If you are looking for one of the best movies in the world, then you are on the right way. To say that this film will amaze the viewer is like to have and not to try the Italian ice cream. A beautiful drama about true love, disaster movie Titanic will always attract the attention of viewers. It has become a classic in the world of cinema since its launch on the screen. The wreckage of this huge ship shocked the entire world. It seemed that nothing can threaten this machine, but the collision with an iceberg was enough for more than a thousand of people to remain forever in the cold water of the North Atlantic. It was a disaster of the century, a tragedy that changed the lives of many people. However, the story of one love that was born on the ship gives viewers a clear sense of its scale.

Titanic it is a great work and, perhaps, the best movie about the love of all time. An old lady tells the group of researchers, who found the ship, about her failed love. She lived a long life, holding the memory of a talented young man, who gave her love and life, deeply in her heart. The movie presents a strong, passionate and emotional story, which hits a viewer as many times as he watches it. James Cameron has created a truly ingenious product.

No one will ever answer what love is, how it occurs and where disappears. Love of Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) and Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), according to the canons of then society could not exist as they were quite different by the origin and upbringing. Their romance scandalized almost everyone on the giant ship. However, Jack has opened Rose a new, unknown world. There were no boredom, hypocrisy and cold calculation of high society where a marriage was a bargain. Rose wanted to live differently and feel loved one with all her heart, not mind.

It is quite pleasant to watch the film from the beginning to the end. Positive emotions are mixed up with the experiences of the main characters. Besides, I was captured by the history of this great ship. I am sure that every viewer wanted to understand why things happened that way and not otherwise and how so many tragic accidents have occurred at one moment. A huge part of the film depicts a disaster itself that turned into a general panic. There are no words to express how perfectly the author combined special realistic effects with the emotions of people who are trying to survive. They make viewers forget about everything and feel like they are also on the board of Titanic.

The atmosphere of the film can be described from two perspectives: a lyrical comedy and melodrama where people are just living for fun, gossiping, eating, and having fun. They do not even imagine what awaits them in a few hours.

The whole film is the most powerful anthem of life and fortitude, courage and love in the modern cinematography. It is complemented by the beauty of music, as well. Seeing that the ship is sinking, the musicians began to play. Everyone was shaken by that moment. Touching melodies that accompany such scenes, as well as in the final of the story, bring tears even in the most cold-blooded people. In addition to the soundtrack melodies, the song “My Heart Will Go On”, which was performed by Celine Dion, was also included. Perhaps, many have heard that Cameron was strongly against the use of any songs in his film. In spite of that, a composer James Horner decided to use an unfair trick. In secret, he, along with Will Jennings (the author of the text) and singer Celine Dion, recorded a final song. Later in 1998, the composition won the Oscar in the category “Best Song”.

However, it will be wrong to say that all the moments in Titanic are positive. The viewer experiences a lot of negative emotions while watching the movie, but this does not result from a bad script or shooting. The most unpleasant moments are connected with the episodes where the viewer is faced with the injustice of existence. It turns out that even the most seemingly nice people cannot behave decently. However, it is an emotional aspect. Evaluating the movie from a critical point of view, some drawbacks can be distinguished. For example, the banality of the love story: she was noble and rich, while he was poor. Another example is that Kate does not look like the seventeen-year-old girl in her twenty-one.

However, it is important to mention that the game of all the actors was brilliant. Everyone, even people in the crowd, did their best. Young and impoverished aristocrat Rose (Kate Winslet) lived her entire life in a golden cage, unable to get out of there. Because of her mother (Ruth DeWitt Bukater), she was forced to marry a man she does not love (Caledon Hockley). It seems like she comes on the board of Titanic waiting for the death penalty. Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the opposite of Rose. He is free and enjoys life. Jack does not really think about the future. Despite his poverty, he is happy. Jack has a talent for drawing, which was not appreciated. However, he did not lose his hope. He traveled to different countries and met interesting people.

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Thus, when these two different people meet, they understand that they cannot live without each other. The actors show this feeling quite naturally. Moreover, viewers believe in this love till nowadays even knowing that this is only a fairy tale. People want to believe in miracles.

Kate Winslet is gorgeous, natural and charming in performing the role of a young aristocratic lady. She is a great example of a lady with good manners and big heart. Since playing in this film, Kate became a topic of discussions for Hollywood’s critics. Some say that this is her greatest work. However, there is no one who says that she was not good in Titanic. A newfound celebrity status gained after this film allowed the actress to build a career on her own. Hereinafter, Winslet continues to choose only those films that seem interesting to her. Nowadays, she prefers to work not for the fee, but for inspiration.

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Talking a lot about the play of Leonardo DiCaprio is unnecessary. After the release of the film, he became the favorite actor among the female viewers.  If to ask any girl in the street about Leonardo DiCaprio, one will hear only happy shouting. The actor played a young man who did not have anything very truthfully, “yesterday I was sleeping under a bridge, and now my house is this ship …” (Pasiri 100). The most surprising is that he really transformed into his character. Under the pressure of a difficult fate, he stood firmly on the ground, had a terrific potential, unique sense of humor, optimism, confidence and, above all, honesty.

The movie Titanic was made exclusively. The mass scenes of the tragedy affect its scale. The alternation of color and black-and-white scenes, interiors of that time, dishes, clothing, and contrasting life on different decks serve to create an unforgettable spectacle. All this created the legend of love that is not familiar to everyone and that can do miracles. James Cameron did not add any unnecessary details to his work; everything is clearly calibrated and weighed. The film itself with its quality images, stunning special effects, and great sound is worthy to watch and be in every heart.

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