Internet takes just a few minutes. It does not take a person out of his/her comfort zone because a buyer can make purchases in a comfortable home environment. At any time, a person can turn his/her attention to something else and then continue. Purchases can be made at any time, as online shops are open twenty-four hours a day. Thus, a person can buy any good, and a deliveryman will get the purchase directly to the doorstep. Moreover, to maximize the convenience of users on sites of online stores, there is often the search on a number of parameters – from the size and color of the goods to information about the country of origin and date of the guarantee, which also saves time. Many shops analyze the needs of a buyer and offer similar things that might interest him/her. In addition, people such as the elderly or people with disabilities may find it difficult to walk to the shops; thus, they can take a great advantage of online shopping.

A great benefit of online shopping is a psychological comfort. Online stores’ visitors do not push in the crowd of other buyers. People do not wait for suitable free consultant. There is no pressure on the part of the seller. Purchasers who are familiar with shopping on the eve of the New Year or other holidays know what chaos is at this time in the stores. Many shops have the same products at lower prices on their websites, and a purchaser does not have to stand in a queue.

Online store sells a wide range of products from items of clothing and footwear to goods for children or, for example, a vegetable garden. Some goods can be purchased only using the Internet. With the help of online trading, it is easier to find the favorite thing than looking for it in the usual shopping malls. People hardly can find a store that will focus on some unique things interesting for single buyers. In online stores, almost all the shops pass such practices, and the most unusual and rare items can be found only on open spaces of online-shops. If search enthusiastically, a person can find online stores that sell unusual, rare, or exclusive handmade products, which are hard to find in conventional stores.

Another advantage of online shopping is a significant saving of money. Firstly, buyers do not have to spend money on petrol or the road. Secondly, online shops often arrange various promotions and discounts to attract customers. The most useful point is that prices in online stores are usually lower than in malls. The reason is that the costs of maintaining of the online stores are much less, as they do not need to rent premises, keep staff, and pay for electricity, heating, and other expenses.

Online stores’ buyers should remember that they have the same rights as consumers in usual stores. People should carefully read the information about the product. They should examine the color, size, and other characteristics of the good. The information about payment and delivery of goods should be clear and accessible. The postage should be indicated separately. Many online resources work on the system of payment “live” money after receiving the goods. Despite the fact that online shopping is very popular nowadays, some people still prefer shopping in traditional stores. The reason is that “There are many customer concerns related to online shopping, such as the inability to view actual products and the possibility of dishonesty” (Salvendy and Smith 246).

There is a tendency that online booksellers became the most popular of all other online shops. Everything is quite logical. A buyer can choose a book without seeing it. A person just reads reviews and can order safely. The same applies to the disks. People also confidently buy technical equipment and products for their homes.

The Internet has greatly expanded the geographic scope of shopping. There are no any boundaries either in time or in space. Due to the World Wide Web, shopping has become much easier. Online stores have appeared not long ago; however, they have already gained popularity among buyers. Nowadays, people can buy anything their hearts desire: books, equipment, clothes, and many other unique things. Nowadays, the possibility of buying products online is no surprise. Online shopping only at first caused some distrust of users; however, currently, almost everyone managed to evaluate its advantages. Shopping on the Internet is the ability to choose the best prices for any products and save a lot of time.