A computer network is prone to certain security threats. It is a complementary technology used to handle these attacks and threats. It is important to detect the security threats of a network resorting to such techniques as scanning and visualization.

Evaluating the Case Issues

Computer networks consist of five stages i.e. probing/scanning, reconnaissance, compromise/dogging, and migration. Usually, sophisticated scans have a lot of trouble because of the difficulty in algorithmical detection without the involvement of large numbers. There are several types of scans .The weak scans are quickly detected and blocked by firewalls; the na?ve scans should not provide information to the attacker.

The visualization technique involves handling a lot of activities in order to resolve many scalability issues in intrusion detection systems. This technique represents the local IP address of a certain connection in a radius of internal circles. It then represents remote IP addresses along top and bottom edges of a window. Redundancy helps to reduce clutter and line crossings.

Visualization handles a large amount of data thus improving persistence. Firstly, the visualization process enables analysts in the identification of slow scans. Secondly, it enhances fidelity. Scans and visualization help to quickly obtain the meaning of a certain network data. Visualization also makes the environment of data traffic effective and valuable. Its design allows for infinite scalability, the capability needed for the increasing number and sophistication of attackers. The visualization technique offers many benefits to the users, for example, parallel is coordinated by more representation and segregation of each axis and placement of axes of primary analyst concern at the central point of users focus.

Identification of sophisticated attacks is not feasible algorithmically and is not usually shown through other techniques, especially with the certain level of scalability. Visualization provides unique capabilities for error detection. Selection of connections for analysis exhibits a clear distribution of connections over ranges or remote hosts (Kurose, 2012).

Visualization is also useful in infiltration and noise removal. This is due to the fact that in a certain network, there are large amounts of data that analysts and network administrators have no interest in; some of the data available is usually removed by switching off snort rulesets. Analysts also remove this data through filtering and analytical filtering. The access data which is not useful during the analysis process is removed. Noise in a data set and network occurs because of large amounts of data traffic. Through analysis and filtering, this noise is reduced.

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The use of scans and visualization also helps a network to gain scalability. Lack of techniques to detect low and slow scans can give attackers a chance to change the rate of scanning. When a research has focused on the collection of datasets for scanning of packets after an interval of 5 minutes, the scan map provides default options so that an attacker can enter the system and delay the rate at which the packets are scanned without detection. A unique design of technique of visualization handles these risks. The number of rings should be increased in case of need.

Analysis. The environment of a certain network usually provides opportunities to handle large amounts of data which, in many cases, are dealt with by the system administrators. Although some data are filtered, there is a need to analyze them. Automation of analysis helps identify na?ve port scans, and such information can be removed from the data in a logical fashion.

Strategic Risks

Poor Quality of Data

Some network processes when subjected to attacking produce poor data. Attackers might interfere with the integrity of data in a packet and, therefore, deliver poor and inefficient data to the users of the system. The network administrators and analysts might also receive unwanted data packet scans because the time scheduled is interfered with (Monte, 2015).

Lose of Packet Data

This is a risk in networking where servers can lose data packets in the course of transportation. Packets data loss is usually a risk caused by congestion of a network. This is a situation which might occur due to bad IP configuration. Packets in a network pass at a certain speed and time. When a packet of data passes at a faster rate, it is dropped by the network.

Poor IP Configuration

Analysts and network administrators should always make a good configuration of their networks. Poor configuration causes big data loss, and the network cannot be scanned. Although a visualization system is meant to detect certain errors in a network, this risk can happen because IP addresses are configured to suit a certain network; thus, if the configuration is poor, it does not address the issue (Monte, 2015).

Noise from Data Traffic

When a large amount of data is being transported, it is bound to create noise in the network servers. Passing a large amount of information in one medium overloads the network which later leads to noise.

Also, there might be an issue with scalability where the network displays an IP address whether active or not. This is a waste of the limited spaces, both screen space and the networks. Also, there are large amounts of computations of data processing that happen in a network like the calculation of flow volume of a certain medium of transmission on each port and IP at a specific time. The visualization tools thus depend on the speed of data pre-processing in a real-time analysis.


Data preprocessing needs to be optimized. Data preprocessing helps a network system to determine and have information of the kind of data present in packets (Monte, 2015). Packets should be optimized to ensure that the interval, at which they are set to be scanned by the system, are available. There should be taken preventive measures against attackers in order to ensure that no unauthorized person gets access to the data in packets.

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The choice of packet filtering technique should also be chosen a proper measure. The IP addresses should be displayed in the manner that the ones that are on are displayed first. This will curb the issue on the screen space wastage and avoid overloading the network.

A visualization technique should be improvised where packets in a certain dataset are filtered according to the size; this will help the network administrators to track the time that should be allocated to each packet in a network and avoid the problem of attackers delaying the time of packet passing (Monte, 2015).


This study analyzed the ways to identify some kinds of scans and risks associated with the network data. Together with visualization, the techniques discussed allow reaching a meaningful network integrity. The network architecture is also a key way to increase its capabilities. Once data is in a network, it should always be introduced in integrity.

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