When you are writing a movie review, you will need to review not only the movie itself but also numerous sources that can provide supportive information and help you evaluate the storyline behind the plot. The intent of movie review writing is to evaluate students’ ability to think critically, make judgments, collect and synthesize information from numerous sources, and use academic principles and rules in writing. These are just some of the many things you will need to accomplish while working on your academic task.

If you do not understand how to produce a brilliant movie review, be ready to follow several simple steps. Firstly, remember that writing movie reviews is not as easy as you may think. Your primary task is to watch the selected movie with the utmost degree of attention, accuracy, and understanding. You do not want to miss a single detail, or do you? By the time you have finished watching the movie of your choice, you will have developed a distinct and worthy opinion about it. You will also be ready to communicate this opinion to others. However, it is not enough to have an opinion; you must know how to articulate it in an appropriately academic manner. Do not forget that your movie review must be absolutely original, authentic and unique. Otherwise, you will never earn the highest grade.

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We have decided to help you with film review writing. Do not hesitate to follow our simple recommendations:

  1. It is better to watch the movie more than once so that you are able to catch each and every detail.
  2. Whenever you share your critical opinion about the movie, do not forget to use evidence to support your position. This evidence must come from the movie.
  3. Do not turn your movie review into a discussion of its plot. Your readers do not want to know how the story ends. They want to know if it is worth watching the movie.
  4. Be ready to evaluate the logic and progress of the movie’s action. We strongly advise that you take notes as you are watching the movie.
  5. Be clear about what you think or feel about the movie. Do not make the reader guess what you really believe the movie is about. Your readers should not need to read between your lines. They should clearly understand if you liked the movie and, more importantly, why you felt exactly that way.
  6. Do not hesitate to incorporate a lot of evidence and examples into your movie review. The more thorough and detailed you are, the better you will be positioned to produce a brilliant review. The examples you use in writing will add clarity to your opinion and create a more convincing picture for the reader.
  7. Do not forget that movies can represent different genres. You must consider them before you develop your critical opinion. By studying the genre of your chosen movie, you will be able to look beyond the obvious narration and critique the movie’s structure, consistency, and appropriateness in the given context.

It is not that easy to follow these requirements and meet the quality criteria for writing a movie review. Just imagine how much time you will need to watch the movie. You will need to have at least one sleepless night free for movie watching, and you cannot be sure that it will bring the desired result. However, you are always welcome to place a movie review order with our round-the-clock proficient writing service. We are here 24/7 to provide you with the movie review assistance that you need to improve your grades. Our help is absolutely confidential. We hire the most professional, experienced, and passionate writers. We can help you reduce this heavy academic burden. is where you can finally solve your academic problems.

Organization and Structure of the Movie Review

You will have to be very thorough and detailed in terms of structure. The quality of your movie review will certainly depend on how well you can organize your thoughts. This is why we advise that you create an outline for your movie review. With an outline, your movie review will be logical and compelling. Include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Plot summary
  • Plot analysis (introduction, development, climax)
  • Creative analysis (characters, action, dialogues, symbols, tone, etc.)
  • Critical opinion (do not forget to use examples from the movie)
  • Conclusion (this is where you will decide if the movie maker, the director, or the producer was successful meeting the intended goals of the movie and whether it was convincing or logical enough to build a better understanding of the problem in the target audience).

Key Components of a Movie Review

  • Movie title: of course, you know the title of the movie that you have just watched, but what about others? They should be clear that the opinion you discuss in your work relates to this particular movie and no other. Thus, do not hesitate to include the title of the movie at the very beginning of your review.
  • Summary: to a large extent, writing a movie review is about summarizing its contents, but with a critical eye. It means that your target audience includes mostly those who have never watched the movie and want to make a decision if it is worth time and effort. Of course, you will be writing your movie review to earn a grade from your professor who has presumably watched this movie more than once. Yet, in this situation, you must write a paper from a different perspective. You will have to imagine that none of your readers, including your professor, has ever seen the movie. This way you will be better positioned to produce a convincing review and use evidence to prove your point.
  • Author or filmmaker: here you will need to explore and analyze the personality behind the movie. Who is the author or the filmmaker? What is known about the figure? Does he or she have any history of movie making? Is this figure controversial or politically biased? What are the impacts that the filmmaker’s personal history could have on the movie? Include a couple of paragraphs discussing the filmmaker. It will help you create a more comprehensive picture of the movie itself.
  • Significance: how is the movie significant or meaningful in the context of your subject? It means that you will need to consider the topics or issues that you have been discussing in class and the extent to which the movie can contribute to in-class discussions. For example, you may want to reference class readings and see how the topics you have discussed in class find their reflection in the movie.
  • Creativity: movies are almost always creative. They may include numerous elements and components that will make them different from other movies and stories. Pay attention to the way the filmmaker presents the plot. What are the surroundings? What clothes do characters wear? What is the tone of the story? What are the symbols? Discuss each and every detail. Do not forget to evaluate the way creative elements change over the course of the movie.
  • Actors: now it is time to discuss the actors, their skill, ability to convey hidden meanings, and the degree to which they match in the context of the movie. Were actors realistic and skillful in their moves? Were they convincing? Is there anything that they could have done better? Do you have a feeling that another actor could be better suited for a key role?

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Movie Review Checklist

  • Introduction (include the topic, movie title, date when the movie was released, some basic information about the movie)
  • Depiction (how accurate was the director depicting the issue or problem?)
  • Any sources used in the movie and their relevance
  • Creativity – design, script, plot, actors, performance, tone and setting, symbols, etc.
  • Critical opinion with evidence
  • Conclusion or summary

A couple of Interesting Movies Review Topics to Write About

  • Imitation of Life
  • Midnight in Paris
  • High school, its benefits and dangers as depicted in Mean Girls
  • A modern Robinson Crusoe on a mission in The Martian
  • Maria Full of Grace
  • Saga or tragedy? Looking back into The Last Jedi
  • Grief in Manchester by the Sea
  • Racism: a History
  • Titanic
  • The Breakfast Club
  • 12 Year a Slave
  • The tragedy of loneliness in Forrest Gump
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie Review
  • Dystopia and its depiction in The Hunger Games
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • The changing nature of marriage in Runaway Bride

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Movie Review Sample: Boyz n the Hood

Criminal drama occupies a special place in cinematography; the main theme of it is criminal life in all of its aspects and the consequences, which it brings. The film Boyz n the Hood is a classic example of the criminal drama. The film describes a vicious circle, which almost no one can break. Anyone who chooses this life follows its laws and faces serious difficulties when trying to disobey or escape. The gangland cannot allow its members to live the way they want, and the last had to pay a high price for being a part of the criminal world. The film is a realistic reflection on the crime situation in the United States, since “most chillingly, black-on-black homicide is the leading cause of death for black males between the ages of 15 and 34”. Therefore, “Boyz’ n the Hood is an important film that should be seen as a document of a particular set of problems,” including those caused by the criminal activity Based on these ideas, the current paper analyzes in what way the gangs and gang members are depicted in Boy n the Hood. as well as the consequences of the criminal activity.

The movie tells the story of two gangs that represent the opposing sides. The first gang comprises criminals of no principles and moral who are ready to kill even their brothers (African Americans); racist acts are also described in the movie. The gang members stop at no end to commit all kinds of crime, such as theft, drug trafficking, or murders. Each of them considers him/herself a full-fledged member of the gangland vested with the right to control the lives of others at his or her own discretion. None of these bandits think about the fact that this style of living is unacceptable and it is necessary to do everything possible to start a new life free of violence and murders. All their interests are reduced to winning the next fight or finding a new victim for a murder. Neither education nor self-development is of any interest to them, because their main passion is crimes and public order offenses.

The main characters of the movie belong to another gang. Unlike the first gang, these young men are trying to avoid serious crimes. The members of this gang are aware of the fact that the criminal life cannot be considered a normal way of living. Tre Styles and his comrades are trying not to be like other bandits and avoid committing theft, robbery, drug sales, and other felonies. Some of the members of this group namely Tre and Ricky Baker strive for a better tomorrow. They are aware of the absurdity and futility of this way of existence and do everything possible to break the vicious cycle and live a quiet and honest life. For example, Ricky is seriously involved in sports and hopes that he can enter a good college and get a decent future. Their parents count on them because for them it is important that their children live in a nice neighborhood with low crime and violence rates.

Nevertheless, as the movie demonstrates, it is rather difficult to destroy the vicious cycle of crimes and murders. The main characters are well aware that their way of life is wrong, but not all of them manage to run out and live a normal life. Ricky is killed by the street thugs who belong to the first gang. Ricky has had so many plans and hopes for the better future where he saw himself as a wealthy and educated man living a peaceful and stable life with his family. His brother is also unable to escape from the underworld since his vengeance caused retribution. He is killed, and along with him, all his hopes for a better future die. The movie shows to what outcomes such as criminal life can lead. It gives rise to more violence and murder. It denies all opportunities for a normal and peaceful life drawing people in the maelstrom of senseless deaths. People by tens are dying in senseless street clashes. The moviemakers have made every effort to ensure that the audience could experience the tragedy of the situation, in which the characters find themselves because of their reckless behavior. The criminal world does not forgive any mistakes, and the price paid for the error is too high – it is one’s own life.

To sum up, the cruelty of the criminal world is an indisputable fact. It is a kind of a vicious circle, which deprives a person of any choice. By joining it, people agree to live according to the criminal code of laws, and it is hard enough to get out of it. Each member of the criminal community can pay the highest price, namely his or her life. The movie Boyz n the Hood demonstrates that understanding that a criminal life is not the right way of living is not a guarantee to solve the problem. Every action and deed in this world has its consequences, and often they cause or lead to death, violence, and suffering. Although there are hardened criminals and those who are trying to break the vicious circle, they are all subjected to the laws of the criminal world, which praise neither guilt nor innocence. For this very reason, it is better not to start living the life of a criminal; otherwise, the consequences are irreversible.

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