In the current world, women have received the chance to break the status quo concerning their role in society. Unlike in the old days when females were considered inferior and destined to serve males, recently, women had gained the same status as men in the society. Women are now competing with their fellow men in different fields and interestingly, in some cases, they are beating them honestly. Nevertheless, the view on the role of women has not changed everywhere in the world, as in some places they are still deemed and seen as inferior creatures.

Women and Religion

Religious factor is extremely crucial when the status of women in society is concerned. Only if religion exists in the progressive and civilized society with better economy and education, the status of a woman will be improved. For many centuries, religion has defined the code of conduct of everyone, especially women. Reformation is a key factor in the growth and development of a nation; future progression can be achieved by bringing in women on board.

Ancient religions used to depict women as human beings of a lower status; therefore, they played no significant role in religion. These religions considered that female’s roles were behind the curtain and perceived them as a helper and assistant to a man. This attitude is vividly depicted by the fact that women were usually supposed to cover their face and their behavior was curtailed to a small range of actions. In the Quran Age and pre-Islamic practices, there existed a common custom of burying female infants alive, as they seemed to be remarkably different from a boy child. Moreover, women were frequently sold and bought in the market, like common goods. In Christianity, on the other hand, the New Testament brought some relief to females as Christ disregarded many laws that oppressed women. He treated men and women as equals and human beings of the same status. Nevertheless, in the Letter to the Ephesians, Saint Paul suggests that women should be servants to their men, who are their masters. In Islam, Koran states that men are above women because Allah has given the one part superiority over the other one. Confucius, a Chinese teacher and founder of Confucianism asserted that a hundred girls were not of the same worth as one boy. In Hinduism, in turn, it is stated that a woman must never enjoy full independence and freedom.

Many of these undermining religious thoughts are still practiced even despite the fact that they were spoken and recorded in the remote past. Such a view has degraded women as birthing machines and abused women in different societies. In many religions, women do not have any right to protest and fight for their human rights. Any broad attempt to fight for the human right by the females would result in physical mishandling and brutal reaction by their male counterparts. Therefore, the discrimination of a woman can be eliminated only through educating men that God views both sexes as equals, and no one had more power or favor to Him.

A vivid example of the role of women in religion is demonstrated by the Catholic Church. The Church has built a remarkably powerful and influential defense strategy against women’s rights. The Catholicism does not allow women to hold responsibilities and authority positions in the church hierarchy, and the men of the church are ruling over them as over the house servants. Little girls, who were brought up in strict religious communities, usually grow up knowing that their worth is not esteemed; this factor can affect their adult life drastically.

All objective facts are supporting the idea that, in the new spiritual society, women have equal responsibilities and rights as men do. Therefore, in all fields and areas of life, equal opportunities should be presented to both males and females without exception, despite their religion and sex. As portrayed in the current world, all duties, tasks, and career opportunities are engaging both men and women; hence, it is creating a healthy working and living conditions. Nowadays, it is sound for women with children to educate, care, and nurse for their children and, with the help of men, work in shaping proper religious worldview in their children. Consequently, religions should not sideline women irrespective of any reason. Everyone should accept and take note that life is given by God through a woman, and every living soul is born of a woman.

The current society has worked extremely hard towards the abolishment of injustices and mistreatment of women in terms of religious views. Lots of effort and lives has been lost, and many religions have adopted the fact and understood well that both men and women are the same human beings. In some religions, women are allowed to become priests and even bishops; today, females are in the frontline when religious matters are concerned. On the other hand, the role of women in the secular world, which includes politics, has not been fully implemented yet, and much have to be invested in the nearest future. Education is the key factor of improving the role of women in all spheres of the modern world, but it has to be delivered in the right context and to every individual equally. The world should be against non-reformists and standstill in relations between religion and women. Religion has to address and care for everyone, and this is only possible by providing the same opportunities to both men and women.

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Women in Politics

For a long time, politics has been known to be a man-dominated field. In the current years, this notion has been challenged, and the rise of women to key positions in the political world has been extremely rapid. Though the number of women in politics is still fewer as compared to that of men, females are stepping up the challenge and competing for the political position with their male counterparts on equal terms. This practice has brought a new wind in politics where women are concerned; nevertheless, many people are still questioning if women possess the same potential in politics as the man do. A lot of pressure and dirty tricks have been involved in politics; therefore, it has been considered a man’s game for a very long time. Many women on key political position have proved to the world that what a man can do, a woman will also be able to do.

Have a look at this page: the most important females in world politics.

Nowadays, in many countries, women are political leaders or heads of the national governments. This tendency of the last years has increased participation of women on parliament level to 20 percent throughout the world. Many countries are devising ways to increase the number of participants of females on the local and national level. The main aim of increasing representation of women in government is to empower them with fair rights and gender equality. In political life, women usually represent children interests and protect general social issues. This fact has been met with a lot of gratification to women representatives in politics, and hence increased the urged for women to participate in political life. A good example happened in India where women in parliament and governmental structures advanced for equitable sharing of community resources and spending more on gender-based programs concerning education, nutrition, and health.

Women are facing many challenges when politics is concerned. Politics has not been known as a woman competence for some time because of numerous reasons. Women are perceived to be good in the private sphere, but not the public domain of political games. Gender inequality in families, inequitable labor division in households, and unfair specialization of gender roles caused by cultural attitude are curtailing women representation in public life. In traditional, patriarchal society, women representation in politics is even harder; therefore, most females are not able to fight the pressure and the status quo. A general observation has been made that most women in politics attain the political position due to kinship ties. Most females have male family members that hold a major position in politics. In addition, these women are observed to be from families with high social status. Consequently, these issues cause indignation and disapproval among masses.

The United Nations Organizations came up with six different ways of strengthening women participation in politics. They include legislative reforms, quotas, education issues, financing, improvement of terms, and empowerment of social movements. All this ways will ensure that the margin of male and female representation in politics is narrowed or even eliminated. Other countries all over the world have also come up with specific ways to encourage women participation in politics. The policies and perspective of these countries is seen to be different. Western countries are more readily accepting women leaders in their political arena as compared to the developing countries. In developing countries, on the other hand, a woman president or political leader is seen as a brilliant idea; nevertheless, the mentality that politics is made for men still dominates in the popular mind. Furthermore, women do not challenge men in their political field because of the fear of being defeated.

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In countries like Kenya, research suggests that the population comprises more than 50 percents of women. Even with this great number, the role of females in crucial decision-making processes is invisible. The government is trying to change the situation by introducing more offices for women, and encouraging the participation of women in public activities. Because of some social and economic problems, many women are shying away from politics and hence making it a male-dominated field even despite the government efforts and supports. In Kenya, no elective or public post or responsibilities can be dominated by more than two-thirds of the same gender. This policy has allowed many women to be appointed on major governmental positions.


The road to political and religious equality for women is not as easy as for men, but with determination and support, most women will make it. The two spheres of life should not be described as fields dominated by one gender. Participation of women in every domain is crucial as it promotes growth and development in many countries. Women, who already hold political positions, have demonstrated that females can also be good leaders if given the opportunity and support. In addition, women should be encouraged to come out and fight for their positions, in order to end the unfair dominance of men in the world. Traditions and others factor that demeans women as men’s helpers, and to pose them under the rule and influence of males should be abolished. Educating people is a key factor in changing the general attitude on women and politics; hence, it will encourage them to step in. Women already engaged in political and religious life should also act as role models to others and be their source of encouragement and strength. Men, in turn, should be in the forefront in advocating for gender equality by increasing the participation of women in every field, whether it is religion or politics.