Medical marijuana is one of the most arguing topics nowadays. People are divided into two groups, one of which is “for” and the other “against” its legalization. The stereotype that marijuana can only be an addictive drug put its roots in society’s mind, and it is still problematic for people to agree with another possible opinion.

At first, the determination of “medical marijuana” according to the University of Iowa IPRO (Iowa Policy Research Organization) report is “…cannabis used for therapeutic purposes”. In this case,  the cannabis is observed from the medical point of view, but not as a drug. Medical marijuana should be legalized because people with chronic pain in different parts of the body will be able to obtain the legal cure to save them from their diseases without spending huge sums of money on expensive analgesics. For example, in California, there is no need to buy marijuana on the streets, where it is dangerous and illegal, only for disposing of persistent aches. All that is needed is to take the resolution from the physician, register as a qualified patient, and receive the MMIC (Medical Marijuana Identification card). Government secures the rights of qualified patients and their caregivers. What is more, another virtue of medicinal prohibition is gaining 46 billion dollars on taxes from the industry.

Individuals suffering from HIV/ AIDS can use medical marijuana to slake the symptoms of their chemotherapy or disease. As the result of the “Medical Marijuana and Its Use on Immunocompromised” research is that the “black market” marijuana contains toxins and pesticides that can harm the person. On the contrary, the medical marijuana from Food and Drug Administration is sterilized, safe, and useful for utilizing.

It is obvious that our world is not perfect, and there are many individuals who want to earn money on people’s problems. Medicinal marijuana is primarily provided as a medicine, and authorities should make this decision to brighten the health situation in the state.

If one has a right to buy medicine legally, it is clear that one would not search for criminal ways to buy it somewhere else. Forbidden fruit is the sweetest, and restrictions will only encourage an aggression towards the government. The people who use medicinal marijuana do it consciously for their health improvement. Everybody has a right to choose their way, so the society should be tolerant to people’s choices. No one denies the negative influence of marijuana, and it is illegal and addictive to use it in regular use in large amounts. But the medical marijuana means that the amounts of cannabis are lessened to the point that one can not become addictive. The individual cannot receive more than it was stated by the physician. According to Senate Bill, SB 420, “A qualified patient or primary caregiver may possess no more than eight ounces of dried marijuana per qualified patient. In addition, a qualified patient or primary caregiver may also maintain no more than six mature or 12 immature marijuana plants per qualified patient” (Official California Legislative Information). The amounts of marijuana are not so large as to cause an addiction.

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Cannabis has been taken for more than 40 years with no complaints about diseases in comparison with the death rate of tobacco which causes lung cancer. Actually, in comparison with tobacco, alcohol, and psychotropic substances, marijuana has more healing features. Alcohol causes liver diseases and degradation of mental activity; tobacco makes harm to the respiratory system. Prozac is toxic but is still in use, and even a great deal of professionals argues about its usability. Therefore, from such point of view, medicinal marijuana seems to be lesser of all devils, but it can be useful only in limited amounts.

In society, there is a stable stereotype that marijuana is a drug and addictive. However, in the case of medical marijuana, the amounts and regularity of taking this drug is controlled by the caregiver or a physician. Qualified physicians bear responsibility for groundless prescription of medical marijuana or prescription in non-medical aims. The MMIC is checked by the dispensaries. They receive information on amounts and diagnosis and have no legal rights to give the qualified patient more than it is needed. In such case, the only person who passed all the control points and received the MMIC can possess medical marijuana. “Currently, more than 60 U.S. and international health organizations support granting patients’ immediate legal access to medicinal marijuana under a physician’s supervision” (NORML).

Legalizing of medical marijuana is profitable for the government too. Providing a legal business implies a regulated system of taxing. Medicinal marijuana is not an exception. After canceling the marijuana prohibition, the Government receives more than 15 billion dollars annually. The government saved almost 8 billion dollars with the adaptation of taxing system. That is why not only ordinary business-owners but also governmental farms grow medicinal marijuana for national scientific uses. The only legal marijuana field is in Mississippi. They produce 400 kilograms of dried marijuana per year and transport it to dispensaries into the states where restrictions are canceled (Ahlers and Meserve). The Mississippi University produces medical Marijuana for people who need it to stay healthy. One of the examples is Elvi Musikka, who uses medical marijuana to save her sight, as it is the only way to help her with glaucoma (Senseman).

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The interesting fact to know is that all dispensaries and their owners pay great attention to the registration of qualified patients or their caregivers to avoid falsification and breaking of the law. They control the verification of MMIC. Counterfeit patients and caregivers with their orders are checked by federal police and can be accused of the violation of the law. The federal police regularly raid the dispensaries of medicinal marijuana to avoid breaking of the law, so the situation with medical marijuana is always controlled.

However, the question of medical marijuana legalization is still controversial. Even if an enterprise is legal, it is not protected from the federal raid, because marijuana is still widely illegal. This business is hard to cope with because of its legalization, but medicinal marijuana is still one of the best analgesics means without side-effects (in limited amounts). The legalization of medical marijuana is vital for people because it lessens their pain and different diseases’ symptoms. 10 states in the USA have already made this step since they believed it to be necessary. One part of society is for legalizing, and the process has started. Marijuana can be not the drug but harmless cure.

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