How To Say “NO” To Stress?

ways to avoid stress

by Alex

26 June 2017

How to avoid stress? How to cope with unexpected difficulties? What should I do to become less tired and be more patient? Am I happy enough? All these and many other questions that are tormenting our mind every day, in reality, have simple answers. One should have a positive attitude towards everything he/she devotes himself/herself to, enjoy the life, and simply love it.
To start feeling better, behaving better, we should cognize ourselves and start noticing the beauty of the present moment. Take into consideration the following easy steps that will make your life less stressed and depressive and will restore your mind and body balance.
Let things go. It is absolutely unfair, concerning yourself, to suffer from someone’s hasty deeds, thoughtless decisions, or ridiculous offences. Everyone is responsible for his/her actions as well as you are responsible for yours. Don’t aggravate the situation with the feeling of guilt or self-loathing. Evaluate the situation, make conclusions, and move forward.
If you don’t know how to act – breathe. Any stressed situations can be eliminated with the help of enough oxygen in your brain. Take a deep breath and listen to the rhythm of your heart. Each its beat is ample opportunities and choices that are in front of you. When you breathe correctly, it is easier to stay concentrated on the ways out rather than the source of the problem.
Find your way to relax. If a person goes through hard times, it is very helpful to recharge yourself with relaxing activities. Loosen up a bit with the help of massage, listening to pleasant music, meditating, or doing anything else that will unload your body and decrease the tension that hanged over you.
Set achievable goals to touch all the hot buttons. We put ourselves under the threat of emotional imbalance when expect high results in short terms. Of course, our aim should be great. Though we should understand that the path we have chosen to achieve it will be a long run. In order not to be played out in the middle of your road, divide your great aim into mini-aims and don’t forget to pamper yourself for each even the smallest achievement. In such a way, you will be more encouraged to continue, your patience will grow and with each conquered mini-aim you will be getting closer to your final objective.
Strive for perfection wisely. We all agree with Colin Powell, who said that “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, and persistence”. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this striving for perfection shouldn’t bring your inner world to the state of emotional exhaustion. Nobody is perfect and will never be! It is pointless to demand an absolute excellence in everything what you do. Instead, make your notion of perfection specific, achievable, realistic, and time-related.
Is it THAT bad? Every time you feel stressed or depressed because of certain situation, ask yourself whether it will seem the same tough, unmanageable, and daunting. If you think of its importance and its impact on you in a day, week, or even a few hours, you will understand that in most cases your anxiety is in vain. So why not to get rid of it now?
Keep calm and stay resistant to stress conditions. Nerve cells can’t be restored:)