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Merits of Research Papers Sale

Undoubtedly, academic writing is traditionally associated with reliable and trustworthy sources of information and it is clear for all the academic articles that their statements are supported by strong arguments. The professors at schools and universities require that all the ideas of the students should be based on the background information discussed in the research papers of the scholars. Similarly, the research writers are also obliged to provide arguments to their articles in the theoretic chapter to their scientific papers. However, it is expected that the practical chapter is written without additional sources and the experiment is carried out on the independent basis. Thus, this approach to writing academic papers is adopted by the global scientific community and is recognized by all the higher educational establishments.

According to the current researches, one of the most perspective fields of International trade law investigation is the intellectual property rights. The interest to this notion can be explained by the development of the Internet resources and other types of multinational communication, which are used in order to spread the products of intellectual property around the world. The World Trade Organization attempts to guarantee the law-abidingness with the help of the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and take all the measurements to escape the violation of the law. Consequently, it is worth paying attention to this subtopic and providing more details of its application in different countries.

Basically, we should know that Intellectual Property Rights are the legal rights granted by U.S. government for the sake of providing the creative output protection in case any violation occurs.

Nowadays, selling research papers has become a certain form of business for those who wish to earn money on students’ laziness. There is a vast number of agencies and websites which offer qualitative and cheap research papers for sale. The procedure of ordering a paper is simple – a client contacts a representative of the firm, orders a paper on a certain topic, encloses details if required, pays money and gets a complete paper in a few days or even hours. There is a number of advantages of purchasing a research papers for students who do not wish to study, work and gain skills individually.

A research paper is a student’s individual work which is written, as a rule, on a certain subject or the student’s chosen specialty. It is needed so that a teacher or an instructor has a possibility of finding out if a student has mastered skills of individual research activities (Hamilton, 2012). In this case an advantage of buying a research paper for students is that they do not need to demonstrate those skills, find a scientific style of presentation and study additional literature as well. A professional author, whose scientific style of presentation is neat, verified and adjusted, can do it instead. His scientific activities skills are automatic and he does not need to think about stylistic forms for hours (Plaut, 2012). Thus, many students are tempted to pay money for research papers and save their own time and effort.

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Study and analysis of literature and documents on the topic of the researched problem takes a leading role in the process of research paper preparation. This activity requires the most time. Nevertheless, this stage is vital and is to review the facts, which characterize the history and modern state of the subject, assists in realizing the problem, revealing aspects which are not studied. The main advantage of entrusting a research paper to professionals is that a student does not have to work on a pile of books, monographs, articles, etc. From all the sources the student is provided with the main thesis, the most important citations and thoughts of authoritative researchers only. One just spends about 30 minutes of studying a complete research paper and as if studies a number of sources listed in references.

Authors in organizations which provide services of research papers writing are professionals and, as a rule, are always in the loop of the latest events, changes and discoveries in their specializations. They are able to discuss a paper topic via the newest researches. Papers written by experienced authors are usually polemic, attract attention and raise questions. Undoubtedly, a teacher will select it from a number of other students’ papers.

Demerits of Research Papers Sale

Getting a research paper for a certain amount of money may seem a sly and clever way of studying via writing as there is a result of work and time is saved. Nevertheless, those who are seduced by such an activity should also take into account disadvantages of buying research papers.

One of the research paper ordering minuses is that writing style is usually impersonal (Hamilton, 2012). Individual writing, by contrast, gives students an opportunity to open their individuality, pay attention to problems which they study, which are interesting; show different, new aspects of those problems, and provide an original point of view to the raised issues.

Some students, who do not visit lections and seminars, order research papers and do not pay attention to the fact that a teacher usually knows his students, their skills and abilities. As a result, the teacher is surprised with a brilliant, even professional paper of a student who was not active at all. Of course, he may regard it as the student being an unrecognized genius, but there is only a slight possibility of this decision. Most schools, colleges and universities have a scheme of penalty for such cases, which may even foresee student expulsion (Plaut, 2012).

Moreover, research paper purchasing does not provide a student with an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills which is the goal of research papers assignments. He hands in the paper, but does not replenish his own experience, which, in turn, may complicate his work as a specialist in future.

Methods of Fighting Research Papers Sale

Apparently, research papers sale is nugatory activity on different levels. First of all, it prevents educational establishments from teaching students properly as they do not acquire knowledge and skills by buying research papers and it is difficult to control all the students’ papers. Secondly, it may be disastrous for the future of an entire country in general, because students, who do not learn as they have a chance to pay money instead of spending time and effort on writing research papers, will obviously become poor specialists and will not be able to conduct their professional activity successfully.

There are certain methods of fighting research papers’ sale. Some of those methods work properly and some of them need improvements in order to prevent this form of business from further development and even present existence.

Organizations and individuals that trade “knowledge” should be prosecuted, but this initiative has to be supported by every educational establishment (Harris, 2012). Moreover, research papers should be completed by the author’s oral presentation so that a student can verbally prove that he is aware of the topic, issues and has studied authoritative sources mentioned in the paper.

A lot of universities now have special computerized systems which allow finding plagiarism and faking quickly. All the research papers are given in computer formats and stored in a common database where a special program checks papers for similarity to other papers. Due to this, practice of research papers trade is not as widespread as it used to be a decade ago when one of three students handed in a bought research paper. However, some professors admit that this system is not adapted to certain branches of science, for instance law, where papers need to contain a lot of citations from legislative texts. On the other hand, it is pure plagiarism when ideas, arguments or thoughts are copied. That is why the detector-program should be customised for each sphere of knowledge.

All the mentioned methods of fighting research papers sale work and show results. However, this activity is still present and needs to be neutralized. Apparently, firms which sell research papers for money will make their living while there is a demand for their services. That is why students who get attracted by the idea of buying a brilliant research paper should be aware of this practice’s cons and be ready to be punished.


To conclude, it should be stated that research papers sale is beneficial both for organizations which provide this service and students who do not wish to gain their knowledge and skills individually and effectively. However, this may result badly in educational establishments’ reputation weakening and future science development in general. It is necessary to take into account the fact that development of a tendency of selling research papers is based on availability of access to Internet. With the rapid technological advancement, newer inventions are continuously appearing. There is a popular idea that any invention is neither good nor bad, everything depends on the way it is used. Similarly, development and wide use of the social web is a medal with two sides. On the one hand, social networks seem to be innocent and immensely helpful in staying in contact with either close friends or people from the remotest corners of the world, finding new friends who share common interests, even finding soul-mates and beloved; promoting education; widening one’s outlook due to discussions; commercial operations, such as buying and selling; better communicational opportunities for shy people or people with disabilities. On the other hand, the social web is becoming extremely harmful, because, diving headlong into the global net, people’s relations with the outside world, priorities, success in education, job, and health change drastically.

Granted, we cannot underestimate the enormous benefits brought by social web. People with versatile disabilities or merely the shy ones have obtained a sheer life buoy which sometimes might be the sole channel of communication with the outer world. Indeed, it is scientifically proven that people, who get support from society, maintaining friendly relationships with people, live healthier and longer lives. Due to this, practice of research papers trade should be fought and neutralized. There are different methods used by schools, colleges and universities in order to prevent their students from purchasing research papers. Some of those methods work properly, but some of them need to be improved.