Sociology entails studying the behaviors of the society and their effects on it. Most of us have social problems. Some are unemployed, sick and addicts of alcohol when others face family problems or even decide to murder themselves. People tend to think that the problem that is encountered by one of the members of the society is only their own and nobody should be blamed.

In the world of sociology the approaches that are used in understanding the problems of the society are practical and theoretical. The sociological approach depends on the methodological processes and not only theory which is a measure of problems existing in the society. Actually, various institutions are affected by the social problems; these consist of political bodies, social institutions, religious organizations, and the people themselves. The social problem is defined as the outline of nature or state that has negative outcomes for people, physical world, and social world. As a result, there must be a solution for any social problem. Some issues are considered more important than others simply because they are publicly or privately held ideals that are endangered during the definite circumstances. Shortly, social problems are the relative and subjective creation of the reality of the society realized automatically and impartially. Equally, individuals have different definitions of social problems depending on diverse perspectives, methods of measuring or accepting the distinct problems, and the approaches implemented. What is more, not everyone knows about sociology (Grant, 2011).

The sociological approach is a technique that is dependent on the theories in order to define the relationship between the individuals and the society. It describes the effects and the causes of the social problems affecting people. This approach is viewed in the different ways and the perspectives include interaction, conflict, functionalism and feminism. In contrast, other approaches are in the hands of individuals. In regard to this, there are unlimited solutions and they comprise innovation, advocacy, and social policy. The social policy approach can be compared to the incident where there was an implementation of the social reform by the government of President Franklin Roosevelt in the year 1935. Social advocacy is a situation that entails the publication of the social problem directly addressed through the promotion of other people’s wellbeing. Lastly, social innovation is a combination of advocacy and policy approaches that are not dependent on the construction of the prearranged structure. Namely, it is where the community volunteers decide to produce the changes since they cannot persevere the problems faced by the society.

The social problem that seriously affects the society incorporates the lack of the school fees for students. Neither ethnicity nor gender or race are affected. This problem starts as a tiny matter but results into a dilemma known as the process of transformation. At this stage the problem is acknowledged by the society and it becomes a reality that is objective. In fact, based on interactionism, there are two motives that this perspective is attributed: the intrinsic and the extrinsic motive. Students choose their interest that later causes an over strengthened occupation, as explained by the symbolic interactionism. This also describes the significance to the perceiver on how humans use the concepts of the figure such as the status to predict symbols and words (Grant, 2011).

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Relatively, school fees debt affects a number of students. According to the doctor of commerce, the commerce students incur a debt of approximately $125,000 where 92 % of the students quit since they cannot afford to pay the fee that is needed. Additionally, Doctor of certified public accountant compared the arrears in the year 1991 and 2001 which are $ 90,000 and $110,000 respectively. According to Kyle Grant of the Brigham University, the graduate students incur a debt of approximately 62 % and 70% for the private universities. This is a significant social problem that really influences the society. The bill will have to be settled by the taxpayers, especially when there is a large number of loan defaulters (Grant, 2011).

Assessment of the students with the school fees debt is related to the sociological imagination of Wright Mills which challenges the claim that the problem is caused by the failure of the individual or that it is natural. Whatever may limit one from getting what they need in life affects the whole operation of the society. This matter is addressed in the following method through media via televisions, newspapers, magazines and programs that are innovative. For example, in the Louisiana State University the students are given a chance to practice in the business field before graduating. Usually this problem is made clear, legitimized and addressed allowing room for modification and development.

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Reviewing this problem, there are four concepts that must be met. These concepts are as follows:

  • The objective condition has to be taken as a social problem in public. There must be a public complain.
  • A gap between the ideal of the society and the reality. It must be against the values of the society.
  • Definition of the problem by a large population. A large part of the society has to be concerned about the condition and have the attention from the whole nation.
  • The condition has to have a solution from a group of people who collectively gather and find the solution that is perceived in a positive way.

These concepts help us to understand that if the people affected have an influence, the problem is likely to be put into consideration as a social problem and solution will be sought faster. A condition that concerns a small portion of people is rarely regarded as a social crisis in contrast to the one affecting a larger portion. It also assists us in knowing that the mass media plays a big role in defining and selecting the social troubles.

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In conclusion, the society should value the above mentioned concepts since by doing so it will be able to develop in the various ways such as academically, economically, and in any other that may bring the value to their lives. Moreover, when people are helped or supported, for example financially, they will never bother any other person again because they are be stable. When individuals cooperate, support each other and carry the burden of one another, then as a society we will have no more issues.

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