The American system of education has been in the lead since the end of the world wars. The government has been committed to ensuring that education is of a high quality as it is crucial to the success of the economy. In fact, American education has held the first position worldwide as far as good education is concerned. Thus, students from different parts of the world have been traveling from far to study in the United States schools. Several countries have borrowed the American curriculum because they believe it is the best internationally. However, there have been some failures in the current system of education that makes some people believe that the system is failing. The cost of education has become too high for the poor families to afford education. The involvement of the parents in the process has also reduced. Moreover, the system favors chatter schools at the expense of public schools. However, the education system is fine, though some changes can improve it.

Firstly, according to Goldstein (2014), the American education remains the best at the international level. Recent surveys show that students from other countries from Africa, Asia and Europe indicated their great trust in the U.S. schools. They desire to join colleges and universities in America because they believe the best education is offered here (Goldstein, 2014). Hanushek (2013) points out that most of the U.S. students do not go outside the county to enter universities. They are contented with the education they get in America. The certificates they get are accepted everywhere, and ensure them of getting any job. In this case, the system still stands high as far as education standards are concerned. Secondly, the American education caters for all children. The recent campaign of “No Child to Be Left behind” has encouraged every parent to take their children to school. The government has been working tirelessly to ensure that all young people acquire the basic education (Hanushek, 2013). 

Herbst (2006) points out that there are failures in the education system and they require improvement. Firstly, education is very costly for every parent to take his/her child to school. After completing the primary education, some parents find it very hard to give their children further education. The government provides loans to students who cannot afford to clear the fees. Unfortunately, these loans have high-interest rates that stress the students after school. America has the highest level of school fees internationally (Herbst, 2006). The fee does not include transport, books, curriculum activities and school tours. In this case, parents are expected to pay a huge amount of money if their children have to remain in class. Those who manage to get the loan are only lucky for some time as it becomes a burden to the parents and the learner after graduation. The person might lack employment because the loans’ board will not clear his/her loan. Secondly, the U.S. curriculum does not involve the parent. In support of the same, Kemp (2013) points out that learners spend a lot of time in class. There are endless tuitions and education plans. The students go home with a lot of assignments and term papers to complete. There is no time for parents to interact with their children. Therefore, the former do not give the latter the social education that they require (Kemp, 2013). According to the “Waiting for Superman and the Inconvenient True behind Waiting for Superman” documentaries, the government favors chatter schools at the expense of public ones. This disfavors most the children and the parents who cannot afford to learn in the chatter schools where there are enough teachers and infrastructure. The education system should embrace equality so that all children will have the same equipment, teachers and learning facilities (Herbst, 2006).

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Parkerson and Parkerson (2001) claim, that America is one of the countries that embraced technology in the classroom. First, the teachers use current technology devices as a teaching aid. In fact, the government has introduced the digital curriculum that the parent can download and help the child with assignments and homework. The teachers use projectors and PowerPoint slides among other digital means to introduce and explain concepts in class. Second, American students are allowed to use their laptops and other electronic devices in class. They can send the teachers emails to ask for clarification. The system favors the today’s learner who is digital. The young generation feels complete if technology is involved in their life. Fortunately, the government has even introduced open distance electronic learning to facilitate students who want to take their classes online. They meet with the tutors through Skype and the email. The send their assignments and ask questions online. The program was first introduced in America and has started to spread to other parts of the world (Parkerson & Parkerson, 2001).

However, there are some failures in the American classroom that make the education system poor. Firstly, the continuous use of technology devices in class has killed the teacher-learner relationship. The teachers have no time to concentrate on individual students. They use the electronic devices and assume that all the learners are understudying the concept. The slow-leaners find it hard to follow the system. Secondly, most of the students find classes to be a form of entertainment. If they do not grasp the concept, they start socializing on the social networking sites. The students are likely to become Internet addicts at a very young age (Ravitch, 2000).

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Emerson argues that even after gaining education from the class, an individual should use his/her inner source of information to make decisions in life. In his argument, the soul is an important natural gift that helps people to determine what is right and wrong. In this case, it is not right for the education system to teach an individual everything as if he/she does not have inborn intelligence. Emerson believes that the soul is eternal, and can help a person make the right decisions in life. Consequently, the education system should only teach people how to interpret those things that the soul cannot comprehend without assistance. Moreover, Emerson claims that the spiritual aspect is important in learning. The spiritual teaching he received from his parents helped shape his destiny. Even if he acquired his education from the great philosophers, his philosophy was mainly determined by his religion. Thus, Emerson believes that parents should be given a chance to interact with their children to teach them morals. The education system should not take the entire time the student has. There should be no tuitions and holiday classes so that learners can have enough time to spend with their guardians (Muller, 2009).

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In conclusion, the education system in America has been in the lead since time immemorial. People travel from different countries to come to the U.S. to get education. They believe that certificates from American colleges are valid in all over the universe. However, there are some challenges that the system faces. Education in America is very costly, and the loans the government provides are unrealistic to the poor families. The system also does not give the parents time to be with their children. The situation can be improved using Emerson’s solution to give the parents enough time to be with their children to teach them morals and religious beliefs. The education system in the U.S. has not failed. If the few issues are improved, it will remain the most fantastic education system in the universe.