The United States of America tend to be a magnet which attracts people from the entire globe, and, thus, the country’s demographics and, consequently, its society continuously undergoes the changes that affect the way police officers do their routine work. With regard to the determinations of police officers as mutually proactive and reactive towards different communities, the police personnel, encouraged by the community-based models of policing, is working on becoming more closely associated with direct interactions. The societal changes have led to more professionalism in the police forces. Alongside, at recent times, Americans gained access to information about the police and its duties and now understand them more.

Challenges in the contemporary society have led the police forces to the developing of new ideology, attitudes, guidelines, and configurations of their work enabling an excellent and justifiable performance matching all the philosophies and cultures of our country. Moreover, the modern police are coming up with the capacity of more realistic strategies of enhancing peace in the society that is becoming more diverse and more advanced regarding technology (Booth, 2014). Several technology-based crimes made in recent times forced the security personnel to invest in the use of technology for tracking and investigating crimes.

Police intentional stress has a remarkable impact on the careers of the law enforcement officers. It creates expectations of that the police officer must proceed leading a strenuous and unwelcome workload and having shifts as a negative and sudden obligation (Omi, 2014). Police officers undergo a quiet stressful life due to long working hours with little corresponding wages. In addition, police officers are subjected to political influences making them drastically adjusted to their delivery of work, which strengthens the work-related stress and positively correlates with the increased workload and mandatory overtime limiting the officers’ family time. Lastly, recent changes in culture and increased deployment of technology have led to an unsatisfying performance of the police force. Some changes have been developed to solve the above-mentioned problems, namely: an introduction of several departments of police to particular tasks and placements; a revival of remunerations and working conditions; an introduction of the policing to the community to cope with changes in society; training of skills for handling technological equipment.

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One of the furthermost durable and hallowed improvement proposals of the US police over past century is that the police should get more formal training. The police administrative structure should be reconstructed and branched to meet the needs of different places and people. Police officers should be accountable to their work and should exhibit professionalism (Suleiman, 2013). The department ought to have a more realistic ratio of staff of different national origin that imitates the diversity of nationalities in the community. Constant emphasis must be positioned on an implementation of the law for professionals replicating a variety of disciplines. The police officers should remain psychologically ready to hurdle the necessities of their job.

Major operational procedures have been developed in handling the police retention and societal changes. A remarkable balance has been reached in the plan of integrating and political influence on representatives of the diverse cultures. The present police executives are required to have the mastery in trends of a technology (Williams, 2015). More emphasis is being placed on a comfort alongside independence: the police have to possess good oral and written communication skills in dealing with the architecture of change and constant shifts.

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Future administrative and procedural decisions have to align with the current studies of the effects of retention to the police. A more basic way of recruiting should be put based on competence, training on the technology of expertise ought to be integrated into the system. Officers of the police should form a labor organization for agitating their needs and striving new stressors. There is the need to change courtesy and becoming extra flexible and adaptive to the nation the police live to the people whom they serve (Omi, 2014). Their efforts resolve to be crucial in preventing a complete letdown in policing comparable to the occurrence in some pieces of the private sector. Today’s front-runners and tomorrow’s creative thinker will remain in high need of a groundwork anchored with the principles and values.

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In conclusion, reforms of the police are crucial to citizens of the United States as discussed above. Homeland security policing ought to be reconstructed and redesigned in both its procedural and administrative mechanisms to provide a more efficient service.