Today we all observe the change in society caused by previous and current events of the human history. Men began to look after children while women earned money for the whole family. People play different roles in the society, the roles which were not inherent for them in the past. The appearance of females in politics also belongs to such changes and surprises which the last century has brought to the society. The analysis of biography data of some powerful women in the modern society might give the answers and explanations of this phenomenon and other events in the human history of recent years.

All females in politics started their careers at different times and circumstances and their policy had positive and negative effects on the history, as well as human history at all. But still, it should be mentioned that the rise of females in politics began in XX-XXI century with the increase and spread of democracy, liberalization and emancipation processes. Today we all wonder how women managed to govern big countries or be the de-facto leaders of great unions. It is even considered and treated as a miracle and everyone is deeply surprised. Nevertheless, it seems to me that women had abilities to work successfully, reign or govern in the countries the long time ago. The only thing they needed was the access to work, a possibility to be recognized by men.

Since human development is now rather quick it has been females who actually have started the unexpected events in a lot of countries of the world. For example, Angela Merkel, a well-known woman, brilliant politician who stands for the foundation of European Union, which is considered to be a union of the special type, that has never been created in the history, and today she is de-facto a leader of that very community. Sometimes she is even called ‘a decider’ for its ability to make hard right decisions. Angela Merkel started as simple local deputy of Christian Democratic Union, step by step she became a Prime-minister of one of the biggest states in Europe. One more amazing fact is connected with her education. She did not get any scientific degree in political sciences, law, philosophy, economic or international relationship branches of study. Angela Merkel obtained a degree only in the sphere of chemistry. Nevertheless, this fact actually helped her with chemical accuracy to govern Germany and the whole of Europe and to get a success in her field of work, which testifies her second re-election results. Today she is considered to be the main protectionist of the Euro currency, the maintenance of EU. She also plays the important role in managing the financial crisis and negotiating related to signing the agreement for the Transatlantic Economic Council. Finally, all, that is to say, is that Europe would be different without Merkel.

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One more prominent politic person with a scientific degree in chemistry was well-known Margaret Thatcher. Her political career started very early but she had a misfortune at her first attempts to hold a political post, which in the future did not prevent her from becoming the first female Prime-minister of Great Britain. She was re-elected for three times which testified her success. Margaret had a reputation of ‘Iron Lady’ and today previously mentioned Angela Merkel is often compared with her. Thatcher introduced a number of reforms and changed the look of British society. She started the privatization process of social housing and public transport system as well as she fought against trade unions and labor organizations. She was also well-known for introducing the reforms in social and educational spheres. Of course, as a political figure, Margaret Thatcher had a great influence in the history of Great Britain and the whole world at all, but it seems to me that first and foremost she served as a famous example for those women who were tired from the household duties and were ready to introduce the changes in other spheres of the life of their country.

The other woman who brought revolutionary changes in the society is a former Prime-minister of Ukraine Yuliya Tymoshenko. Actually, she is a very contradicting person in the modern politic issues, since there are a lot of rumors and accusations connected with her person. Nevertheless, still, the whole of Ukraine must be thankful for that kind of women. It was her who actually started and headed the Orange revolution in Ukraine, which in its turn led to active liberalization and democratic principles. Freedom of speech, transparency of governmental activity, transparent elective processes, freedom of activity for the opposition, payment of government debts and rise of social payments for population – all that are the contributions of Tymoshenko activities when she was a Prime-minister. People began to breathe more freely and they even had thoughts about the prosperous future for them and their country. A few years ago they wanted to leave that country and after the Orange revolution, they decided to stay. Moreover, she was seeking for alternative ways of energy supply for Ukraine, which in the future would help the get rid of dependences of Russia. Finally, Ukraine got the governor with new ideas and a European perspective.  Today things have changed. Tymoshenko is imprisoned on the ground of unfair accusations. Imprisonment is used by the current government to prevent her from politic activities which proves that she was and she is one of the powerful women in Ukraine’s history. In my opinion, Ukraine still needs a person like her to strengthen those contributions which were received after the Orange revolution and create the new ones.

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Another example of women in politics is Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez. She is from Tolosa, Argentina and graduated from La Plata University with a scientific degree in the sphere of law. She was the first woman in the history of Argentina to be elected as a President for two terms. When she was elected for the first time she faced the country with a high level of inflation, low salaries, poverty of population, lack of credibility to governmental institutions, the need of investments, etc. The main contributions of her governance of the state were the strengthening of international relations with other countries, which was unprecedented for Argentina at those times. In addition, she introduced a number of reforms in different spheres. All of it was done with the means of law. However, the greatest contribution is connected with the fact that she was the first female President of Argentina, the country with strong patriarchate usages, and today serves as an example for all emancipated women of Argentina.

Another example is Sophia Gandhi. Once upon a time, she said that she wanted to feel safe in India, to wear Indian clothes, to speak Hindi, to eat Indian food. As for me, it is the most obvious manifestation of patriotism and love to the country of her. At the time she expressed this thought for her to become a first female President of India National Congress in the history of this country. She had a real passion for her country and its people. She granted a part of her salaries to those who were in need. She played a vital role in the legal protection of rights of Indian people who work in rural locations by passing National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and in the passage of Right to Information Act. Moreover, she stove to cut the governmental expenses on maintenance of officials and she was an example of how the officials should live. She tried to spare every coin that was so needed for her country. That was unprecedented for India.

Summing it all up, it should be said that today female politicians are not considered to be such extraordinary phenomenon in the society as it was before and it seems to me that in the future more women would hold different official posts thanks to liberalization and emancipation processes. However, the women mentioned above are the real heroes who sacrificed their own private life for the political career and common good and were the first ones who made the existence of women in the world of politics possible.

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