1. Please Differentiate Oral and Written Language Styles.

There are several differences between oral and written language styles. First, oral communication is effective since it entails words that are carefully chosen along with movements, non-verbal gestures, visual cues and tone changes that keep the audience captivated. In contrast to this, written language is precise and direct. Thus, the writer should be careful with the choice of words. Oral language engages the audience psychologically since it uses complex forms of non-verbal communication (Coelho & Rivers, 2004). On the other hand, an effective written language is sophisticated and developed. Oral communication is retractable. It means an individual can offer clarification or apologize for a mistake. Written language focuses on the length of a sentence and uses a complex language style.

  1. Please Discuss the Importance of an Impromptu Presentation.

An impromptu presentation is given with little or no preparation. Therefore, it comes with some benefits to the speaker. The latter is in control of the content to present. For this reason, he or she can include topics the one wishes to discuss. The speaker can also use personal examples to support his or her claims (Metcalfe, 2010). An individual can also speak with conviction since he or she has gained proficiency in the topic. The delivery of an impromptu presentation is spontaneous and conversational.

  1. Please Discuss the Importance of Working Well With a Translator.

Translators convert any written materials from one language into another. Besides, they read such information as if it were their own. Therefore, working with a translator is an important thing. First, they write sentences that duplicate or maintain the style and structure of the original source. Translators can read the original language very fluently. Such knowledge ensures that the translated version will convey the sense, style, and format of the original text closely (Metcalfe, 2010).

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  1. Please Discuss the Importance of Using Presentation Aids.

First, presentation aids enhance understanding. It is much easier to give directions, especially if an individual can trace a certain route on a map. Secondly, presentation aids make a speech memorable. The audience will remember a photo of a hungry child more quickly than the statistics they have read on poverty. Thirdly, it adds variety to speeches. The latter creates interest and helps in sustaining or recapturing attention (Sprague & Stuart, 2011). The fourth aspect that makes presentation aids important and effective is that they can enhance credibility. It shows the audience that the speaker had put extra efforts into preparing the speech. Lastly, it establishes the authenticity of speakers’ words. People tend to believe what they see unlike what they hear.

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  1. Please Discuss the Importance of an Appeal to a Variety of Learning Styles.

It is evident that an appeal plays significant roles in different learning styles. There are different ways in which students process and grasp information, for example, hearing and seeing, acting and reflecting, reasoning intuitively and logically, or visualizing and analyzing. Learning styles make teachers know how students are willing to learn (Sprague & Stuart, 2011). Besides, these styles minimize the frustration and stress of learning experiences. They also enable students to succeed in universities, colleges, and high schools. Learning styles also maximize individual’s learning potential.

  1. Please Discuss the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) of Persuasion.

When listening to a television advert or a speech, audiences are moved by what the speaker says. At other times, individuals do not care much about his or her presence. It explains the Elaboration Likelihood Model. The latter has two paths towards persuasion, namely central and peripheral (O’Guinn, Allen, & Semenik, 2009). The central path is mostly used when the receiver has been motivated to think about a message and as such has the capability to reflect on it. If the receiver cares about the issue addressed in the message and can access it with minimal destruction, the person will elaborate on it with much ease. If the message is vague or if the recipient is not motivated or unable to listen to it, then the receiver will be forced to look for a peripheral cue. If the receiver cannot elaborate on the message or perhaps if available arguments appear to be weak, then peripheral route to persuasion is applicable.

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  1. Please Discuss the Importance of Using Logic and Evidence to Persuade.

Logical appeals and evidence are important aspects in persuasion. When persuading individuals, chances of being successful depend on whether the arguments made are logical or sensible. Thus, if reasoning results in the persuasion of the person, this implies that logical appeals have been used effectively (Hamilton, 2012). To support logic, it is important to gather evidence. Evidently, logic and evidence make an argument strong, and thus, they can be used as effective tools in persuasion. However, they must be applied in the right manner.

  1. Please Discuss the Types of Evidence.

There are several types of evidence used in argumentative or persuasive writing. The first one is facts, which are powerful means of convincing. In most cases, they come from observation, reading or even personal experience and cannot be disputed. The second type is statistics, which offers excellent support of an argument. Statistics should come from credible sources and must be cited. The third type of evidence is the use of quotes (Sellnow, 2005). The latter should come from leading authorities or experts to support a stance. Quotes are considered a good way of backing up claims. The last type is the use of examples or anecdotes. It has to come from the speaker’s own experience to enhance a meaning, as well as engage the reader. In most cases, personal examples make ideas concrete.

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  1. Please Discuss the Five-Step Organizational Plan for the Motivated Sequence.

The first step is attention. When delivering a speech, the speaker should first gain attention, which is considered crucial step persuasion. The second step is the need. It answers why the information being send to the audience is important. Illustration, ramification, statement and pointing should be present at this level (Steinberg, 2007). The third step is satisfaction. The audience must understand that the information given to them is correct. The fourth and the fifth steps are visualization and action respectively, which determine the influence of the speech on the audience.