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In the course of a lifetime, a person makes a lot of decisions, and there are usually many ways of doing something. One of the most important questions is whether people should help others or not. The main objective of this essay is to explain why people should help each other. It also gives three significant reasons of why people should put a lot of efforts in order to find a way to help other people. The counter-argument that states the opposite point of view is also highlighted in this paper.

Should We Help Others?

Many people consider it important to help others. By offering help others one positively influences his/her own life. It is not possible to know whether it is true for everyone, but many people are familiar with pleasure experienced while helping someone and seeing the difference of someone’s life. Helping others cannot be called one’s destination, but there is a plenty of reasons why people should not be indifferent to each other and help when it is possible. First of all, people should help others because it is the right thing to do. In other words, it is the right way of human development. Besides, offering help usually makes one feel better.

Second of all, people have a unique set of skills and abilities. Thus, keeping this in mind, they can either make extraordinary things around or not. One has a personal right to decide whether to change his/her life or life of someone else or not. Many people set high goals in an attempt to be remembered as successful people with ambitious ideas and good results. One wants to change the world, while others try to save it. However, there are a lot of people who just want to be remembered as good people who are always ready to help and listen to others when they need it. It does not matter how global are people’s intentions. It is more important to have the desire to help others because it is the right thing to do in terms of ethical and moral principles. Additionally, nobody knows when people around will need help. Probably, one day, someone’s help will be needed in order to call to the fire department and save another person’s home or even life. Therefore, people as the most developed creatures on this planet should understand that helping others is always the right choice.

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People should help others because it is the right way of human development. For many years, people’s lives were engaged in wars and military conflicts. There was no single period of time in the world history that was not marked with wars. It indicates that people are not willing to help each other. Instead, they selfishly want to enslave other people in order to make those people serve them. However, it is the wrong way of human development. As a result, there were just few attempts to explore the space. If people from the beginning of the world were trying to help each other, they would probably reach the technology progress much earlier and that would allow them to trip from one planet to another. Unwillingness to help others only slows down the process of human development. Living in a developed society, people should find a place without wars or problems. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to help each other in any situation. The ideal world where people help each other will differ a lot from the modern world. Namely, famine or military conflicts would never take place in that world. People would not be divided into poor or rich. All people would be able to cooperate peacefully with each other. It will also be possible to come up with solutions more effectively, and this would bring harmony and development to the society.

People should help others because it is a pleasant thing that makes people feel better. Offering help, understanding other people’s problems and deciding the possible solutions is one of the most pleasant things a person can do. Most people know the answers to the questions they are faced with; they just do not realize it. Giving people an opportunity to talk about their problems can help them find a way to understand and solve them. Sometimes they may need support and assistance to start moving in a new direction. In this way, people who are ready to help can change many lives for the best. While changing the life of another person, people can experience an incredible feeling. Moreover, this is usually not so difficult to do as it may seem. People can easily help others by deciding to be a teacher for the young, ambitious people. They can help them avoid the mistakes that were made in the past and learn from these mistakes. Therefore, people should help others because they can experience a great sense of satisfaction and happiness. Some even say that they feel a burst of energy when they help others.

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However, a lot of people state that helping others all the time is not for them. They believe that other people’s problems only bring them problems as well. Probably, they just try to justify themselves by this idea. Such people, who are indifferent to other people’s lives, are convinced that if they tried to protect someone from the attacker, they would probably be attached by him either. Moreover, they state that this rule works for every situation. People, who are not ready to help others, consider that if someone wants to have extra troubles, he just needs to help others. They are probably right in a certain way. However, it does not mean that people will be hurt whenever they try to help others. Moreover, no matter what people do, all their actions will return back. In this sense, helping others may be considered selfish. Nevertheless, offering help is the right thing that people must do without fear, with love and with the knowledge that one day they will be rewarded for it.

People can become a part of a mechanism that promotes cooperation when they will try to help each other. In any case, helping others brings prosperity and happiness in people’s life. Thus, despite the reason why people decided to offer help, they will be always rewarded for their kind treatment towards others.