Over the years college education has been seen as an important phase of life that is decent in its value on an individual’s life. More precisely, it has the interpretation of a direct link that connects people regarding financial prosperity under the influence of its ability to provide students with the tools and skills necessary to secure a successful career. As a result, the college education has a structure in a manner that provides various forms of educational training concerning different work settings. Nevertheless, the purpose of the education at this level has substantially changed over time. It has evolved from offering students wisdom and enlightenment to being a mere instrument for attaining financial gain in the professional world. In this regard, the purpose of education has gradually deteriorated since people view it only as an investment that guarantees quantifiable returns in the form of considerable salaries.

According to Conrad and Dunek, college has been of the configuration of a place where individuals gain the exposure to new ideas and experiences (17). To be more precise, it has the definition of a place where people learn skills essential to not only a workplace but the modern society as well. Therefore, the primary purpose of college education is to equip students with knowledge on how to learn, conduct researches, and work efficiently across diverse cultures. Consequently, college training enables a student to inaugurate scholarly foundations via facts of a knowledge discipline in the determination of their career paths. As a result, they are able to reach informed decisions that impact positively on their professional goals. Besides, the college education is also designed to develop intelligence among the students where they learn to make strategic and logical decisions in their daily activities. In this line, there are skillful enough to face the world’s complexities through a cognitive approach to a problem analysis.

Furthermore, in harmony with Clawson and Page, the college education attempts also to accomplish the purpose of educating students to adhere to the desirable social norms such as effective communication and interpersonal skills (32). This is compliant with the fact that students can seize the opportunity to: (1) interact with numerous students and teachers from different ethnic backgrounds; (2) participate in educative debates and discussions; (3) and join collaborating student clubs. Subsequently, the college education prepares them to be innovative noble citizens that can contribute positively to the community (Conrad & Dunek 27). In addition, a college tends to decrease crime rates in the society and foster better health through volunteer programs that enable them to explore their career options further. Besides, the college education empowers students to apply qualitative and quantitative data through concepts learned in class to solve problems in the real world. Consequently, they learn how to develop intellectual foundation of their profession by being self-directed

Additionally, helping students mature is another purpose of college education. This is based on the fact that a college is one of the few places where a student can experiment diverse paces of lifestyle and learn from their mistakes. This, in its turn, inspires them to focus on the differences in the world by being responsible citizens who uphold certain desirable values in life. Furthermore, a college helps students to explore their talents either in sports or in any other recreation activity by identifying mentors who guide them through every step of the journey (Clawson & Page 49). It is also a place for acquiring long-life acquaintances and developing professional networks that will benefit the students in securing a job. Therefore, the college education fosters elimination of poverty among the community as a whole. It occurs because the good college education attracts better-paid jobs with numerous economic benefits.

How the Purpose of College Education has Changed over the Years

Nonetheless, the number of college education facilities has been tremendously increasing over the years thereby attracting more and more students each time. As a result, most institutions have changed their focus from offering cognitive intelligence to the students to being the fastest degree benefactors for financial gains. More precisely, students are now more concern themselves about the type of grade they will achieve rather than the kind of knowledge they should acquire via the college education. Hence, the rate of cheating during examinations among students has enhanced that blurs the authenticity of the institutions’ teachers whose moral standards could just become arguable. People have also appeal to corrupt ways of purchasing and crafting fake degree in the attempt to secure a good rewarded employment without any set of skills or trainings. Correspondingly, this damages the mutual trust between the employers and the employees when the last entrusted with certain responsibilities fail to deliver high-quality work as expected (Smart & Paulsen, 324).

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Moreover, the college education centers have undegone transformation to being profit making organizations where factors affecting college functioning have been directed towards generating more profit. The tuition fee has significantly increased as the number of new college students escalates each year. This situation contradicts the emphasis upheld by most institutions to offer a creative and dynamic learning process since students are unable to exploit the opportunity to efficiently utilize the diverse resources and experiences that prepare them for the outside world (Smart & Paulsen 292). Consequently, the high tuition fee has also deprived students of the freedom to properly choose the career path that best suits them by exploring various classes due to financial pressure. As a result, the value of college education has depreciated as students are mainly obliged to rush through their college years with no essential skills gained and classes to broaden their horizons. Similarly and owing to the enormous number of students, lecturers are unable to focus on individual cases of students since they are too busy to deal with hence substantially deterring the quality of education.

Besides, as per Smart and Paulsen, the college education has diverted the concerns of college students from focusing on self-improvement via personalized studies to wondering how good their transcript looks (26). In this relation, it is quite evident that students are learning just for the sake of learning but not for their professional gain. Likewise, the purpose of the college education has also shifted its emphasis on the interactive learning to the tedious process where students take the same classes and handle the same tasks. Thus, they lack diversified experiences as well as they do not question the fundamentals what they are learning. In the same manner, owing to the latest advancements in technology, college students have become relatively lethargic as they can google for anything that they require online. Nevertheless, they are deficient in the drive and motivation to learn subjects that are optional in the class as they perceive it as a waste of time.

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To sum up, it is quite obvious that the college education positively impacts on an individual’s life. This accompanies its purpose to equip students with the knowledge and exceptional skills that are paramount in both the workplace and society. In this regards, it educates students at practices such as effective communication skills and, at the same time, expose them to new ideas and experiences. However, factors such as rising tuition fee, high education expectation within a limited period, and evaluating grades instead of personal development have gradually changed the purpose of studying. It has alternated from being a solid structure centered upon individual improvement and personal understanding to being an economically oriented practice with the absence of benefits for the students. As a result, it has degraded the value of the college education from a place where students challenge assumptions and realms of thoughts to a place where students are skeptical about studying and more focused on obtaining a job.