What makes a perfect job? How can a person determine what profession is best for him or for her? How people decide in what direction they should move on in order to succeed? More importantly, how to figure out what is the best for oneself and do all the necessary steps for it? These questions are very important because finding answers to them can lead to success or failures. Thus, it is crucial to understand one’s goals and desires and connect them with one’s abilities and talents in order to become the person one wants to be.

I think it is necessary to make a listing of things which are necessary in order to get a good job. A person does not exactly have to know everything about it, but he or she should feel free to think about possibilities. For example, I list good communication skills, perseverance, confidence and passion among the traits I will use to get the job. Whenever I think of it, my ideas flow freely because I feel very excited about it.

In my perspective, ideal job is something difficult, but possible to get. Many people say that they can never find a good job for them that is why they feel very miserable because of working where they work. I think that these people simply do not want to work at all; they do not want to think outside the box in order to understand themselves and find something that would suit them best. That is the reason they keep on living the way they do. As for me, I am eager to find my perfect job because it will determine my future. I used to think a lot about my future career because there are many opportunities I can use. I also evaluated my own talents and abilities in order to be a realist while looking for a perfect job. All of this thinking made me understand that a perfect job for me would be the job of a teacher. I think it is something I can do well because I possess the necessary skills, and it is also something that can give me pleasure.

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Nevertheless, this job can be quite challenging because it has many requirements. I often ask myself questions about whether I will be good enough for it. Will be knowledge be enough? Am I pursuing the right degree? Or is it just something I will do for a short period of time, and then lose all of my interest to it? I also ask myself about the future after getting the job. For example, will I be making enough money? Will I enjoy being a teacher for my entire life? Or will I search for the new job such as an editor, etc.? Thus, there are many questions, but they can be easily answered. The main question is whether I have important reasons for becoming a teacher. Is it something that I have decided recently, or is this a long-term idea which has a background? Am I emotionally and intellectually prepared? Do I meet with the required expectations? More importantly, how are my reasons for becoming a teacher are connected with my future goals?

First, I would like to explain why I have decided that this job is perfect for me; there is an entire list of reasons for it. I believe that I have good communication skills. It means that I can communicate with people easily, I make acquaintances and talk to people freely, without any worries about the fact that we have just met. Thus, I can easily express my thoughts and opinions, and I feel at ease presenting new information to people. I am also fond of speaking in front of large groups of people; I am not afraid of the audience and I feel confident and strong while presenting my ideas. I am not afraid of criticism, which means that whenever somebody disagrees or criticizes my ideas I do not escape the answer. I try to persuade my opponent or explain to him or her why I am confident in certain things. Thus, I am able to defend my position and convince somebody without any conflicts.

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Another reason for me to be a good teacher is that I can listen and evaluate objectively other people’s ideas. It means that I can analyze people’s answers and give a reasonable feedback. It also means that I will be able to communicate with my students effectively and answer their questions, as well as create a positive atmosphere for a productive discussion. Thus, I will not only teach, but learn something from my students. We will be able to exchange our thoughts and make important decisions, as well as study in an effective and creative manner.

I am also smart and educated, and I am attentive to details so I can spend a lot of time analyzing students’ works. Thus, I will not only check grammatical mistakes, but find something deeper in the works written by my students.

All of these skills are very important for a good teacher, and I am happy that I possess them. Nevertheless, I still have to work hard in order to perfect them and to achieve my goals. There are also other skills I need to improve. I need to work on psychological skills; it means that I have to learn to understand people. I have to learn how to see the connections between people’s words and motives behind them. I also need to understand the reasons for some of the people’s actions. It is very important not only to communicate with people but to be empathic with them. It means making strong connections and also be seen as an authority. This skill is crucial for teachers because they have to be role models for students and influence young people in a positive way. Thus, I want to obtain such a skill in order to be a good example for my students and to teach them not only necessary information but also important life lessons.

In order for me to get a perfect job, I also need to learn how to deal with pressure. Being a teacher can be quite stressful sometimes because this job requires a lot of intellectual work, as well as the work similar to the one of about the psychologist. The teacher always has to deal with young people who go through difficult growing processes. Thus, it is very important to be able to maintain balance and confidence, as well as to remain capable of working hard.

Obviously, in order to become a teacher, a person requires special education. He or she also needs to have a high academic record, as well as a strong desire to work and to succeed. A person must be determined to be a teacher in order to get this job. Skills which were mentioned above are also very important because they help dealing with many difficulties. Analyzing this, I understand that being a teacher is not an easy task, but my goal is worth it in the end.

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I also understand that there are certain obstacles I will have to overcome in order to become a teacher. First of all, I will have to pay more attention to my academic performance. I will have to study harder in order to learn more necessary things. I will also have to prepare myself for many difficulties which may occur while working as a teacher. I will have to learn how to deal with difficult students, how to treat rudeness adequately in order to turn it into politeness. I will have to learn how to communicate effectively with people much younger than I am, that is why it is important to always be able to change.

Thus, I am realistic while analyzing my perfect job. I know that there are no shortcuts on the way in order to become a teacher, and I will have to work hard in order to make my dream come true. Nevertheless, I am willing to do it because working as a teacher will make me happy. This job can bring me a lot of satisfaction because I will be able to educate young people and to give them valuable knowledge about life and the world around them. I also think that this job is perfect for me because I love connecting academic learning and effective communication.

There are many questions which the while analyzing my dream job, and there are also many doubts about it. Sometimes I worry, whether I am good enough, or whether I will be able to succeed. Nevertheless, I still stick to my goal because it motivates me to study harder and to improve my skills.  I think that finding the perfect job is one of the best ways to secure oneself a happy life because it makes a person enjoy things he or she does. Whenever a person feels this way, he or she can devote one’s time and energy and produce the best results. Thus, I want to get a perfect job very much because I strive to build a happy life and enjoy every working day of it. There is a saying that a person who truly loves one’s job does not need to work at all because job becomes a pleasure. I want to be able to enjoy my job, and I also want to be a great example to my future students so that they would see me not only as a teacher but also as a guide and counselor who can give them valuable advice.

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