Even though a sport is an activity that can be performed for various purposes, the story of Terry Fox specifically demonstrates that the game itself was used to raise the level of awareness about cancer. He eventually achieved his goal and inspired many people in his country and around the globe.

The story of Terry Fox in the documentary Into the Wind was one of the inspirational. He was a Canadian sportsperson mainly practicing running and renowned humanitarian in the cancer study areas. As an athlete, he opted to use the sport in 1980, having gone through the amputation of one of his leg because of cancer. He started a marathon around the country to raise capital and blowout alertness for cancer exploration. Harrison in his book stated that Terry Fox showed lots of courage in using the marathon in his quest for the knowledge despite his condition of the disease (496-514). Indeed, the extent of the disease finally pushed him to terminate the mission after the period of one hundred and forty-three days having covered five thousand three hundred and seventy-three kilometers. It eventually resulted in him losing his life, but his courageous efforts lead to a global legacy. His efforts changed the world and resulted in the introduction of the event in his name, which for the first time took place in 1981. The event has significantly grown and has a lot of members in almost sixty countries. Emerging as the globe biggest single day campaign for the cancer study, it has raised 650 million Canadian dollars (Harrison 496-514).

Scrivener explained that Terry Fox was a long distance sprinter and also basketball player for different schools and universities (75-101). He went to the amputation of his right leg in 1977 having a diagnosis of osteosarcoma. However, due to his adventurous nature, he was persistent to the racing activity using his synthetic leg. His condition did not limit his participation in sports. Terry Fox continued playing basketball in a wheelchair in the places like Vancouver and become the winner of three championships at the national level. He was such a committed fellow that he decided to continue using games to inspire other people with the same conditions and those suffering from other diseases that it was not the end of life for them but a new beginning. This attitude led him to start a marathon of Hope; the cross-country runs to raise capital for the cancer research expecting to raise 1 dollar from every citizen of Canada’s twenty-four million population. Started from St. John’s Newfoundland and at the period when he reached Ontario, he had become a national hero making some appearances with athletes and businessmen in the quest to get money (Scrivener 75-101). Terry Fox continued to use his talent as an athlete and also involved other runners in his mission showing how he capitalized sports to help increase awareness about cancer.

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His mission was to raise the one dollar from each Canadian starting from St. John’s Newfoundland and going past Thunder Bay with an estimation of getting over 24 million Canadian dollars on the run alone. In their research, Trottier and Howell stated that Fox began with little fanfare at St. John’s in April and executed the equivalent of a full marathon daily, but he had to cut short his marathon next to the town of Thunder Bay after cancer finally had infected the lungs (Trotter and Howell 434-503). The hopes of conquering the illness and finishing the run were broken after Terry Fox passed on. His quest was so inspirational as he was the freshest individual titled a Companion of the Order of the country Canada, winning an award of Lou Marsh of 1980 as the nation’s top sports person(Trottier and Howell 434-503). He was viewed a political star, and many roads, parks, and buildings were named after him all over the country.

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