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how to write formal essay

The composition of a formal essay has many similarities with attending a formal event. While visiting a formal event you cannot wear your everyday clothes and when writing a formal essay you cannot use your everyday words. Formal essay writing requires the use of intelligent, formal and fancy words.

Efficient assistance with writing formal essay

Whether you like it or not, during your academic career, you will need to write many papers with formal language, so the earlier you start mastering it the better. Here are top 5 tips that will make your formal essay writing much better:

  • Understand when contractions are appropriate and when they are not. Contractions are words like “don’t,” “shouldn’t,” “can’t,” etc. All of us use them in our everyday life, emails and pieces of informal writing, so our desire to include it in formal essays is quite natural. However, it is not always appropriate. Most of the time contractions are inappropriate for the formal essay because they do not create the tone, which formal essays require.
  • Write in the third We are talking about the formal type of essay that is why you need to write it in the third person. The third person is “he,” “she,” “it” and “they,” which means that you can forget about “I,” “we,” “our,” “you” and “your” while writing a formal essay. Using the third person builds credibility and formal tone which is required for the formal essays. Here is an example of a sentence in a third person: “Classic movies are deeper than most of the contemporary movies.”
  • Use formal words. That is was clear from the very beginning but what are formal words? These are the analogs of the words that we use in our daily life. The difference is that formal words sound more difficult and sophisticated. They can be compared to old beautiful but tight shoes that you only wear a couple of times a year. You need to remove the dust and at first, it may feel uncomfortable, but you get used to them quickly. Example of the sentence with the usage of the formal words: “Since 2017, there was a 20% decrease in the worldwide production of meat.”
  • Thesaurus is good, but do not overuse it. You thought that being formal means using thesaurus extensively? Not exactly. If you intend to use it to find the right word, then it is a correct strategy. But if you intend to use it to find formal and odd sounding words which you have never heard before just to look smart – it is definitely a bad idea. An example: do not replace “quiet” with “quiescent.”
  • Do not get too formal. You need to understand where you can be less formal because some types of formal essays require a little less formality than the others. For instance, if you are working with a timed in-class essay it might be less formal, but if you are working on an essay that will contribute 30% of your eventual grade you would better make it as formal and as professional looking as possible.

Now you know how to “dress” for formal essay properly.