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Since my early childhood, my parents have always had an idea of the job they wanted me to get when I grow up.  They advised me to find my own way to get a better future and put high hopes on me. They are proud of me, as I am the first member of my family to get the college education. I was born in a refugee camp in Palestine with barely any access to medical facilities, technology or higher education. There can be no comparison between that reality and the conditions here in the United States. My parents have instilled in me that a career defines a personality. They taught me that it helps a person understand and express the identity, enhances stability, brings satisfaction, and enables people to help others. My goal is to overcome the obstacles my family has encountered and not to let them control me. I strive for being a role model for my brothers and all the other youngsters in my family. What is needed on the way towards success is planning the career, hard work, proper tools and dedication. I have a dream to become a person that can make a change in the world and support the impoverished. I want to lead by example and create a path for others to follow.

I first realized the core value of physical therapy when I felt acute what it means to be disabled at the physical, mental and emotional levels. A few years ago, I had a motor vehicle accident and as a part of the treatment series, I had to seek the advice of a therapist to restore the function of my injured back and shoulder. Then and there I learned at first hand that a physical therapist is pre-eminent among other healthcare professionals. I found out that the therapist’s dedication to restore the patients health, help them move again and get them back to their normal lives is of great importance. My personal experience helped me understand that a proficient therapist is to have a thorough insight into the body’s movement, endurance, and strength especially when it came to my back muscles, arms and joint area. That health care professional helped me to manage my pain and improve my movement. Eventually, I decided to do a review of my ambitions, change my career path and exert all reasonable efforts to get one of the most rewarding jobs.  I have made up my mind to apply for physical therapy because it can enable me to make a difference in someone’s life the same way it happened to me a few years ago.

As a physical therapist, I hope to maintain a set of core values and principles and attain perfection as a specialist, since it has become a real passion for me.  I want to treat my patients as if they are my family and never turn them down because of their financial difficulties. I want to serve them as a source of strength and motivation. I want to be the one who helps the patients enjoy their time, feel relieved and not scared or grief-stricken about their current state.  I know from my own experience that after being injured, one struggles to resume a normal existence and go through hard times. I appreciate my family’s support since they are my biggest drive in whatever I do or aspire after. They gave me the strength to be the first to graduate from high school and to receive the Seinfeld Scholarship Award and the degree of Bachelor of Science in Health Science with specialization in Psychology.

I consider physical therapy to be a course that will allow me to contribute to the treatment of permanent physical disabilities and help those who need to return to normality. I would like to make a difference in the life of every patient because healing the body is not the only responsibility of a physical therapist. I am certain that one of the essential duties is to reduce the negative emotional impact that the illness or injury has caused. My primary motive for pursuing a career in the field of physical therapy is predetermined by the fact that accidents are inevitable; this idea of mine was developed due to my own firsthand experience. People become victims of unwanted accidents and need to recover and get their lives back to normal. It is a physical therapist who restores body parts functions and improves their mobility with the help of healing hands and knowledge. This assistance is incomparable to any other medical aid. My ambition is to obtain a profession of a physician and a healer; the only way to serve people and get satisfaction from the work for me is to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy.