The Breakfast Club is a comedy-drama movie shot in 1985. The film is directed by John Hues. The storyline relates to a group of high school teenagers from different schools having detention in the same school during the weekend.

I would like to relate my character with that of John Bender from The Breakfast Club. Most people view John Bender as a jerky person, which is in his nature. This can be seen in the actions and dialogues he engages in as the plot of the movie evolves. However, the character he portrays is influenced by his personal life experience. For instance, in the movie, his parents act as if they were not related to him. They abuse or yell insulting words at him whenever he is at home; and, at times, they whip him for doing little or even nothing wrong. Thus, at the school, he never goes unnoticed, and he is more comfortable and relaxed with his peers than with his parents at home. This is in contrast with my life at high school. Unlike John Bender, I was a very straightforward person, not acting like a jerk in high school. I never used to do any big stunts in the school settings, and I rather preferred to stay unnoticed than to be popular. Although my family was not perfect at all, my parents never neglected me. They neither insulted nor abused me during, and I was more comfortable at home than at school. I love my family much more if compared to my high school peers.

John’s parents are junkies and alcoholics. His father is a huge, tall and sturdy man with a deep voice. He is friendly to other people but tough to his own family. His mother is a staunch Christian and loves her husband. However, she and John receive constant abuse from the man, which makes their life difficult. There is fear and tension at home, which John portrays when in school. Similarly, during my time at high school, my father was an alcoholic but not a junkie. My mom is also a staunch Christian experienced minor problems with my dad, which, however, did neither interfere with our peace at home nor did change my character at school. As John’s mother, my mother could not leave my father due to her religious beliefs. At home, there was much peace and a few disagreements.

John has varying theories in regards to him always having a picture of someone else’s girlfriend in his wallet. The question arises, why to take other men’s girlfriends’ pictures and not to get a real girlfriend. However, one can argue that he admires the girl but is too weak to approach her. In contrast, I never used to show interest in girls nor keep another girl’s photo during my days in high school. This is because I had decided not to get involved in a relationship while in high school until college. I did not want to mix up my studies with relationships, especially at high school.

As the drama unfolds, John almost becomes a criminal, something which personally I doubt he wants to become.  I do not think that he has any intention of being a convicted felon or going to prison, but he can be seen committing some small petty crimes not serious enough to land him in jail. He is, however, not a saint either. In contrast to my life in high school, I was a simple humble student with no criminal tag or record. My name did not appear in any criminal records committed in school whether small or big. However, I admit taking some other pupils’ pens, rubbers, mark pens and at times books to read. All this went unnoticed to some point.

On the matter of love and girlfriends, Claire is not the first girl to date John. However, he seems to have developed strong feelings for her because she is different from the other girls he used to know. The drama unfolds further when he sticks his head in between Claire’s thighs. Though it means nothing to him, he is simply trying to examine her reactions. Later on, what these two share seems different. They kiss and fall in love, but sadly, John sees himself unfit for Claire, thus leaving Claire the choice to make. In contrast, I had a secret love for some of the high school girls, but I never opened up my feelings to any of them. At the high school, I strongly felt that I was not mature enough to handle relationships well. Education was crucial to my future life, so I dedicated every minute to hard work in order to shape my future and become a better person. Through my constant observation of my fellow colleagues, I had also realized that most high school relationships ended immediately after school. Thus, there was no need to engage in one.

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On matters of family values, John takes them close to his heart. However, it is sad and seems extremely unfortunate that his family is not the one to dream of. He thus decides to replace his family with friends. In some instances, Claire mentions his friends in a bad way, but he becomes very protective since he trusts them more than his family. He easily falls and holds onto any knit group of friends he comes across, and he becomes loyal and faithful to these peers. This is best displayed by the hallway scene where an opportunity to betray his friends arose, but he did do that. In contrast, I held my family values high, and I tried to spend more time with them than with friends. However, just like John, whenever my family was not around, I used to lean on friends for support and comfort. These peers usually came from peer groups with whom I had common interests. These peer groups were very important since they were able to share my ideas and both emotional support.

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John is not the best student in high school, and he seems to have lost interest in studying. However, it seems the best alternative for staying at home. Here, he enjoys making friends and not studying, and he might be lucky to finish school and graduate. Finishing and graduating might be possible since he is only a step closer to the graduation, but the problem is in the quality of the grade he will score. In contrast to his lack of dedication to education, I was the best student in high school. I used to put every possible effort to make sure that I not only finish and graduate but also achieve success. I viewed high school as the only opportunity available to shape my future life.


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