My life is a true reflection of both struggle and hard work. I have learnt from life experiences. I believe experience on dealing and interacting with other people is based on learning opportunities that my life has offered. I still recall my childhood moments with nostalgia. I was born in Chicago in a happy family of five, with a strong Christian background; though I am not one of Mr. and Mrs. Romney’s child. My father is a flight attendant while my mother is a teacher Chicago. I am the third born in this great family. I can recall all the interesting encounters in my lifetime some of which have shaped my character to define who I am today. I still have one vivid memory of my uncle taking me to my parent having lived with him for two years. I felt like the prodigal son who returned home after self-exiled mission. The family reunion was amazing, as one cannot compare the comfort of living with parents to anything else. I was back at home though my father was not always home, due to nature of his work.

My career interest as a family medical practitioner started late in my childhood. In order to build my career ladder, I have explored the field of medicine by participating in community health volunteering programs. In one of such programs, which I participated to date, I was an active participant in the free medical camps by the World Health Organization in Chicago. The voluntary work was challenging but equally interesting and enjoyable. This made me appreciate the power of public health. During this period, I had the real opportunity of meeting patients who shared their experience with me. Participating in free medical camps, in Chicago, offered me an opportunity to learn many aspects of life, such as effective communication skills and the modern day challenge of the overbooked child.

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My academic journey has been long and bumpy. I have met challenges along the way that have given me great motivation to move forward. I have learned lifelong skills. Social skills and leadership skills have given me the best opportunity to know how to interact with people from a diverse culture. Human beings were created to socialize and share experiences, and as such, I have seen the importance of social life in order to fit in the society without jeopardizing the social bonds that exist. I am a determined, resilient, and strong person who cherishes teamwork and cooperation. I hope to pursue my high, career goals and become one of the greatest personalities in the discipline. I believe that gaining knowledge calls for an individual sacrifice. Therefore, I take any chance of learning a new concept as a great source of inspiration and satisfaction in my life. My career calls for a person with the ability to mobilize others and make the impact in the society by doing the little things that define life.

I have done personal assessment, and I take pride to write that I have my strengths and weakness. I am creative and imaginative; these are the traits that build my writing skills and make me think critically even in the most difficult situations. Secondly, I have a passion for reading and doing research – an attribute that has made my writing task both easy, interesting, but challenging. I can share my greatest lesson as a reader and writer after reading an article on the overbooked child. It makes sense in understanding the consequences of technology in modern times that the majority would only consider the positive side and neglect the negative aspects. I like being unique and realistic in my thoughts, no matter what the situation is, the situation in order to make a point even in the most difficult situations. My interest and passion to communicate my thoughts and ideas to people make writing a hobby and adventurous task.

I share my view on the over indulgence of modern children belonging to the middle class, in so many activities that lead to clinical stress and probably depression. The reason is in parents making sure that their children engage in formal curricula and extra curricula activities that consume most of their time, to the extent that they have no time to play in the neighborhood. They have normal class activities in school followed by a series of other school activities, which reduce their interaction and socialization in the neighborhoods. Furthermore, parents enroll their children in other activities to sharpen their talents and skills. Moreover, the parents too, are engaged in their own duties, and this limits their time with the kids. I view my past life as an overworked child because my dad did not spend much of his time with our family, due to the nature of his job. As a result, my mother was overwhelmed with family responsibilities while at the same time took care of the five children. These scenarios are detrimental to a development of the children, as development of a child requires effective parenting from both mother and father. I can support my ideals, as they are similar to what other professionals have researched.

Psychiatrists agree that my family lifestyle is normal in the wide American society. The modern parent is convinced that engaging children in many forms of activities is the new child upbringing phenomenon. The pressure to make children perform is translated to the children, and as such, they get worried about being competitive and to achieve in their fields of engagement. I also read an article in the New York Times that raised alarm on the experiences of the overscheduled children across the country. It not only limits children’s ability to function properly but also makes them develop stress disorders at a relatively young age. The problem is most prevalent among the middle-class children. The modern child does not have specialty as they try to become competitive in all disciplines. Yet, the society views this competitiveness as creativity.

Early childhood education scholars also support my view on the lifestyle and family life I had. We cannot become jack-of-all-trades but instead, we need to focus on our specialties. The opportunities made available to the modern learner would be of help only if they are meaningfully explored. In a regard, I call for specialization in only one activity instead of creating an all round learner. The normal way of life of a child is no longer relevant. In the past, a child could go to school, go home and complete assignments, and finally get out in the neighborhood to play. That was the normal life of a developing child. However, all that has changed as they become engulfed in the busy schedules that have been created by parents in order to conform to the social constructs of the society. The way people interact has been changed by technology. Now instead of physical games and adventures in the parks, modern child is glued to the television or computer screen playing games and interacting with their peers.

The competition for jobs in the labor market has intensified, and to respond to this demand, our parents strive to bring us up to outstand in the job market. Therefore, the child is engaged in many activities so that abilities and skills are nurtured at an early age. When such a child gets into the job market, there are high chances of maneuvering and becoming the best. If the academics field fails, then the same child can get into the entertainment industry or become an athlete. The pressure created by parents aims at ensuring that the child would be able to work wide choice to make in the saturated labor market. The modern child specializes in games, talent abilities, besides education, to have career options as an athlete, an entertainer, or scholar.

In conclusion, my whole life experience and learning process has been significant to me, in many aspects. To begin with, I feel part of the American society in the new wave of technological development and I must remain observant and make choices that would make an impact. I cannot blame my parents for overindulgence in work because an average American must work extra hard to meet the demands of the modern economy. Our parents’ political decisions should be made on the solid foundation to choose good leaders for the children to be guaranteed better lives. The second lesson I have learnt is that I need to readjust my living experiences by specializing in my major interest. As a medical health practitioner, I must first concentrate on the opportunities that would shape my career even if that decision would mean that I change my institution of learning.

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The University of California is my ideal institution of choice because it offers a health science that is my specialty. This would be an ideal institution for me as it has health centers within the vicinity and other places. I, therefore, have the chance to study and offer my voluntary services to gain knowledge and experience in the real world context. The Academic Senate offers leadership training, and I wish to take this advantage and advance my leadership skills. Through the President Yudof, I have an opportunity of writing articles that can be published in the university newsletters. My beliefs and observant nature on social issues in the society would make me a resource to the institution in many ways. I will have a wider platform to inform the society, as education is not only about what you learn, but also what you bring on board.

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