Social media can either affect relationships in a positive or negative way. This is is because different policies in social media and standards can either be for humanity progression or social destructive purposes. Technology advancement has led to the development of social media usage as well as information media to the use on the internet, searching and a way of life. In the recent times, people use social media in all walks of life. This includes while walking, driving and cooking among other main methods. This is how social media greatly affects and have several effects that are significant on the lives of people across the globe. In today’s society, social media has made great impacts on people’s lives.

Social media technology has gradually become reliable and available in today’s society. Technological experts have compared cell phones to information hubs with easy access and search of information. This is because social media technology gives diverse information as well as diversity in information choices. Technology has also gradually made way for social media to find its sociological niche with growth in the social media industry. Steven Martial, a major author in technology articles and the co-founder of Facebook confirms this. He identifies that the smartphone technology has become easily accessible and reliable in the society. This has given the society an opportunity for social orientation to allow development an innovation in new and effective technologies. Adoption of social media technology in the society has also helped the society to invest new and effective information systems. At first, the society rejected entry of new technology into the market. However, the same society has continued to accept social media with demand of new apps and internet models to enable better interaction in social media and search engines. In this way, smartphones have shifted ideas with newer social interaction models as well as organization of social methodologies that have been applicable for organizations, as well as societies with better time management services. This may have both negative as well positive influence in the society with effective time management enabling societies in socioeconomic development (Stephen 2012).

The New York Times article on social development states that social media plays a key role in the society. It has significantly changed social concepts with social and cultural effects. The rapid growth in social media recognition has helped in establishing and identifying the crucial role in the delivery of social ideas with the recognition of social ideas that social media has developed. Through technological evolution, the internet industry has not only attracted other social development and improvement programs but has also enabled communication convergence. This only suggests that social media has many positive results in a society with effective social interaction. Social media addresses all different social issues in the society. These include perspective issues, transcendental issues, crisis issues, speculations and ideology issues among many others. However, this exposure has caused negative attributes such as encouraging different vices. These are social vices such cyber theft, hacking, terrorism and pornography with development in global internet coverage (Turkle’s 2012).

Safety and Security/ Hybrid spaces Interfaces

A socialite in Wall Street US suggests “social media is a wake up call in the society.” This proves how social media adoption has become popular in the society. With this popularity, social media threatens the social structure. This suggests that people who constantly use the social media are in danger of unethical and unscrupulous users. Social media dimensions have evolved to create relevant and safe space without necessarily focusing on information security. The people’s sense of security is underscored in the sense that people can use social media in times of emergency and for security purposes. A survey carried out on social media security and socialization states that social integration and sharing information is one of the main reasons why different people in the society have joined social media sites. More so, this happens in situations where acute or chronic need for contact is expected. In this regard, abstraction of the social media gives many people a sense of security (Loudon 2012). According to analysts, “the transformational space from social media has become a social field in a secure and safe landing” with phasing out of laptops. The access of social media is becoming simpler with the use of smartphones and other smart devices which fit in people’s pockets and thus phasing out laptops. This is because people have started discovering that social media handles almost everything in the office and at home.” However, the big question arises on whether social media technology is safe and secure. Hybrid spaces are derived from digital and physical social environments as understood by social media users. So, social media technology has not only contributed to digital space contact but also to physical space contact. In simple terms, it means that social media can blur physical and digital spaces thus allowing easier carrying as well as access of technology and devices to allow connectivity. It brings up the question of how safe it is to allow children into the digital space. It is vital to note that the digital space is made up of negative, as well as positive attributes. However, security concerns such as hackers and use of the social technology by terrorist have become a major concern in the recent times which threaten the use of technology and social media in general (Loudon 2012).

Technological dynamism in the society enables transformation into the physical as well as the digital environment. This has led to innovation with smartphones that allow internet connectivity and can provide people’s pockets. Smartphones have different apps that fit people’s pockets and allow internet connectivity at all levels. This has significantly affected the society with change from a diversified society to an integrated society. It has also encouraged new technological developments and innovations. Safety and security are also important themes in the buying of cell phones. It is the responsibility of mobile operators across the globe to ensure the safety and security of customers from the time of buying or selling of the cell phones up to usage on the internet. However, security concerns continue to be a global challenge on internet usage. Consequently, lack of proper regulation in social media has encouraged other social vices such as pornography. Research shows that some teenagers have ended up committing suicide as a result of information or advice they have received from the social media. It gives evidence that, despite these positive social media effects such as social integration, it can also impact negative behavior in the society (Evgeny 420-432).

Ethical Social Media Principals

Social media ethics is related to moral education and moral philosophy. It helps in measuring the theoretical framework in moral value and truth of propositions in the philosophy of social media. However, moral and truth outcomes can only be positively achieved in a particular subfield in social media usage. This is because social media is a wide range and thus lacks uniforms moral understanding. Ethical, social media issues are very important in relation to potential risks to human relations. This is because moral issues help in addressing challenges environment sustainability and contribution to human well being. Therefore, ethical and social issues are a very important link between ethical issues and the society as well as social welfare. Social media usage different impacts in its application, in the world today. These include electronics, medication, fuel cells, food, solar cells, better air quality, cleaner air, chemical sensors, sporting goods, socialization, new relationships and fabric. This is because social media is accessible across all social institutions without racial, age, tribal, gender or any other form of discrimination. This clearly means that the social media technology has taken over all aspects of life with both negative as well a positive aspects in human lives (Zeynep 2012).

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Ethical, social media reflections and principals contain important information and recognize and identify critical formulations. Social media problem examination helps to reformulate practical theories on the practical ethical problems to come up with solutions. The big question is how these principals determine the wrongs and rights. Well, prima facie obligations and other field theories are used to assess the wrongs and rights found in social media. It is important to note that ethical assessment relies greatly on risk balancing in social media. This ensures that the relations and associations do not get out of hand.

Primary and Secondary Research

The research applies different methodologies to determine the effects of social media in the society today. This is with the primary focus on relationships and social media. The research applies both primary and secondary research with different research questions which determine social media understanding with relation to the social setting. The research is based on some questions in interviews as well as a collection of data from secondary sources. The research questions include the number of times that technology has affected communication between the researcher and friends. The other question involves the frequency of use of technology especially with friends. The researcher also asks the population whether technology has affected their relationships with their friends. In the research, the interviews and questionnaires also seek to find out whether the use of technology and social media has had any dangerous effects to any relationship with the reasons why this is the case. The research also seeks to determine why lack of technology affects the respondents in the research.

Research Findings

The primary data is collected from various interviews. Social media helps most people to keep in touch with heir families and friends. The research findings also show that most of the respondents face different challenges in their relationships with the lack of social media as a means of communication. Additionally, half of the respondents confirmed that lack of technology would drastically affect their relationships and their lives in general. This shows that most of the respondents heavily rely on social media for information purposes. They also depend on social media to maintain older relationships and social reunions as well as determining major events in people’s lives. Respondents point out that the use of social media is a part of their lives that they would not wish away.

From the findings in the research, it is evident that the social media is seen as legitimate and acceptable technology. In this way, social features are involved in the adaptation of social attributes. They are also applied in attitude development and different beliefs and expectations required in social perceptions. In order to focus on social values and professional socialization, the user can be encouraged by the many attributes of social technology. Many socialists have agreed that social media is a technology that integrates the efforts that a particular person or the whole community makes to ensure conformity to standards. These efforts include the different ways in which the society responds to deviant behavior. Social control has various forms and features. The forms include; external, internal, informal, semiformal and formal. Social control in the internal sense involves a process whereby social standards are widely accepted and internalized as valid and legal (Zitrain 24-46).

The agents that are involved in different forms of social technology are the family, schools, friends and mass media. Social development colludes between different features that are related to personal, as well as collective experiences that influence individual choices. The collective phases assist in developing, perpetuating as well as preserving, compelling and comparing different features. This encourages the members in a particular community to use their energy, and also abide by the particular traditions which fully support the community. The interaction of people in social media sites enables exchange of views and ideas. This implies that all human actions are a form of exchange in daily lives. Exchange demands motivation and sacrifice with an attachment to particular objects. In this case, the object can be in the form of material or labor things. However, social exchange is a creative process that involves the exchange of objects related to nature. Different opportunities for information in the social sense involve the exchange of price, value, primitive trade and also extends to social dynamics trade.

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The interview findings also prove that Social information is defined as a dynamic sequence, which changes specific individuals or even groups to abide by social actions that react differently or modify specific actions from those of their partners. Every social interaction must have good feedback and communication strategies. Social media theory in theoretical perspectives is based on the rational myths, isomorphism and legitimacy. Social structures which include rules, routines, themes and norms, are available due to information networks in the society.. They form a structure for guiding social behavior. In this case, social media technology represents a wider scope of social interaction that in turn affects social structure. This involves both negative and positive effects of the social media technology.

Social media can positively or negatively affect human relationships. This is because social media policies and standards that can be used for a destructive end or humanity progression. Adaptation of the social media technology has helped the society to gain foothold in the new information systems. However, the degree to which the new devices are entering the market is high. In early stages, the society accepted these programs but later accepted them with the adoption of these systems in the society. According to the research, it is clear that social media development is accepted and legitimate with technological advancement. The digital world is composed of negative as well as positive attributes. However, security matters such as hacking and social media use by terrorists are major concerns especially with the need to create social development. To make the matter worse, children are also exposed to negative social media impacts with pornography and violent material on the internet. From the research, one can make inferences that the society appreciates social media. However, legislators should formulate policies to enable regulation of social media to avoid its negative impacts.

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