Research Questions

  • What groups of population use iPhones?
  • What are the underlying reasons of their choice?
  • Where and how they have leant that primarily iPhone is the best choice?

Research Problem Statement

The purpose of the paper is to define the reasons that make people believe that iPhones are the most innovative gadgets and tend to be considered as the best choice made by the consumer. In fact, there are many smartphones of different producers that provide not less updated and functional products of high quality of the business class or other individual design but for a lower price. However, Apple Inc. position on the market of technologies as well as in media, is presented in a way that make people ready to pay more for a profound symbolic status that was gained by iPhone all over the world.

Research methods include literature analysis and interviewing iPhone users that are age group of 18-29, at Union square.

iPhones are more and more widely used each day. Having started its expansion from the American market, Apple Inc. has gradually become a real leader in the technological sphere of Europe and even Asia. It is quite interesting to follow the emergence of iPhones and the effective strategies that contributed to its rapid development. Since 2007, the marketing strategies used by the company have doubled the sales during one year only (Mickalowski et al., 2008). The authors point out the effective methods in the area of target choice, defining the product advantage and uniqueness from the common products, providing the combination of popular applications, cooperating with AT&T and other strategic partners, making the distribution changes and launching the effective advertising company. In addition to that, Apple company provides the business stability due to the separate platform and numerous valuable applications (He, 2012). Its competitive advantage is supported by both high quality of the product and well-known brand.

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Titcomb’s study (2015), shows that marketing policies of Apple are quite effective. According to their research, products get more and more popular and lead to more common switch of Android users as compared to iPhone ones. During three months and till September 26, the number of iPhones that were sold has reached 48 million (Titcomb, 2015). The sales continue growing and make Apple company earn $1,693.11 every second (Titcomb, 2015). In order to do so, the latest step was the application for Android aimed at drawing away users and the further developing of effective marketing.

Presentation of iPhone in James Bond movie under the slogan “James Bond only uses the best” was a considerable contribution to human perception of the brand (Dilger, 2015). Such marketing does not prove that iPhones really have functional advantages; however, it convinces people that iPhone is the best out of the products of the same group. Moreover, the important factor defining the purchase is related to what the majority of people choose. The study conducted by Wallace et al. (2012), shows that that the choice of iPhone gradually leads all the members of the group agree with its privileges and want the iPhone as well as others. Hence, customer’s choice is highly dependent on the environment.

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On the contrary, a number of writings reveal that the users of Android smartphones and iPhones have differences that can create a generalized image of what people search from their choices. Benenson & Reinfelder (2013), raise the question of risk perception between Android and iPhone users. The writing provides a comparative analysis of the Android and iOS systems. It provides understanding of the users’ perception of their devices. In particular, the authors put emphasis on the fact that iPhone users are more confident about the safety of their operating systems.  Interestingly, the policies of Apple Inc. are effective to convince people that they are protected from any risks even without providing a detailed explanation of the technological choices.

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Hixon’s article is quite interesting due to the representation of the iPhone users it provides. The representation contributes to the general belief that iPhone users often tend to show their social status by means of such portative symbol as iPhone. Hixon focuses on the most common characteristics of people who use iPhones. Among the main factors that influence the choice in favor of iPhone , one can find the material basis of people who are more educated with the average income of more than $125,000 (+27% of iPhone users in contrast to the Android ones have PhD graduate education). In most cases, such people work at managerial positions and are “addicted” to digital devices. Hence, the data contributes to perception of iPhone as a business class gadget.