Revision is the revisiting of previously taught data for examination purposes. In any academic institution, examinations are the integral measure of intellectual comprehension.

Read And Re-Read Your Notes

Researchers assert that frequent rehearsal of information moves it from the short-term memory store into the long-term memory store, thus improving the likelihood of permanent storage and successful future retrieval (Kellogg, 2003). “An event might be available if it is encoded and stored successfully in long-time memory” (118)

Use Of Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonics is the decoding of words using initials to help in easy remembrance. For example, using the code ROYGBIV as a mechanism to recall the seven rainbow colors (Sternberg and Mio, 2006, 224)

Visualize The Readings

Baddeley (2003) asserts that an individual can easily recall information he/she had the opportunity to see. This he argued was due to the iconic memory.(15)

Time Management

According to Alexander and Winne (2006) intellectual levels between learners should be considered for better revision. For instance different individuals have different cognitive ability and therefore to attain excellence in revision, additional help is essential in enhancing their revision abilities. (p.144)

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Time management is the underlying revision tip to aid in learning. This is the scheduling of every subject or unit of study to a specified moment. Good time administration guarantees ample allocation of study time for every subject. For instance mathematics or the rather complex subjects of study should be allocated morning hours, therefore helping in the easy digestion of important annotations. In view of this, the mind is unsullied and can easily grasp key details. (Palmer and Puri, 2006) “Set up a routine so you revise at the same time each day- consistently actually helps the memory processes” (p.152)

Take Breaks In Between Study

However, breaks are essential in the revision process to help relax the mind from excessive consumption of knowledge since too much of something is poisonous (p.143) “Take breaks-remember your attention span only lasts between 40-60 minutes. Take regular breaks to keep yourself alert” (p.152)

Co-Operative Learning

This involves the use of focus group discussions that students or learners team up to engage in academic deliberations. It helps students who are weak academically to be boosted by the elite ones.( Ashman and Conway, 1997, 143) This revision tip rejuvenates group involvement and in the long run enhance academic performance.

Direct Explanation

The direct explanation revision tip involves the tutor one on one interaction with the learners. Through this strategy, the learner is free to ask any questions and also get explanations immediately. (Ashman, and Conway, 1997, 136)

Use Of Eveluation Tests

The use of evaluation tips enables the learners easily relate with the subject of discussion, therefore the information is stored on the long time memory. By so doing, the learner will easily remember the information to its persistence. For example, having continuous assessments test enable the student has prior knowledge of the composition of the paper or examinations. (Eysenck, 2004, 179)

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Use Of Simple Language To Read

Fast comprehension of content is vital in revision; therefore as the learners learn, they should ensure they use simple vocabulary for easier remembrance. For instance, science subject tend to have tough jargon and comprehending such would be hard for revision, therefore a reader must use simple language to interpret. (Eysenck, 2001) “Language can also affect perceptual processes” (p.305)

Remain Enthusiatic

Attitude is beneficial for any academic achievement. By this I imply that every learner should be ready to embrace the subject. For example, having a negative attitude towards a subject may cost an individual’s failure. This is because; minimum time is set for the revision. A learner should remain interested and enjoy revising on a particular subject, Psychologists (Race, 2003, 4) that attitude plays an integral role in ensuring materials are stored in the long time memory and can be used later, since storing in short time memory culminate to forgetfulness’.

In conclusion, for successful academic performance, the above discussed revision tips should be applied. However, application of the same does not guarantee academic excellence owing to the different cognitive levels inhibited by individuals.

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